diaper change on a 17 year old

How to Change Teen Diapers

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Diaper change on a 17 year old

Many persons with disabilities or other physiological challenges need diapers on a daily basis. When changing a teen’s diaper, it’s critical to be prepared and quick, since the procedure might easily humiliate them. Knowing your alternatives for positions and how to utilize your equipment can make things move lot more smoothly. Make every effort to protect the teen’s privacy and offer them as much authority as possible over the process.

Getting Ready

diaper change on a 17 year old #1
Check for symptoms of dirty or wet diapers.

1. Check for symptoms of dirty or wet diapers. Keep an eye out for signs that they need a diaper change. It is generally simple to smell soiling mishaps, and you may have spotted them standing in an immediately detectable “soiling” stance and perhaps heard them fart loudly.

  • The frequency with which this occurs is determined by a variety of factors (such as the person’s health). Plan on changing a teen diaper five to eight times per day (or aiding if necessary).
  • If feasible, remind them to make a change if they are capable of doing so. Make a diaper-changing schedule and adjust it as needed to accommodate more dirty diapers.

2. Make a discrete physical or verbal check. You might ask more autonomous teenagers whether they need diaper changing assistance. You may need to make a visual inspection if they are less self-sufficient. Look inside the diaper from the back and front to determine whether it’s damp or dirty.
Be attentive to their sentiments if you feel the urge to check whether they need a diaper change. As you inspect, be respectful of their privacy and dignity.

  • Consider coming up with a code word such, “Do you need a break?” “Do you need to get some fresh air?” or “It doesn’t smell like roses here – do you need to get some fresh air?”
  • Prepare to change the diaper as quickly as possible, or have them do so. Delays in changing to a cheaper diaper might lead to urinary tract infections, skin irritation, and rashes.
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Go to a locker room

3. Go to a locker room. If you’re at home, go to the bathroom or a place with more space. When you’re “on the go,” it’s a little more difficult. If a separate family bathroom is available, go to a public restroom and request an extra-large stall, an accessible stall, or a separate family restroom. The room should be large enough for both of you and clean. You could come upon a bathroom with an extra-large change table on occasion.

  • “Excuse us for a bit, we’ll be right back,” and leave it at that if you’re among other people.
  • Choose a restroom stall with additional handrails and/or purse shelves if you have the opportunity (for changing supplies)
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Maintain your anonymity.

4. Maintain your anonymity. Always close the bathroom door after yourself. If there are others standing outside the restroom, feel free to ask them to give you some room as well. Similarly, if you’re in a public place, complete the shift in quiet tones. If you protest openly, the adolescent will become much more agitated and embarrassed.

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Prepare the materials

5. Prepare the materials. When you’re out and about, make sure you have a durable diaper bag with diapers, disposable underpads, wipes, barrier skin lotion, a pair of gloves, and hand sanitizer. These goods should be unpacked and placed nearby for the changing procedure. If the adolescent is capable, you may ask them to help by holding the wipes or a new diaper.

  • A disposable underpad is one of many solutions for separating the adolescent from the changing surface. You may also use a folded shower curtain, a waterproof picnic blanket, or a soft vinyl-covered DIY cushioned changing mattress.
  • It’s all too simple to forget or run out of something essential. Before leaving the house, do a quick inventory of your diaper bag to make sure you have everything you need.
  • Leave the goods in the bag and draw them out as required if you’re in a public toilet and can’t lay them out. The less germ-infested materials there are, the better.
diaper change on a 17 year old #5
Make any necessary changes to the space.

6. Make any necessary changes to the space. If anything has to be moved to create more space on the floor in a room, do so. Also, keep an eye on the temperature. You don’t want the environment to be too hot or too chilly since it will make the process of shifting more difficult. If you can, and if it’s required, adjust the thermostat.

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Prepare for a shift in your position.

7. Prepare for a shift in your position. Depending on how mobile your adolescent is, you may accomplish this in a variety of ways. Standing is the most convenient option, but if your adolescent is unable to stand or has extensively soiled the diaper, you will need to prepare the room for a laying-down change.

