Don’t drink alcohol after watching the post-credits scene in Deadpool 2

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Many people like to stick around after the movie to watch a post-credit scene. They’ll often stay even if they’re in a hurry to catch the bus or train home. But not all post-credit scenes are worth watching.

Don’t Look Up End Post Credit Scene Explained \u0026 Breakdown
Don’t Look Up End Post Credit Scene Explained \u0026 Breakdown

Key Takeaways

1. The main character gets completely wasted and says the funniest jokes.

2. Deadpool 2 (2018) is the 10th installment in the X-Men film franchise.

3. The movie stars Ryan Reynolds as Wade Wilson, a former Special Forces operative who now works as a mercenary.

The scary thing that happened to me yesterday

Just a normal morning to myself, yeah? Well, not really. Today, I was getting ready to go to work in Starbucks, but I wasn’t at my usual station. Instead, there was a guy there, who I’ve never seen before. He was wearing a similar jacket to mine, but he didn’t have any coffee on the cup. I got the keyboard out and looked behind, just to make sure that he hadn’t run off with my coffee. He was still there. So, I went ahead and grabbed a new cup and started making it. I turned around, and he was gone. I thought that maybe he had gotten off of the stage, so I looked up for him, but he wasn’t anywhere. I looked back down at the coffee maker, and before I knew it, the cups shattered into pieces. I turned around and he was standing there, holding a metal bat, and beeping the horn of his car. He stood there, staring at me for a few seconds, and then he just ran away. I stood there, not knowing what to do, so I looked at the clock, and it was 12:00. It was on Friday, so I knew that I needed to get to work, but I didn’t have a car to get around in. So, I called the managers of my store, and they told me not to bother coming in. So, I went to my car, and headed for work. And on the way there, the car made a few weird noises. Then, the radio, the lights, and the engine died. I tried turning the car off, clicking a few buttons, and even honking my horn, but nothing worked. I couldn’t get the car unlocked, and I couldn’t turn on the lights. So, I lifted up the emergency trunk release,

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The scariest thing about that event was that it could have happened anywhere

We live in an exciting world full of mysteries beyond our knowledge. Sometimes, we get a glimpse of these mysteries. But we shouldn’t look too closely into them, because we might realize that there are some scary things out there.

While browsing Twitter one Wednesday afternoon, a Twitter user named Joee posted a screenshot from a film called The Five. The film is an American movie from 2017, and it is based on the popular Marvel Comics superhero team of the same name.

Joee’s tweet revealed a key moment toward the end of the movie. The Five, the main character, is on his date with Simone when all of a sudden, something frightening appears right behind him. The mysterious figure is obviously an extraterrestrial, wearing black and holding a flamethrower.

I’m sure there are already a lot of tweets reacting to this scene, but I don’t really want to talk about that. I want to talk about how this scene could have been scarier.

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The scariest thing about that event was that it could have happened anywhere. Maybe you’re on a date, maybe you’re on the bus to school, or maybe you’re walking to your car. It doesn’t matter what setting you’re in, the unknown is always lurking nearby.

But I don’t want to dwell too much on the scary side of things. I think that the most important thing to remember from this event is that everything is going to be okay. If something unexpected appears while you’re on a date, just stay calm and remember that there’s no need to worry.

The truth about fear

Have you ever started watching a scary movie, only to be too scared and shut it off? Or maybe you were too scared to even get out of bed. Do scary movies or books like to give anyone nightmares?

The truth is that movies or books about monsters, ghosts, or anything else that might scare us are not at all dangerous to our real world lives. In fact, they are beneficial to us and help prevent people from living dangerously.

Some horror movies, book, and games are based on real life accounts. It’s situations like this that should be given more credit, not ridiculed. Children that grew up with parents who did not educate them about the dangers of the real world were more likely to go out and try those same things. Some children will even believe that what they saw actually happened.

What you can do when something bad happens

The first time I heard about the post credit scene for the movie The Purge, I thought it would be great. I wanted the suspense to continue. But then I realized that so many people were waiting until they could see it so they could ruin it for themselves.

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I decided that I was going to stay off the internet until I had seen the film. Then, a few days later, I went to dinner with my parents. My mom was excited to tell me about her friend’s experience. I waited until we were done with the meal, and I watched it as soon as I got back home. I didn’t ruin the experience for myself or anyone else.

An important disclaimer

Don’t look up the post-credit scene in Avengers Infinity War. It’s heavily rumored that something huge will happen in it, but there’s a good chance that it’s just a red herring to throw people off.

Also don’t read the obituaries of any of the actors involved in Infinity War. Kevin Feige and Marvel have been known to kill off beloved characters before.

Don’t ask any questions about Captain Marvel. Marvel has told us that we won’t see any trailers or marketing until Captain Marvel opens in theaters. It’s very likely which is why they’re trying to keep it quiet.

Finally, do not spoil anything. Please, please do not give any spoilers about Avengers: Infinity War.

Don’t drink alcohol after watching the post-credits scene in Deadpool 2

If you’re knowledgeable about what a post-credit scene is, you can spot it right away; if you’re new to the concept, you may want to wait for the crowds to disperse or just wait a bit before returning to the theater.

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