How to Clean a PS4 Disc

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How to clean a ps4 disc

How to clean ps4 disc – A broken game disc is a frustrating experience. You look at your PS4’s error screen and worry whether you’ll ever be able to play your favorite game again. Fortunately, the issue is often caused by dust or fingerprints on the reflecting area of the disc, which are easily removed. Scratches are a major issue that must be eliminated by removing the protective covering. There are a few options for cleaning the disc, but hiring a professional repair shop is the safest option. Once your disc has been repaired, insert it into your PS4 to resume play!

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Wiping off Dust and Debris

How to clean ps4 disc

1. Obtain a clean, non-scratching microfiber cloth. The cloth must be lint-free and clear of any dirt or debris that might damage the disk. Looking for a lens cloth is one technique to locate something suitable to utilize. They are often used to clean glasses and camera lenses, therefore they should be gentle enough for PS4 discs.

  • Microfiber cloths may be purchased online or at most general shops. A lens cloth may be found at numerous electronics shops as well as any business that sells eyeglasses.
  • Paper towels and garments are more prone to scratch the disc than other forms of material. Resist the urge to give it a quick buff with your shirt!
how to clean a ps4 disc
How to clean a ps4 disc

2. Using the towel, clean the disc from the center outward. Hold hold the disc’s edges and turn it so the reflective side is facing up. Moving the material in a straight line toward the edges, beginning in the middle. Continue doing so until the whole disc has been erased. Pay special attention to visible dust or fingerprints to ensure they are removed.

  • Keep in mind not to wipe in a circle. PS4 discs are very delicate, and cleaning in a circle may cause them to break.
clean ps4 disc
Clean ps4 disc

3. If the disc still seems unclean, clean it with water. Before you give up on it, try washing it with lukewarm water. Wipe the disc from center to edge using a clean microfiber towel that has been lightly dampened with water. Check that the fabric isn’t leaking. If it leaves streaks, wipe it off with a dry area of the towel a second time.

  • Although plain water is reasonably safe, do not drench the disc. Also, make sure it’s completely dry before inserting it into your PS4.
how to clean a game disc ps4
How to clean a game disc ps4

4. If the disc is really unclean, make an isopropyl alcohol cleaning solution. Isopropyl alcohol should be used only as a last option. Some individuals just dab a little amount of it onto a towel and clean the disc. Mix equal parts water and isopropyl alcohol to make a less abrasive cleanser. Dampen a microfiber cloth in it and wipe the disc from center to edge until it seems clean.

  • Isopropyl alcohol, sometimes known as rubbing alcohol, may be purchased online or in pharmacies.
  • PS4 discs may be damaged by isopropyl alcohol cleansers. The majority of CDs merely only a simple wipe off with a clean cloth. If nothing else works, try isopropyl alcohol!
  • You might also acquire lens or disc cleaning wipes. They are essentially microfiber pads with an isopropyl alcohol-based cleaning solution. They are accessible online as well as at numerous electronics stores.
how to clean a disc ps4
How to clean a disc ps4

5. After the game has dried, test it to check whether it still works. To dry the disc, wipe it down with a clean microfiber towel as required. Then insert it into the PS4. If it still doesn’t function, double-check for smudges and scratches. Scratches on the disc may prohibit the PS4 from reading it.

  • If the disc seems to be in fine condition, your PS4 might be to fault. You might clean it or re-set it.
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Removing Scratches

how to clean a ps4 disc with scratches
How to clean a ps4 disc with scratches

1. Send the disc to a repair shop for a more secure solution. Resurfacing equipment in repair shops may remove small scratches that are preventing a PS4 disc from operating. The repair is often affordable, such as $5 USD, and you get the assistance of a specialist. If you have a valuable game disc that you don’t want to risk ruining by fixing it yourself, it’s worth a go.

  • Look for gaming retailers in your neighborhood. If there are none in your area, you may be able to ship the disc someplace for servicing, albeit this may be more costly.
  • Keep in mind that only small scratches on the disc’s reflective surface may be repaired. If the label side of the disc has extensive scratches or cuts, you may be better off getting a new one.
how to clean a disc for ps4
How to clean a disc for ps4

2. If you want to repair the disc at home, get a scratch remover. You may purchase a low-cost portable gadget for about $10 to $20. Simply insert the disc into the machine and turn it on to begin spinning the disc. It will grind away a layer of the reflective coating, erasing superficial scratches that may prevent the disc from functioning properly.