  • Place an underpad on the ground or in the bed for a change of position. If you have access to a changing table, sanitize the plastic cover with a disinfectant wipe.
  • Place the underpad on a chair seat or bench for a sitting change.
  • Place the underpad on the ground with reach access to a wall for support if required for a standing change.
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Removing the Soiled Diaper

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Hands should be washed or sanitized

1. Hands should be washed or sanitized. At this stage, many individuals will want to put on rubber gloves. The idea is to prevent germs from spreading from you to your adolescent and vice versa.

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In a standing stance, make a change

2. In a standing stance, make a change. For most teenagers, this is the greatest choice since it is the least stressful and typically the fastest. This posture also takes up very little room, making it ideal for tiny toilets and other confined spaces. Begin by placing an underpad on the ground and asking the adolescent to stand on it. Next, pull their jeans down until they are bunched around their ankles.

  • While holding the diaper in place, release the diaper side-tabs. Starting at the rear, wipe the area clean with your other hand. Pull down the diaper after it’s clean, clean the front region with a new wipe, and then discard the dirty diaper and wipes.
  • If the teen requires assistance standing, they can use a handrail (if one is available), a walker, touch the wall, or grip your shoulders for support.
  • If you believe the diaper is extremely soiled, proceed with care since it will be easier to get clothes filthy or produce a mess in general in this posture.
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Sit in a different position.

3. Sit in a different position. This is a useful choice in instances where there is sitting (e.g., family toilet benches) or when the adolescent can raise themselves from a seated position (in a wheelchair, for example) but is unable to stand unaided. Begin by having the adolescent sit on an underpad that has been arranged in advance. If they’re already sitting, ask them to elevate their legs and push the chair beneath them. Raise them back up to remove all of their lower garments.

  • As you remove the diaper side tabs, keep them seated. Request that they stand up and then pull the diaper down. Wipe the back of your hand first, then the front. Remove the diaper and wipes from underneath them and dispose of them.
  • Be note that the teen’s seating posture necessitates some upper-body control. They may, however, sit directly on the underpad in between motions if necessary.
diaper change on a 17 year old #10
In a laying down posture, make a change

4. In a laying down posture, make a change. Because they are diapered like a baby in that posture, this choice might make them feel extremely vulnerable and perhaps ashamed. This is the ideal choice for adolescents with very restricted movement or who have soiling accidents; also, some teens prefer to be changed lying down since they have been accustomed to having their diaper changed in this position since infancy. Begin by assisting the adolescent to the floor, changing table (if one is provided), or bed (if changing in a room), where they will lie on the underpad. Remove all of their underwear, including any plastic pants they may be wearing for further protection. Pull the diaper tapes loose, but not completely off.

  • Apply gentle pressure with your forearm behind the knees to gently push the teen’s knees chest-ward. Wipe them clean from front to back, then discard the used wipes. Pull the dirty diaper out when you’re finished.
  • Look for indicators that the diaper has leaked while removing your clothing. Replace them with clean ones if they become wet or stained. This includes filthy plastic underwear, which you can easily replace. In a plastic bag, place all wet or soiled garments.
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Putting on a New Diaper

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Make sure the teen’s bottom is free of debris

1. Make sure the teen’s bottom is free of debris. Use as many wipes as you need to clean them fully, regardless of location. Allow them to assist with their own cleaning if at all feasible.

  • To avoid skin irritation, use wipes that are devoid of alcohol and artificial perfumes.
  • When you’re finished cleaning, fold up the used wipes and put them inside the soiled diaper for disposal.
  • Ensure that you wipe the adolescent from head to toe. This is particularly crucial when changing adolescent females and transgender guys since it limits the spread of fecal bacteria.
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Apply a moisturizer to your skin.

2. Apply a moisturizer to your skin. After you’ve completed washing, apply a zinc-based skin lotion to the area where the diaper has covered. This will avoid chafing and rashes, particularly in adolescents who use diapers all the time. Because this is such a personal move, capable teenagers may want to undertake it alone.

