How to Clean a Smoke Buddy

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How to Clean Smoke Buddy

A Smoke Buddy is a little filter that helps to reduce the odour of cigarette smoke. When you’re around other people, use it to protect them from secondhand smoke. The Smoke Buddy may be kept dry and debris-free, but the filter cannot be cleaned. Take care of the Smoke Buddy until it’s time to replace it so you may smoke in peace in public.

Washing the Smoke Buddy

1. Using clean water, dampen a paper towel. Turn on the faucet and softly dampen a paper towel. Use a dry paper towel instead of a wet one. Flooding the Smoke Buddy with water will not clean it, and it may get clogged with towel fragments.

  • Baby wipes are OK, but alcohol-based products should be avoided.

2. the interior of the Smoke Buddy with a damp cloth. Lower the paper towel into the open end of the container. If you’re having problems, guide the paper towel using a little instrument like a pencil. Clean the interior section of the plastic with the paper towel.

  • Don’t try to clean the filter yourself. Unfortunately, it is a disposable item, so when it stops operating, it must be replaced.
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3. Using a damp cloth, clean the exterior. To get the paper towel out of the Smoke Buddy, pull it out. To clean the outside section, re-use it or acquire a new towel. To eliminate any leftover particles, wipe the cloth over the plastic.

4. Allow the Smoke Buddy to air dry. To absorb the majority of the moisture, use a dry towel. Wipe clean the outside of the Smoke Buddy, then slide the paper towel through the inside with the pencil once more. Allow the Smoke Buddy to absorb as much moisture as possible before leaving it out in the open until you need it again.

Maintaining and Replacing the Smoke Buddy

1. After using the Smoke Buddy, remove the caps. Every time you use the Smoke Buddy, moisture from your breath gathers within. To help the Smoke Buddy dry up and survive longer, place it on a table or in another open location.

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2. Smoke Buddy may be used for up to three months. Each unit lasts around three months. This translates to around 150 Jr. size uses and 300 normal size uses. It may need to be changed sooner depending on how often you use it.

3. When blowing through the Smoke Buddy becomes difficult, replace it. When this occurs, you will be able to sense it. Because the filter is totally blocked, smokey air will build up within the Smoke Buddy. The smaller end of the device does not emit clean air.

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