How to do tooth gems

How to Apply Tooth Gems

How to do tooth gems

Tooth jewels are a fun cosmetic fad that may add a little glitter to your grin. They are completely safe, but they must be applied correctly in order to remain in place. If you have acquired a kit, you may apply tooth jewels at home. You may also get them professionally performed by a dentist or in a spa.

Preparing Your Tools

How to do tooth gems #1
Invest in a tooth gem kit.

1. Invest in a tooth gem kit. A variety of firms and websites provide kits for applying your own tooth jewels. You may choose a kit depending on the sort of gems you desire from the available options. To prevent causing harm to your teeth, choose a kit that was created in collaboration with or by dental specialists.
At-home tooth gem kits enable jewels to remain on the teeth for many weeks. If you want your diamonds to endure much longer, get them properly applied by a dentist.

How to do tooth gems #2
Examine the UV light.

2. Examine the UV light. A modest battery-powered UV light should be included with your tooth gem kit. Take it out of the box and put it through its paces. This may need removing the batteries from the lamp as well as any paper or plastic that was put between the batteries for shipping.

  • Before testing or utilizing a UV light, always use UV-protective eyewear, such as sunglasses.
  • To test it, turn on the light. When turned on, it should emit a blue-purple light.
  • Check the package for any extra instructions on how to use the UV light it includes.
How to do tooth gems #3
Lay out the remainder of the package.

3. Lay out the remainder of the package. Dealing with tooth jewels entails working with a large number of little things in a short period of time. Make a list of all of the tools you’ll need, including the gems. This will provide you with fast and simple access to the tools you’ll need when you need them.

  • Arrange everything on a clean surface.
  • Make sure you have enough lighting to see what you’re doing.
How to do tooth gems #4
Select your gems.

4. Select your gems. Your kit most likely came with a selection of jewels. Choose the ones you want to use. Place them gem side up so you can easily view and pick them up. The remaining gems may be set aside or returned to the kit. If you want to use numerous gems, arrange them all now. You want to be able to apply them all quickly while the adhesive is still wet.

How to do tooth gems #5
Squeeze some hand cream out.

5. Squeeze some hand cream out. This may not be included in your package, so you’ll have to purchase it separately. With your tools, apply a tiny amount of hand cream. It will be required to adhere the gem to the applicator wand.

  • Choose a basic cream that will not overpower you with aroma when applied to your face.
  • Only a little bit of hand cream is required.

Preparing the Tooth

How to do tooth gems #6
You should brush your teeth.

1. You should brush your teeth. Brush your teeth thoroughly as usual. After that, rinse with water to eliminate any residue or leftover toothpaste. Wash your hands so that they are clean when they come into contact with the stones and your teeth.

  • Once placed, tooth jewels will not interfere with brushing or other forms of dental care.
  • Tooth jewels are only suitable for use on natural enamel teeth. They do not adhere to implants or dentures.
  • Do not use jewels on teeth that are broken or fractured, or on teeth that need further dental care.
How to do tooth gems #7
Hands should be washed.

2. Hands should be washed. You’ll need clean hands since you’ll be handling items that will be in or near your mouth. If someone else is assisting you in applying the tooth jewels, ensure sure they also wash their hands. To properly wash hands, use soap and warm water.

How to do tooth gems #8
Make the tooth visible.

3. Make the tooth visible. The easiest method to do this is to grin in such a manner that your teeth are visible. After that, insert one of the supplied cotton balls between the tooth and the lip to keep the lip away from the tooth.

  • This is done to keep the teeth dry and exposed. If the lip is still touching the tooth, wrap additional cotton over it to draw the lip away from the tooth.
  • Bite down on another cotton roll placed between the upper and lower teeth.
How to do tooth gems #9
The tooth should be dried.

4. The tooth should be dried. To fully dry the teeth, use the cotton supplied. This is an important step in ensuring that the diamond will attach to the tooth. The adhesive will not cling to the tooth if it is not entirely dried.

Applying the Gem

How to do tooth gems #10
The glue should be stirred.

1. The glue should be stirred. Your equipment should include glue applicator wands. One should be used to mix the glue. Check the directions for your individual kit to see how and how long to mix the glue.
Some kits recommend stirring the adhesive for five seconds.

How to do tooth gems #11
Put the adhesive on the tooth.

2. Put the adhesive on the tooth. Place a dab of glue on the tooth now that the applicator wand has glue on it. Put the glue in the location where you want the diamond to be. You just need a little amount of adhesive, so don’t go overboard.

  • Do this rapidly so that the glue is freshly mixed when you apply it.
  • Two coatings or dabs of glue are required.
How to do tooth gems #12
Use the gem.

3. Use the gem. Dip the opposite end of the applicator into the tiny quantity of hand lotion you’ve set aside. The hand lotion will aid in the adhesion of the gem to the applicator wand. It just takes a minimal quantity for the gem to adhere to it.

  • After dipping the applicator in the hand lotion, apply it to the gem’s gem side. The flat side should be kept clean and should not come into contact with the hand lotion.
  • Bring the applicator wand to your tooth and push the gem into the spot where you applied the adhesive.
  • The diamond should remain attached to the tooth.
  • If the gem isn’t precisely where you want it, you can transfer it there. Use the wand to do this.
How to do tooth gems #13
To set the adhesive, use the UV light.

4. To set the adhesive, use the UV light. Varying kits will need different lengths of time for the adhesive to cure. Four minutes, on the other hand, may be a bare minimum. Hold the light as near to the tooth and gel as you can without touching it.
Make sure you and anybody else observing the process are wearing UV-protective glasses.

How to do tooth gems #14
Clear the area.

5. Clear the area. Your diamond should now be securely attached to the tooth. If your gem was correctly attached, it should be able to remain in place with regular dental maintenance. Brush thoroughly beneath and around the gem on a regular basis, since that region may become more prone to degradation if neglected.

  • Remove all of the cotton from your mouth.
  • There are many options for removing the gem. If you wish to remove it before it naturally comes out, you may occasionally use dental floss to assist you pull it off from the top down. Otherwise, arrange an appointment with your dentist, who will remove it in the same manner as dental brackets are removed.

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