  • Diaper cream may be purchased in the shape of an aerosol can. Because you won’t have to use your hands to administer the lotion, your adolescent may prefer this choice.
  • Seek medical help if you see a dark red or severely raised diaper rash. Rashes that last for a long time might get infected and cause other health issues.
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Put on a fresh diaper and some new clothes

3. Put on a fresh diaper and some new clothes. Grab the new diaper and bring it up between their legs, fixing the tapes on both sides to secure it. Make sure it fits well, with no gaps around the legs or waist, and that it doesn’t restrict mobility. Replace their bottom clothing after you’re finished.

  • You’ll need one hand to keep the diaper in place and the other to fasten the tabs while standing.
  • You’ll need to have the adolescent rise from their seat to slip the new diaper between their legs and fasten it.
  • When they’re lying down, keep their knees bent as you install the diaper, then release them after it’s in place before securing the tabs.
diaper change on a 17 year old #14
Dispose of any filthy items

4. Dispose of any filthy items. Toss the dirty diaper in the trash or into the diaper bin. During the procedure, dispose of any wipes that may have fallen on the floor or elsewhere. Check the area to make sure everything looks the same as it did when you first arrived.

diaper change on a 17 year old #15
Hands should be washed again.

5. Hands should be washed again. Even if you’re wearing gloves, it’s even more crucial to wash your hands or use hand sanitizer after you’re done. It’s also a good idea to have the adolescent wash his or her hands.

diaper change on a 17 year old #16
Pack your belongings.

6. Pack your belongings. If you’re going out in public, make sure you’ve packed everything back into the diaper bag. In a hurry to get out of the bathroom, it’s simple to forget wipes, for example. “Do you notice anything I’ve missed-are we okay to go?” ask the adolescent to assist you in looking around.

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Managing Any Challenges

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Maintain your composure.

1. Maintain your composure. “Stay calm,” you can say to both of you to help you relax. It’ll all work out.” “Trust me, we’ve done this before,” or “Trust me, we’ve done this before.” If an adolescent refuses to leave for a diaper change, setting a time limit on resistance, such as “Okay, I see you’re busy, so we’ll have to wait a little longer, but come see me in five minutes,” may assist.

  • Take a deep breath and count to five if you feel the want to lash out or say anything nasty.
diaper change on a 17 year old #18

2. Empathize. Recognize that the diapering procedure may cause your adolescent embarrassment. You may mitigate some of these social difficulties by allowing your adolescent to change exclusively in private areas like toilets. Don’t discuss your teen’s diapering requirements publicly, and notify him or her when it’s time for a change in a gentle manner.

  • Inquire about the teen’s ideas for enhancing the procedure and eliminating fear or humiliation.
diaper change on a 17 year old #19
Physical barrier must be overcome.

3. Physical barrier must be overcome. The whole diapering procedure may be resisted by a teenager. If that’s the case, tell yourself to keep cool and in control while you face this difficulty. Resist the need to physically restrain or punish them, since this will just lead to greater issues in the future.

  • Ask the adolescent to help you prepare the materials or the room to channel their rage into the diapering procedure. “Look how powerful you are,” you may remark. Could you provide a hand with some of your strength? It will go considerably more quickly.”
  • Tell the adolescent you’re simply trying to assist them, and it’s not acceptable if they injure you in the process. “I realize that you’re furious,” you can remark, “but striking me is unacceptable, and you need to stop.”
  • Stop diapering if you feel physically threatened, and try again after a 15-minute relaxation time.
diaper change on a 17 year old #20
Assist with positive reinforcement.

4. Assist with positive reinforcement. If your kid is prone to resisting change, make sure to compliment them if everything goes well. “Thank you very much for helping out!” you may say at the conclusion of the change. “Did you notice how fast it went?” says the speaker.

  • Provide a future reward for cooperative action. “If we don’t have any fights over diaper changes for a week, we’ll go out to your favorite restaurant,” for example.
  • Make it a win-win scenario for you and your adolescent. Use the opportunity to chat about anything other than changing the diaper.
diaper change on a 17 year old #21
Make a request for assistance

5. Make a request for assistance. It’s possible that you won’t be able to finish the procedure on your own, particularly if your adolescent is physically resistant. If this occurs, seek assistance from your adolescent and, if required, seek assistance from others. You could, for example, shout out to other family members when changing at home. If feasible, choose someone your adolescent trusts or ask them who they want to assist. This should only be used as a last option since it may infringe on the teen’s privacy.

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