what scares a libra man

How to Attract a Libra Man

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What scares a libra man

Libra is a romantic sign, but being too emotional might turn him off. Try appealing to his need for balance and appreciation of beauty if you want to get his attention and win his love. Approach him confidently, but let him to get to know you at his own time.

Getting His Attention

what scares a libra man #1
Be a part of the crowd

1. Be a part of the crowd. Libra is an extrovert who enjoys socializing and being in the company of others. He’s often seen in gatherings, where he stands out as the life of the party. If you want to attract him, try to run into him as much as possible in his natural environment: a throng.

what scares a libra man #2
Make a statement

2. Make a statement. You’ll need to do more than simply linger around him since most Libra guys have a propensity to be nice with a large number of individuals in any given gathering. You should make yourself the center of attention, even if just for a few seconds, rather than lurking at the back of the room where no one can see you.

what scares a libra man #3
Get the upper hand on the competition

3. Get the upper hand on the competition. Libra is a pleasant sign—perhaps a touch too nice at times. Your Libra guy is most likely flirting with a lot of other women without even realizing it. This may be a turnoff for some women, but it may not be a major concern for others. You must be a member of the latter group if you are to have any chance of winning your Libra man’s heart. Wait long enough for the rest of his fans to tire of his flirty behavior.

  • Bear in mind that Libras aren’t known for having preferences. Even if you rapidly pique his interest, he may be attracted to numerous other women in his social network. You must persevere for as long as possible if you want his developing interest to you to triumph over his attraction to other women.
what scares a libra man #4
Don’t be frilly or flamboyant; instead, be feminine and beautiful

4. Don’t be frilly or flamboyant; instead, be feminine and beautiful. Women who have a particularly feminine look are more likely to grab the Libra man’s attention and entice him on a purely physical level. Your own style should be timeless, polished, and uncomplicated. Excessively bright or too adorable fashion decisions should be avoided.

  • Avoid striking color combinations, dramatic patterns, or passing fads that will go away tomorrow. Lace and bows, which are overtly feminine, may also be a turn-off.
  • Choose a conventional color palette and classic, clean-cut styles. Rather of becoming trendy, go for elegance.
  • The refinement concept should be carried through to your make-up and accessories. Avoid caking on make-up or attempting out exaggerated looks and instead use it to complement your natural attractiveness. Any jewelry you wear should complement your outfit rather than draw attention to itself.

Getting to Know Him

what scares a libra man #5
Maintain a pleasant, well-balanced demeanor

1. Maintain a pleasant, well-balanced demeanor. Libra is symbolized by the picture of scales in the zodiac, and with good cause. Your Libra hunk is drawn to people and circumstances that are well-balanced. When you initially approach him, maintain a friendly, mild-mannered demeanor and an overall balanced atmosphere.

  • When you bring a Libra into your personal space—your business, your vehicle, your apartment—make sure he’s greeted in a sophisticated, balanced manner.
what scares a libra man #6
Allow him to speak for himself

2. Allow him to speak for himself. It’s not that Libra is egotistical, but as someone with an extroverted personality, he has a strong need to talk about himself and the things that pique his interest. Allow him to speak freely and honestly follow along with the discussion if you want to impress him.

what scares a libra man #7
Participate in a light discussion

3. Participate in a light discussion. The majority of Libra men avoid direct conflict or confrontation, but they also love looking at things from several angles. Bring up a subject that could be up for dispute and have a discussion with him about both sides. Just bear in mind that the discussion should be cerebral rather than emotional.

what scares a libra man #8
Don’t forget to compliment him.

4. Don’t forget to compliment him. Libra guys are often self-assured and have a good outlook on life. A sincere complement or word of appreciation delivered at the right moment might go a long way toward attracting his attention. Focus on a typical Libra area of interest when picking anything to commend on, such as his sense of taste, style, or justice.

  • No one, not even a Libra guy, trusts a blatant flatterer. While he may be more forgiving of an overt appeal to his ego than some of the other signs, a praise that is blatantly fake or forced lacks the kind of harmony and justice that a Libra craves. As a result, whatever praises you do give should be as genuine as possible.
what scares a libra man #9
Bring up a diverse range of discussion starters

5. Bring up a diverse range of discussion starters. Talk to your Libra admirer about a range of topics to impress him. Libras like talking and expressing their thoughts and views on a wide range of issues. He will find your personality more appealing and delightful to be around if you can keep him intellectually interested.

  • Libras have an airy mentality, so they are most inspired when they are free to roam about from one item to the next. A Libra guy might rapidly get bored if he focuses on a single issue.
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Letting Him Get to Know You

what scares a libra man #10
Act with integrity and fairness

1. Act with integrity and fairness. Libras seek balance in all aspects of their lives, including their personal lives. Libras, on the whole, exhibit a strong commitment to justice and fairness. If you want to seem appealing in his eyes, make sure he sees you as someone who is equally committed to the pursuit of justice.

what scares a libra man #11
Emotions should be calmed down

2. Emotions should be calmed down. Despite the fact that Libras like being in the company of others, most Libra males are emotionally disconnected. Avoid displaying too much emotion, whether good or negative, while he is initially getting to know you.

