How to Be a 90s Grunge Girl

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Grunge was a music style popularized in the 1990s by artists such as Nirvana and Soundgarden. Grunge style quickly swept over the nation and evolved into a way of life. To really become a grunge girl and embrace 90s grunge fashion, you must examine your clothing, shoes, attitude, and musical choice. You’ll be a grunge girl in no time if you follow a few easy steps.

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Choosing Grunge-Inspired Tops

1. Select a plaid shirt. The plaid shirt is the most significant part of a grunge girl’s attire. Token grunge females were everywhere in 90s TV series. Angela Chase and Rayanne Graff from My So-Called Life, for example, were constantly dressed in plaid. Avoid bright colors in favor of earth tones and darker hues such as brown, red, burgundy, black, gray, mustard yellow, and dark green. The plaid shirt should always be large and rife with holes.

  • Look for flannel shirts at thrift shops or secondhand retailers. These shirts are often worn and faded, which is just the type of plaid you want as a grunge lady.
  • Avoid tight-fitting or girly-fit shirts when purchasing new plaid. The grunge style is unstructured and relaxed. Look in the men’s area or order a size or two bigger than usual.
  • The shirt may be worn as an overshirt with another shirt beneath or knotted around your waist. It should not be buttoned up. This is grunge boy rather than grunge female.
  • If you want something a little more girlie, opt for a checkerboard checkered dress to layer over torn jeans.

2. Put on a band t-shirt. Grunge originated as a musical genre, thus graphic band t-shirts are a requirement. Winona Ryder, a 90s grunge style star, was a frequent wearer of band t-shirts. Try looking for shirts by prominent 90s bands in the genre, such as Nirvana, Silverchair, Soundgarden, Pearl Jam, and Stone Temple Pilots.

  • Depending on the remainder of your clothing, you may go big or fitted. If you decide for a fitted look, pair it with a baggy plaid shirt or large overalls.
  • T-shirts from the past are the way to go. Try thrift stores or secondhand shops for original tour or record shirts. They seem more realistic and have the extra benefit of appearing old and dirty due to their age.
  • Reprints of band shirts are available at certain large shops and department stores. If you take this approach, try to make it seem old. Wash it many times to loosen the cloth. Remove the armholes and turn it into a tank shirt. You may also remove the collar and wear it off the shoulder.

3. Consider wearing a crop top. Despite the style’s traditionally masculine apparel, you may still reveal a little flesh around the midriff. Gwen Stefani, lead vocalist of the band No Doubt, popularized this look in the 1990s. Find a crop top (t-shirt or sweater) in a solid hue like black, grey, white, or maroon. You may also choose a more modest design. Simply make it short enough to show off your stomach.

  • If you can’t locate an enormous top that’s long enough, trim the bottom of any shirt. You may make it appear grungier by cutting it slightly jagged.
  • They sell crop tops with asymmetrical hemlines. These look wonderful when knotted around your waist with flannels.
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4. Choose a tank top. Being grunge is more than simply wearing baggy clothing. Try on a slim wife beater tank in white, black, grey, or brown. They look fantastic tucked inside flannel shirts.
You may also be able to locate a band tank. Depending on what you can locate, they may be fitting or big. Pair them with a black bra and let the straps fall off your shoulders if they’re big.

5. Choose a baby doll dress. You may also add a bit less manly flair by wearing a baby doll outfit with flower motifs on occasion. Maintain a color scheme of neutrals and earth tones. Grunge costumes of the 1990s were all about combining trends and injecting sarcasm. To go from preppy to grunge, wear a flannel shirt over it or around your waist.

  • Courtney Love of the band Hole was one of the most important style icons of 90s grunge. She was also Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain’s wife. The grunge diva was often wearing baby doll gowns, blending them with other grunge elements to create a disheveled, beautiful image.
  • It makes no difference if the patterns do not match. When it comes to grunge, matching isn’t necessary.

Wearing 90s Grunge Bottoms

1. Invest in saggy, tattered, or patched jeans. One of the defining characteristics of grunge is comfort, and nothing is more comfy than a pair of old, baggy jeans. Purchase a pair of jeans that are a size or two bigger than your usual size. Make an effort to avoid wearing tiny jeans. They are designed to fit more snugly than you would want your pants to. Look for jeans with rips, holes, or patches on them. They give them a worn-in, lived-in aspect that complements the grunge vibe.

