How to Choose Developer for Hair Color

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Hair developer is a necessary step in the coloring process. The key element in developer is hydrogen peroxide, which helps to open the cuticles of your hair. When dying your hair, the amount of developer you use determines how bright or dark your hair color will seem. Using the proper developer volume and mixing it with hair dye will assist to guarantee that your hair comes out exactly as gorgeous as you hoped.

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Selecting the Developer Volume

1. To elevate your color a single level, use volume 10 developer. Volume 10 is the least powerful developer level, containing just 3% hydrogen peroxide. Volume 10 is a wonderful choice if you want to go a little darker than your present hair color and don’t want to lift or remove any of your existing color.

  • It is also advised if you have thin or fine hair since it is not overpowering.
  • This developer is also great if you plan on putting toner on your hair since it will balance it out. If your hair color is brassy, you may need to apply toner.
  • Level 10 is ideal if you just want to deposit a little amount of color, such as if your hair is dark brown and you want to make it black.
  • Each tenth increment symbolizes another color level that may be elevated.

2. To modify your hair color by 1 to 2 shades, use volume 20 developer. Volume 20 is the most common developer level since it includes a modest quantity of hydrogen peroxide (6%). This approach is also useful for concealing grey hairs.

  • Volume 20 is ideal for thick hair since it is powerful enough to open the cuticles.
  • Volume 20 is ideal for gray hairs since a greater number would lift the color from the surrounding hairs, revealing and highlighting the gray rather than concealing it.
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3. To modify your color by 3 to 4 shades, use volume 30 developer. Volume 30 includes 9% hydrogen peroxide and is great for changing the color of your hair numerous tones. It is rather powerful and should only be used on thick or coarse hair, since it may cause damage to delicate or thin hair.

  • Many hair color and developer packages sold in stores include volume 20 or volume 30 developer.
  • This developer might be useful if you’re a sandy blonde who wants to be a sunny golden blonde.

4. To avoid damaging your hair, avoid using volume 40 developer. Volume 40 is not suggested for non-professional usage since it is highly powerful and, if not applied properly, might dry out your hair. This developer level is typically reserved for drastic hair color changes and should never be used at home.
If you feel you need volume 40 to correctly colour your hair, visit your local salon and get it done by an expert.

Buying the Developer

1. For a convenient choice, look for hair color and developer packaged combined. Developer is sometimes provided in packages with hair color, so you don’t have to bother about selecting the appropriate amount. Combining them is good since the developer will be the correct strength for the color on the box.
Keep in mind, though, that the hair color will most likely seem different on you than it does on the woman on the box. Your hair color will most likely be a shade or two darker or lighter than the box picture.

2. If you purchased a dye tube, you must purchase the developer separately. If you purchased a single tube of hair color, purchase the developer separately. Select the developer volume required. Purchasing developer individually may assist you in achieving the required objectives. \

  • It is not a good idea to buy separate developer if you purchased boxed dye with the developer included. For the greatest results, use the developer in the box.
  • To guarantee that the dye and developer work well together, you should choose the same brand.
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3. Purchase more developer and hair color than you believe you will need. Running out of developer and hair color midway through the dying process might result in uneven or incorrectly coloured hair. You may avoid this by purchasing an additional box of developer and hair color.
A decent rule of thumb is to acquire at least 2 to 3 boxes of hair color and developer for long hair (beyond your shoulders) and 1 to 2 boxes for short hair (above your shoulders).

Combining the Developer and Hair Dye

1. Wear hairdresser’s gloves and a cape. Protect your hands from the dye by using latex or nitrile gloves. Before mixing and applying the dye, put on a clean pair of gloves. To prevent getting dye or developer on your clothing, use a hairdresser’s cape or an old shirt. Spread newspaper around the sink to protect your bathroom or kitchen countertops.

2. On the packaging, look for the developer to dye ratio. The most common developer-to-dye ratio is one part hair color to two parts developer. Check the hair color package’s ratio to ensure you’re using the proper quantity.
Don’t guess if you’re not sure about the ratio. Your hair color may not turn out as expected if you do not combine the correct ratio. Ask a professional hair stylist or go to a salon to colour your hair for you.

3. Combine the developer and the dye. In a plastic dish, combine the appropriate quantities of developer and hair dye. Using a plastic spoon, combine the developer and color. Assemble the dye and developer well. Then, if desired, apply the mixture to your hair.

  • If you want to colour your whole head of hair, start at the ends and work your way up toward the roots.
  • If you merely want to highlight your hair, divide it into pieces and apply the color exclusively to those portions. Wrap each portion in foil strips to keep the colour from getting on the surrounding threads.
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What volume developer should I use for color?

The majority of hair color recipes use a level 10, 20, 30, or 40 volume developer. A normal oxidizing level for permanent, no-lift hair color is 10 volume developer. It is intended for use when adding a color tone or tint to hair of the same brightness level.

Should I use 20 or 30 developer color?

As the scalp creates more heat and boosts the power of the developer, the greatest amount of developer that should be applied on the scalp with bleach is 20 volume. Depending on the structure and natural depth of the hair, 30vol developer is excellent for lifting three layers of permanent hair color.

Does it matter what developer you use with hair color?

The volume developer you should use is determined on the effects you want. When dyeing your hair, a low volume developer is sufficient to loosen the hair cuticle just enough for color to flow inside, but when bleaching your hair, a greater volume developer is required.

Should I use 40 or 20 developer?

It all depends on what you want to accomplish. If you want to get darker, use 10 developer. To raise 1-4 levels, use 20 – 40 developer. Grey coverage is best achieved with 20 developer.

Should I use 10 volume or 20 vol developer?

The developer selection guidelines for Ugly Duckling colors
Use 10 Vol for level-on-level coloring and darkening. Use 20 Vol to add 1-2 degrees of lift, tone blonde hair, and conceal grey hair.

Does 20 Developer damage your hair?

It is generally advised not to leave 20 volume bleach in your hair for more than 30 minutes. If you do this, you will often cause substantial breakage, chemical burns, and other harm.

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