How AP Credits help prepare for medical school

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Sure, medical schools take AP credit and, why not? But, what are the benefits of taking AP courses, and how do the credits translate to the rigors of medical school?

AP Courses You Should Take to get into MEDICAL SCHOOL! | Doctor Squared
AP Courses You Should Take to get into MEDICAL SCHOOL! | Doctor Squared

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Which med school will accept AP credits?

Whether you’ve just started college or are a senior, it’s never too early to start preparing for a career in medicine. If you’re in high school, getting graded well on your AP exams can be a great way to get a head start on your college applications.

If you’re already in college, taking a few classes at the graduate or professional level can give you the chance to earn college credit while still in school. Some medical schools in addition to accepting AP credit, will also accept IB credit or those earned at other international schools.

Different medical schools have different requirements for accepting AP or other advanced credits.


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Which med schools don’t you want to attend?

A handful of medical schools accept Advanced Placement (AP) credits. These credits can be used to fulfill some or all of your pre-med course requirements.

Every medical school has different requirements. In general, if your school offers AP Art History, you probably also qualify for pre-med courses.

But if you took Intro to Quantum Physics, you might not be eligible for pre-med courses.

However, there are a few schools that accept certain AP classes but do not accept others. You should look up the requirements for the school you want to attend and take advantage of AP credit whenever possible.

Which medical schools don’t accept AP credits?

Many medical schools will allow applicants to use AP credits, but there are still a few that don’t. These medical schools either require a certain minimum GPA for admission or want to see that their students have successfully taken all of their prerequisite classes.

For example, the David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA won’t accept AP credits. Their admission website states, “We require 11 semester units (or the equivalent) of a lab science, including organic chemistry, and 3 semester units of a social science (psychology, sociology, anthropology, or political science).”

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You should contact the medical school(s) you’re applying to and ask what their policy is on AP credit. This will help ensure that you’re applying to schools that will accept all of your AP credits.

Which medical schools are the most flexible?

Most medical schools use the American Medical College Application Service (AMCAS). This program allows students to submit their application, letters of recommendation, and transcripts online. It also allows them to apply to multiple schools at once. Most schools also have individual applications, which are usually sent through the mail.

Most medical schools also consider applicants who have taken the American College Test (ACT) and the required pre-requisite science classes in the form of a baccalaureate degree. Most medical schools require coursework in the following subjects:

– **Biology**: This is usually a 4-year Bachelor of Science (BS) degree.

– **Chemistry**: This is usually a 4-year BS or 2-year BA degree.

– **Physics**: This is usually a 2-year BS or 4-year BA degree.

– **English**: This is usually a 4-year BA degree.

– **Pre-medical/pre-dental**: This is the required science coursework. This can also be taken at a community college.

– **Introduction to Clinical Sciences**: This is a 1- or 2-year elective course. It must be taken at a community college. It contains some basic medical knowledge and includes clinical experience.

– **

Are there any med schools that don’t require MCAT scores?

There are some medical schools that do accept AP credit in lieu of the MCAT. You can take the AP exam for each course even if you’ve already received a high score on the AP test.

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These schools tend to admit a smaller number of students. This might make it more competitive to get your foot in the door. However, it could also make you stand out, so it might help you get into a more competitive school.

If you decide to pursue an MD-PhD, getting accepted into one of these programs will be especially important. Many medical schools will require you to take the MCAT, but it’s generally not required for MD-PhD programs.

How AP Credits help prepare for medical school

Many medical schools in the United States accept the courses you have taken in high school, especially if they have been completed with an “A” in chemistry and biology. However, you should keep in mind that U.S. medical schools require you to complete certain core science courses and medical school prerequisites, which may change your course selection.Since there are many factors involved in medical school admissions decisions, it is recommended that you speak with an admissions representative at a medical school you are interested in to learn more about the admissions process and which courses you should take in high school and college.

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