  • Scratch removers may be purchased online. They are also available at several gaming and electronics stores.
how to clean ps4 game disc
How to clean ps4 game disc

3. If you need to clean the disc quickly, use toothpaste. Sometimes abrasive, waxy material, such as simple toothpaste, may be used to repair game discs. Get a white toothpaste, not a gel, and make sure it doesn’t include any bleach or other whitening ingredients. It will be more effective if you can locate one that contains baking soda.

  • Vaseline, auto wax, furniture polish, and even bananas are examples of products that might be used to fix the damage.
  • It should be noted that attempting to repair the disc on your own is not guaranteed to succeed and may possibly cause greater harm. Do not try to repair scratches until the disc is no longer functional.
how to clean ps4
How to clean ps4

4. If you’re trying to repair it, rub a dab of toothpaste over the disc. Apply a tiny bit of toothpaste on the scrape. Then, using your finger or a microfiber cloth, gently massage it in from the center outward. To hide tiny scratches, you might alternatively use a cotton swab and a little amount of water. Continue massaging the disc for approximately a minute to verify it is gone.

  • Because the disc is delicate, handle it with care. Avoid rubbing the toothpaste in a circle, since this may cause further scratches.
how to clean a game disc
How to clean a game disc

5. Check to see whether the scratch has been removed by washing and drying the disc. Rinse the disc with lukewarm water. Make certain that all of the toothpaste has been used. Then, using a clean microfiber towel, dry it off. Put it in the PS4 after it is entirely dried and scratch-free to check whether it works again.

  • If you still find scratches on the disc, re-treating them may be beneficial. Rub the disc gently with toothpaste or similar cleaning until the scratches are gone.



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Can you clean game discs?

Complete these steps. Dampen a clean, soft, cotton cloth with water. Use straight strokes and wipe the disc (non-labeled side) from the inside rim to the outside rim. Using a dry part of the cloth, repeat step 2 to dry the disc.

How do you fix a scratched PS4 disc?

Rubbing Alcohol Method:

Rub outward from the center lightly and gently. Do not rub with extreme force or this could damage the game further. Rub gently outward until the scratch either disappears or becomes less visible. Once clean and dry, put the disc in the gaming console and see if it worked.

Does putting toothpaste on scratched discs work?

Does toothpaste really fix scratches on a disc? Yes, toothpaste can be used to remove scratches. Clean the disc with warm water, soap, and a cloth and then dry it, making sure that no lint is left behind. Squeeze toothpaste onto the disc and rub it on the disc in a straight motion from the center out to the edges.

How do you clean a dirty game disc?

How to Clean the Game Disc
Only use a clean, soft, cotton cloth (not paper towels, facial tissue, etc.)
Only use water (not soap or any other cleaning solution)
Do not use solvents such as: benzine, window cleaner, paint thinner, anti-static aerosol spray or abrasive cleaners to clean the disc.

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Why does toothpaste remove scratches?

Imagine toothpaste as a lighter, softer form of sandpaper. When you gently rub toothpaste onto a slick and smooth surface, it sticks together on any imperfections that exist and softly sands them away, wearing off the uneven surface structure and polishing the surface clean.

Why is PS4 disc corrupted?

Causes of PS4 Data Corruption:

Malfunction or poorly functioned hard drive. Data corruption in some game you installed. The downloaded file was not installed to the system properly. The data on the system may be corrupted.

How does Vaseline remove scratches from CDs?

Remove Scratches From a CD/DVD With Vaseline (Petroleum Jelly)
Step 1: Materials. Before you start removing scratches from your CDs and DVDs, you should grab your materials. …
Step 2: Cleaning Time! Now it’s time to apply the petroleum jelly. …
Step 3: Remove the Scratches. …
Step 4: Finished!

How do I clean my ps4 with toothpaste?

First, squeeze a moderate amount of toothpaste (a little more than you’d place onto your toothbrush) and evenly rub it onto the disc in straight lines from the center to the edge. (Remember what we said about forgoing circular wiping motions?).

Is it possible to fix a scratched game disc?

Surface-level scratches can often be fixed using a substance like petroleum jelly (Vaseline) or toothpaste, though deeper scratches are impossible to fix. Keep in mind that any repairs to a scratched disc are usually temporary; you’ll most likely have to replace the disc at some point.

Can you clean a disc with alcohol?

Mix 1:1 parts of water and rubbing alcohol into a small container, and dip in a cotton ball. Wipe over the CD in the same way that you used the cloth. You can rub very gently to remove any marks or stains. Rest the CD on the towel, let it dry for about 30 minutes and return it to its CD case.