  • You may save money on jeans by purchasing a regular pair and tearing them up yourself. Non-holey jeans are typically less expensive, and you may put holes anywhere you desire.
  • You may also visit thrift or secondhand shops to locate jeans. They will be worn in and more comfy than new jeans.
  • If the weather is nice, you may also wear a pair of cut-off denim shorts. These go well with a crop top and a flannel shirt tied around your waist.

2. Consider an A-line patterned skirt. If you don’t want to go all out, consider an A-line patterned skirt instead. Liv Tyler popularized this look both on and off the screen, in music videos for Aerosmith and films like Empire Records. Consider a checkered or floral pattern with an earth tone color scheme.
A-line skirts go well with an oversized band tee and a flannel wrapped around your waist. Don’t worry if your plaid shirt doesn’t match the skirt’s design. It will make you seem more grungier.

3. Put on overalls. Denim overalls were a significant craze in the 1990s, and the grunge culture took advantage of them. Purchase a pair of overalls and pair them with a band shirt or tank. Because both designs look excellent with the overalls, you may wear the flannel as an overshirt or around your waist.
You may also attempt the one-shoulder appearance. Instead of clasping both straps, wear one unclasped while folding down the panels on both sides of the overalls. This style is wonderful with a crop top and a flannel.

4. Put on torn tights or hose. If you don’t want to wear jeans all the time, consider a pair of holey tights or hose to complete the grunge look. Courtney Love often wore baby doll dresses with torn stockings. Purchase a pair of neutral or patterned tights. Rip holes and runs in the fabric of the legs in the same way as you would with jeans. Wear these tights with patterned skirts or dresses. You can also wear them with jeans.
Multiple layers of tights may be layered on top of one another, with holes in various locations on each pair. This adds texture to your clothing, particularly if your tights or hose are two different colors or designs.

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Finishing Your Look

1. Wear very little makeup. The grunge aesthetic is designed to be as low-maintenance and comfy as possible, and this extends to the cosmetics. Combine a little amount of brown or dark eyeshadow with thick eyeliner and mascara. You want it to appear a little like a smudged smoky eye, but not too terrible. You are also not permitted to wear any makeup.
If you want to add another layer to your makeup, finish with a dark lipstick. Liv Tyler typically wore a deep red lip with her cropped blouse, flowered skirt, and torn tights ensemble.

2. Color your hair. Grunge rockers know how to rock colored hair. You may either colour your whole head of hair or only the tips. Consider using dark red, maroon, ash blonde, brown, or caramel. You may also go with a pastel pink, purple, or blue. Make sure the colors aren’t too bright.

  • Gwen Stefani’s hair was coloured blue, pink, and orange. As a first act of grunge rebellion, Angela from My So-Called Life colored her hair maroon.
  • Make it seem chaotic and natural. Straighten your hair instead. You don’t want it to seem like you tried too hard to repair your hair. The more sloppy it is, the grungier you will seem.

3. Put on battle boots. A superb pair of combat boots completes any grungy look. They are available in black, maroon, grey, and brown. You can even get patterned ones. They make any grunge outfit seem more relaxed and informal. To complete the ultimate grunge look, wear them with a band shirt, a flowery pattern skirt, a flannel around your waist, and a pair of holey tights.

  • Doc Martens was the most popular boot brand. Girls were spotted wearing this classic footwear all across popular culture. Actresses such as Liv Tyler and Winona Ryder wore them, as did Angela and Rayanne on My So-Called Life. Jane Lane, a 90s cartoons grunge style icon, wore these in Daria. They are an essential part of every grunge girl’s outfit.
  • If you don’t like the combat boot look, you may alternatively wear chunky shoes like Mary Janes or canvas shoes like Converse. Converse were popular with Kurt Cobain, and Drew Barrymore often wore shoes with her loose, tattered denim.

