7 ways credit cards can make your marijuana experience better

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There are tons of methods of grinding marijuana, but have you considered using your credit cards? It’s surprisingly effective and totally not dangerous.

RAW Grinder/Shredder Card REVIEW!
RAW Grinder/Shredder Card REVIEW!

Key Takeaways

1. Credit cards often provide more cannabis-friendly acceptance options than debit cards.

2. All federally chartered banks, credit unions and savings institutions may receive authorization from the Federal Reserve Board, pursuant to section 7 of the Federal Deposit Insurance Act, to issue electronic benefit transfer (EBT) cards.

3. A credit card allows a person to pre-pay for goods and services to be used later.

4. Most merchants only accept payment using cash or a debit card.

Buy a grinder

Grinding cannabis before smoking it can help improve your high. By using the right grinder and following a few simple instructions, you’ll be able to grind your cannabis in no time.

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One of the best ways to store your cannabis is to buy airtight jars. These jars will keep your cannabis fresh, but they also make grinding much easier. All you have to do is put your dried cannabis into the jar, close it tight, and turn it upside down. This will cause the dried leaves to separate, making them easy to grind.

The next step is to create a weed grinder. You can either buy one of these online or create one yourself using a credit card. To do this, simply cut the card in half, remove the guts, and fold it in half. Then, use the grinder to shred your cannabis.

Grind your weed

Why is it better to shred your weed instead of rolling a joint? First of all, when you roll a joint, you’re left with a mix of ground weed and leftover tobacco. Second, when you smoke a joint, most of the THC is lost through the first exhale. Finally, when you smoke a joint, you end up wasting most of the weed.

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When you grind your weed, however, these all problems are solved. When you crush your weed, the THC is stored in its trichomes, which are tiny translucent crystals. These crystals are much easier to burn than plant material. And, because you end up using all of the weed, there’s no waste.

To grind your weed, you can use a small metal grinder. It’s cheap and discrete, and it comes in a variety of shapes and sizes. A grinder isn’t the only option, however. You can also smash your weed into small pieces with a credit card.

Pack a bowl

Prior to rolling your bud up, you will want to pack the bowl. I recommend using a 70mm x 70mm bowl. This allows you to pack your bowl tightly without over packing it.

Then, take about a quarter of your ground flower and place it in your grinder.

Next, set your grinder to whatever level shred you desire.

Then, simply take your freshly rolled bud and roll it across the opening. You don’t want to pack it in there, just gently touch it to help it break up.

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Finally, proceed to roll your joint. Making sure to lightly pack it.

7 ways credit cards can make your marijuana experience better

When it comes to getting the perfect grind, this manual grinder is the way to go. It comes with a .25 oz pollen catcher in the lid, so you don’t have to constantly stop and empty it.

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