Is Colgate a non abrasive toothpaste?

This protective outer layer, called the enamel, is therefore at risk of being permanently damaged. To avoid this from happening, many people prefer to use a non-abrasive toothpaste.

Can Colgate remove scratches?

So, does Colgate toothpaste remove car scratches? Colgate toothpaste offers very little to no benefit in the removal of car scratches. In fact, rubbing the paint with toothpaste can damage the paint surface.

Is gel or paste toothpaste better?

It is also less abrasive, which is why it creates less foam and splatter. Compared to a paste, tooth gel has a less minty aftertaste.

Tooth gel and Toothpaste: What’s the Difference?

Can you fix a corrupted PS4 disk?

Removing them is the most direct way to fix the issue. Go to « Settings » > « System Storage Management » > « Saved Data » > « Media Player ». Press the « Options » button and delete the saved corrupt data file.

Does rebuilding your PS4 database delete everything?

How To Rebuild Your PS4 Database. Before you rebuild your PS4’s database, rest assured that the process doesn’t delete any of your saved data, it simply reorganizes and freshens up your system’s files. To do this, you’ll need to put your PS4 into Safe Mode.

How do I know if my PS4 is corrupted?

Find the ‘System Storage Management’ menu and go to ‘Saved Data’. Go to the ‘Media Player’ folder. In the folder, you should see a ‘corrupt data’ file.

Does toothpaste work on PS4 discs?

Toothpaste works best for shallow scratches and scuffs on the reflective side. It will probably not work on a deep scratch. Scratches on the non-reflective label side should never be rubbed, and may have caused irreparable damage. If you have deep scratches, consider sending the disk to a disk repair service.

What does disc rot look like?

Signs of disc rot

On CDs, the rot becomes visually noticeable in two ways: When the CD is held up to a strong light, light shines through several pin-prick-sized holes. Discoloration of the disc, which looks like a coffee stain on the disc. See also CD bronzing.

How do you fix a disk that Cannot be read?

Here are a few methods to try to fix your scratched disc at home:
Rubbing Alcohol Method: Get a lint free non scratching cloth. …
Toothpaste Method: Use a small dab of the gritty type of toothpaste. …
Banana Method: Use a banana that is peeled and cut in half. …
Skip Scratch Fixer Method: …
Petroleum Jelly Method:

How do you fix a disc that won’t read?

If your CD/DVD drive is having trouble recognizing a disc:
If you know the disc isn’t blank, check whether the data surface is damaged. …
Try a different disc. …
Try the disc in another computer’s drive. …
Try cleaning the drive with a CD/DVD drive cleaning product.

Is isopropyl alcohol the same as rubbing alcohol?

While isopropyl alcohol is a key ingredient in most kinds of rubbing alcohol you can buy, rubbing alcohol and isopropyl alcohol are not one and the same. They are each made for different things and contain a different set of additives depending on the type of alcohol.

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What is household rubbing alcohol?

Rubbing alcohol can help clean and disinfect hard surfaces. It is effective against most, but not all, pathogens. The main ingredient in rubbing alcohol is isopropyl alcohol (IA). Most rubbing alcohols contain about 70% IA, but the amount can range from 60% to 99%, depending on the product.

Is toothpaste a crest?

Crest is an American brand of toothpaste and other oral hygiene products made by American multinational Procter & Gamble (P&G) and sold worldwide.

Is baking soda abrasive on teeth?

Pro: Baking soda is a mild abrasive that can remove surface stains and yellowing. It has a lower hardness than other abrasive materials used to whiten teeth. Con: It can still wear away your enamel and damage your teeth and gums with improper use.

Are whitening toothpastes abrasive?

Unfortunately, many whitening toothpastes can be quite abrasive. Just how abrasive is your toothpaste? In some cases, actually abrasive enough to do long-term damage to your teeth. To whiten effectively, whitening toothpastes contain a small amount of a bleaching agent but a lot of silica.

Does Magic Eraser remove scratches from phone?

Magic Eraser

Magic erasers are usually used for cleaning up messes, but it turns out they also help to clean up scratches. When tested, the magic eraser wiped out small scratches on the phone’s screen in just a few seconds. And it’ll save you loads, too.

Does WD 40 remove scratches from glass?

You should not use WD 40 in an attempt to remove scratches from glass. WD 40 isn’t a polish; it’s a lubricant that contains petroleum and oils.

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