Do AP classes from your school earn you credit at Harvard?

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Many colleges offer credit for Advanced Placement (AP) exams. So how do you know if you’ll be credited at Harvard?

Does Harvard accept AP?
Does Harvard accept AP?

Key Takeaways

1. AP classes are not accepted automatically.

2. Harvard accepts credit for AP classes, but not for the grade received in the course.

3. Students must submit either the actual exam or score report on the AP exam that they took in high school.

Does the AP give a “score” for college courses?

The “Advanced Placement Program” (or “AP”) is a program administered by the College Board to test students for college-level work. While there is no set “score” from AP classes, some colleges do require that applicants have received “Advanced Placement” credit in order to be eligible for their fall classes.

Otherwise, most colleges and universities will consider the grades students earn in their AP classes as simply one part of their overall academic record. Many schools will evaluate the strengths of the students’ high school transcripts as well as their standardized test scores in order to evaluate their admission eligibility.

What a timely post! I just shared it with my 5th graders today. I have a hunch that in 10 or 15 years, when my 5th graders are ready for college, your text will be more relevant than many of the resources I am using now.

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I see someone already posted this but, given how important this is to college

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This is by far the best blog post I’ve read on the subject of applying to

universities in America, although I have a very similar, though less

comprehensive text for my own country (Italy, sorry for that).



That’s very thorough! I shared this with my 8th grade daughter.

What advantages does getting an “AP” score give a student?

There is a large number of students who apply to colleges every year, and many of these students have been taking advanced placement (AP) courses in high school. The AP Program allows college-level courses to be taught in high school so that high school students can get college credit before graduation.

Five hours of a college level course equals 1 college credit, and you can take as many AP classes as you can fit into your schedule. This means that if you place out of a few AP classes, you will have a few more credits by the time you graduate from high school.

Students who get high scores in AP classes may even have the opportunity to skip the first two years of college and go straight to their major.

Being accepted into Harvard is an impressive accomplishment, and earning a high score on an Advanced Placement exam is a good way to show how well you can perform on a major academic test.

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In addition to proving that you are academically prepared at the college level, a high score on one or more AP exams can also help lower your student’s tuition costs.

Does an AP course give college credit?

When deciding which colleges to apply to, some applicants will automatically rule out any colleges that don’t accept their AP credits. Even for students who have been accepted to one college, it’s important to choose where you go to college carefully.

Many colleges, like Harvard, don’t give credit for AP courses, but they will still consider the performance of students in these courses. This can boost a student’s place in the class, which can improve their chances of getting into a good college later on.

Some colleges do accept AP credit, but they will not necessarily award advanced placement. This means that students will still have to take the same classes as other students in their first semester.

While an AP course can help you earn college credit, it’s always a good idea to plan your schedule carefully. An AP course will only help get you ahead in college if you perform well.

Does participating on the AP test help my application to Harvard?

The short answer: Yes. Participating on the AP test will definitely help your application to Harvard University because it’s a sign of your academic excellence. Whether or not you receive credit for your AP testing depends on how well your scores match up with Harvard’s admissions requirements.

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Your application packet will include information about whether or not you’re eligible to receive credit for the AP tests you took. If you did not score well enough to receive credit, you could still apply with your score. Additionally, if you scored well on one test and poorly on another, you could choose which one to submit.

The admissions process at Harvard is extremely competitive, so if you are considering applying, you should be prepared to take all the required steps.

Do AP classes from your school earn you credit at Harvard?

The AP (Advanced Placement) Program enables students to pursue college-level studies while still in high school. It is administered by The College Board, the same organization that administers the SAT®.The AP Program offers students the opportunity to take rigorous courses, and to earn college credit and/or placement while still in high school.In 2014, Harvard College’s Committee on Admissions voted unanimously to no longer factor AP scores into applicants’ overall profile. Instead, each applicant will be required to submit an SAT Reasoning Test score.To learn more about how The AP Program allows students to participate in college level studies while still enrolled in high school, visit

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