4. Put on a beanie. A beanie is a terrific way to complement any grungy outfit. Actresses like Drew Barrymore popularized these accessories by wearing them with plaid shirts and tattered jeans. Wear a beanie in black, grey, brown, or dark red. With the beanie, you may wear your hair up or down. It goes well with almost every haircut.
If you don’t like beanies, consider a bandanna. They have a similar gritty vibe but available in a wider range of colors and styles. In addition, they are more comfortable to wear in warm weather.

5. Collect some accessories. Accessories may lend a unique twist to any grungy ensemble. Gwen Stefani and Liv Tyler could both pull off a well-placed necklace or earrings. Consider a black braided tattoo choker, a giant plain cross necklace, or massive earrings. You may also buy a couple silver and colorful band rings to stack on each finger.

Playing the Part

1. Stop worrying. The whole grunge identity is based on ambivalence with society, materialism, and conformity. Because you don’t care about many things anymore, your clothing are old, huge, and comfy. Don’t worry yourself out over anything. A grunge girl is perfectly fine to laze about and listen to decent music. She is not normally tense or obsessed. She lets things happen as they happen, with little thought or concern.

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2. Have a positive mindset. You need to acquire the mindset now that you have the appearance. Although grunge girls don’t care, they become irritated when others attempt to force them to conform or join activities. Don’t listen to what others urge you to do. Simply tell them you want to sit and listen to music all day. Do what you need to do in life, but have an attitude when people engage with you.

  • Courtney Love, Liv Tyler, and Drew Barrymore’s 90s performances are outstanding representations of the grunge mindset. Their disrespect for authority and caustic demeanor got them in a lot of trouble and even got them arrested.
  • This is not applicable to your grungy buddies. They understand your carelessness and disinterest towards the world, so you don’t have to get into an argument with them to make your point.

3. Understand the music. Grunge would not be a way of life if grunge music did not exist. While Nirvana pioneered grunge music, there are plenty more grunge bands to get acquainted with. Investigate the key bands of the period and get acquainted with their music. Go to your local CD shop and browse their rock section.

  • Hole, Green Magnet School, Pearl Jam, Soundgarden, Garbage, Rage Against the Machine, Alice in Chains, Smashing Pumpkins, 7 Year Bitch, Fastbacks, Temple of the Dog, Mad Season, Cat Butt, Veruca Salt, Skin Yard, Mother Love Bone, Tad, The Gits, Bush, Seven Mary 3, L7, Screaming Trees, Green River, The Melvins, Mudhoney, and Stone Temple Pilots were among the most
  • Newer bands are continuing in the grunge style. Investigate Modest Mouse, Afghan Whigs, and Dinosaur Jr.

How do you become a grunge aesthetic girl?

Incorporate traditional grunge pieces and features, such as plaid shirts, torn jeans, and oversized shapes, into your collection. Accept extensive layering and don’t be scared to mix and match. Grunge-approved footwear includes combat boots, creepers, canvas sneakers, and platform sandals.

How do I get a grunge personality?

Add big cardigan sweaters, long shorts, and denim overalls to your collection. Maxi skirts and tights with retro designs, such as huge flowers or paisley, are a terrific look for girls. Layer your outfits to get the ultimate grungy look. Grunge is known for wearing opposing clothing styles.

What does 90’s grunge look like?

Less was more in the 1990s, and dressing down was the standard. Women began to wear bulky combat boots and Doc Martens as footwear. They usually wore slip dresses with flannels, flannels with torn jeans, and layers of plaid. Jeans with a low rise and shredded, wide legs were trendy.

Is grunge Back in Style 2021?

Punk and grunge clothes is making a comeback. Avril Lavigne, we’ve missed you. While sweatpants and athleisure were popular throughout much of 2020 and 2021, it seems that punk and grunge may make a comeback in 2022.

Is grunge Back in Style 2022?

The vibes for 2022 are undoubtedly pop-punk and grunge, whether it’s Kourtney and Travis, MGK and Megan Fox, Green Day announcing a new album, or the return of spiked collars and leather jackets.

What is 90’s grunge?

Grunge. It’s a term that has come to be associated with the Seattle sound. It was a term used to characterize a variety of “alternative” bands from the area in the 1980s and 1990s, including Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Soundgarden, Alice in Chains, Mudhoney, and Screaming Trees.

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