How to make your ass clap – Booty clapping or Butt clapping

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Another booty challenge! This time let’s grow nice round bubble booty with this 2 week workout challenge. 300 Squat Reps! Are you ready for this challenge? Let’s do this!

How to make ass clap: Jumping Up and Down

1. Place your feet together and take a deep breath. Your feet should be in a typical stance, beneath your hips but less than shoulder-width apart. If you need to feel more balanced, take a broader posture. The tendency, though, is for feet to be closer together.

How to make your butt clap

How to make your ass clap

2. Place your weight on the balls of your feet. Begin slowly rising on your toes and shifting your weight to the balls of your feet. If you don’t have a strong sense of balance or feel like you could fall over, use this chance to assume a little broader stance. However, if balance is not an issue, keep your feet closer together.

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3. Jump up and down. Begin fast bouncing up and down on your toes after you’ve steadied yourself on your toes. Avoid squeezing your butt cheeks. You should notice your butt cheeks clapping against each other.

  • This procedure is best suited for persons who already have a large butt.
  • Put your hands up against a wall for support. Leaning against the wall will help you to bounce quicker without fear of collapsing.
  • Squat with your feet shoulder-width apart and bend your body over 45 degrees to do a variant on this action. Then, on the balls of your feet, bounce up and down.
  • Extensive practice is required. Although it appears to be simple, many individuals struggle with it and are unable to complete it.

Bending the Knees

1. Place your feet together and take a deep breath. Again, as previously said, the feet do not have to be precisely next to each other. Stand in a regular posture, with your feet beneath your hips and slightly wider than shoulder-width apart. Bring your feet closer together if it makes you more comfortable, so that there is barely an inch (2.54 cm) or two (5.08 cm) of space between them. If you want to put your feet closer together, lean against a wall or a chair for further support.

2. Stand on the tips of your toes. Raise your toes slowly and move your weight to the balls of your feet. If required, use a wall or a chair to assist you balance. You can also assume a little broader stance to assist you balance.

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3. Slightly bend your knees. Straighten them out after that. Then, bend and straighten your knees again. At start, go gently. Then, move significantly faster — as quickly as you possibly can. When you start going quicker, you’ll need to limit your range of motion so you don’t appear to be bending your knees.

  • In other words, your knee bending movements will be reduced. Bounce on your toes while bending your knees. The combination of the two actions aids the booty clap. When you’ve done it right, you should hear a clapping sound.
  • This strategy is best for individuals who already have a huge butt since it helps the butt wiggle.

Arching the Back

1. Place your feet together and take a deep breath. Your feet can be in a typical stance less than shoulder-width apart, as with the previous approaches. Take a little broader posture if you feel more at ease. In this situation, you may have four (10.16) or five (12.7 cm) of space between your feet.

2. Get on your toes. Raise your toes by using your calf and leg muscles. As a result, shift your weight to your toe box and find your equilibrium there. If necessary, hold on to a wall or a chair to help you balance.

3. Your back should be arched. Your chest should protrude when you do this. Consider forming a C-shaped curve in your back if it helps. Stand in front of a mirror and re-adjust your posture to avoid seeming weird. Your motions should appear to be natural.

4. Forcefully rotate your hips down. Then, move them back up. Continue to bounce while doing this. Because of the motion, your hips should almost spontaneously jump back up when you lower them down. Then, repeat the actions with your pelvis down and your pelvis up. Bounce as rapidly as you can, and your butt cheeks should clap together. When your butt cheeks produce a clapping sound, you know you’re doing it perfectly.

  • To achieve this bouncing action, use your body weight and a tiny bend in your knee. Bend your knees slightly as you lower your pelvis.
  • Your back arch should help you remember to rotate your pelvis instead of only utilizing your legs.
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How to make your ass clap

How to make your ass clap

How to make your butt clap

How to make your butt clap

How to make ass clap

How to booty clap

Have you always been struggling with making your booty clap??


Luckily I figured it out and in this tutorial I am going to teach you an extremely easy way to start your booty clap.

How to Twerk with your hands on your knees

  1. Place your feet slightly wider than your shoulders apart in front of a mirror and point the toes of each foot outward.
  2. The next step is to go into a squat posture with your hands resting on your knees while keeping your weight centered in front of you. Next, arch your back and lift your buttocks.
  3. Then, loosen up the muscles in your back so that your derriere may fall back down.
  4. Now, in order to start twerking, you need to start practicing the arch, drop, arch, drop action as quickly as possible.

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