  • Attempt to comprehend why he is averse to feeling. Feelings may be messy, particularly when they become intense and complex. To retain the feeling of harmony and balance that the Libra values so much, he avoids emotions.
  • Of course, if you want to remain with your Libra guy for a long time, you and he will have to face your feelings jointly at some point. When the moment comes to act, do it as calmly and rationally as possible. However, while you’re still in the early phases, it’s best to stay away from strong emotions as much as possible.
what scares a libra man #12
Maintain a relaxed attitude

3. Maintain a relaxed attitude. Libra’s dislike of emotions is mirrored in his dislike of confrontation. Although he enjoys cerebral argument, emotionally heated debate is a turn-off for him. To prevent sending your Libra scurrying, maintain a cool, relaxed demeanor while interacting with him.

what scares a libra man #13
Give him a sense of intrigue

4. Give him a sense of intrigue. You should be open and communicative with your Libra, but a skillfully woven thread of mystery may pique this curious sign’s interest and make him need more information. You’ll be able to catch his interest more easily if you can elicit this sensation of need.

  • His first thoughts about you should be of a “mysterious beauty.” Of course, the longer you spend with your Libra, the less mysterious she becomes. To make a powerful first impression, make an elusive, virtually unattainable objective to aim towards.
what scares a libra man #14
Volunteer for a while

5. Volunteer for a while. Because most Libras have an altruistic streak, they may be interested in voluntary work of some kind. Even if your man doesn’t actively participate in a charity or cause, he’ll find someone who does volunteer her time for a good cause very appealing.

  • Consider bringing your Libra lover along if you are actively giving your time someplace, particularly if you are supporting a cause that he also believes in. As a result, you’ll become someone who assists him in fulfilling his own goal to perform good deeds.
what scares a libra man #15
Diversify your interests

6. Diversify your interests. Libra has trouble concentrating on one subject at a time, and if he perceives you are obsessed on just one part of life, he may find you less appealing. Though you want to seem as if you have a well-rounded personality, you should have a few diverse activities to discuss with him.

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Closing the Deal

what scares a libra man #16
Invoke his passion for beauty, art, or music

1. Invoke his passion for beauty, art, or music. Most Libra men like beauty and culture, so take him to an art gallery or gift him a book with images of stunning countryside to make his heart skip a beat for you. Demonstrating that you understand what he enjoys may go a long way in your favor.

  • When sending an invitation, choose a location that a Libra guy is likely to love, such as an art gallery, an arts and crafts fair, or a museum. You might pique his interest even more by asking him out at a busy period. Instead of bringing him to the museum at a peaceful “off” time, invite him to an unique one-day-only display.
what scares a libra man #17
Give him a taste of opulence.

2. Give him a taste of opulence. Libra males have a deep appreciation for the better things in life, in addition to art and culture. Choose stunning venues when inviting him to spend time with you, such as fashionable cafés or four-star restaurants. Consider choosing something elegant from a designer to offer him as a present.

  • If you don’t have the financial means to support Libra’s need for luxury, don’t worry! These gentlemen are looking for elegance, but it doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. To save money on a dinner, invite him to an expensive restaurant for dessert only, or go someplace with an attractive environment but a modest price.
what scares a libra man #18
Allow him some breathing room

3. Allow him some breathing room. Libra men, being social animals, need independence and need to feel unrestricted in order to be content. When the two of you are together, you may dote on him as much as you want, but don’t suffocate him or force your way into aspects of his life that he hasn’t welcomed you to on his own.

  • Keep in mind that Libra is an active sign, so if he takes a shine to you, you’ll be the first to know. Meanwhile, keep working on him slowly and don’t force your affections on him before he’s ready.
what scares a libra man #19
Show him that you care.

4. Show him that you care. Libra guys like both giving and receiving love. Small gestures of gratitude may amplify your love for him while also increasing your attractiveness in his eyes. Give him a random present or a message, or give him a massage at the end of a tough day or week.

  • Presents that are refined and classy work better than gifts that are too emotional. You may not be able to purchase a designer watch or a pair of pricy cufflinks, but you might give him a modest box of designer sweets or any other lovely but non-luxury gift instead.
  • If you’re looking for a cheap option, consider penning him a lovely letter. Heavy emotions aren’t Libra’s cup of tea, but a letter with a few scrawled poems may have a great effect if the verses concentrate on the beauty of things rather than the intensity of your emotions.
what scares a libra man #20
Keep it simple with the romanticism

5. Keep it simple with the romanticism. As previously said, when you first meet a Libra guy, you will notice that he is emotionally distant, and as a result, he will avoid women who seem manipulative or who thrive on drama. When making your approach, don’t become too serious too soon. Keep things light and win him over with conventional romantic gestures like candlelight meals and moonlight walks.

  • Prepare for him to show you what he enjoys in the romance area if he begins to reciprocate your interest and devotion. Libra is a natural-born charmer, so if he wants to win your heart, he’ll employ a variety of amorous techniques. Take notice, and reciprocate with such romantic acts to boost his interest to you.
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