How to Create a Tulpa

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So you’ve heard about tulpae (or tulpas), the autonomous thought forms that share your brain like an imaginary friend but have their own thoughts, emotions, and ideas apart from yours. Having a tulpa has numerous advantages, but many people start one simply because they desire a partner who knows them better than anybody else. Tulpas are often linked with My Little Pony fans, however there are many kinds tulpae.

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1. Think long and hard before making a tulpa. Spend some time thinking about it because if you change your mind after making a tulpa, you can get rid of them, but tulpas are individuals with their own personalities and opinions. Getting rid of a tulpa is the same as murdering them, which implies you’re also killing a human. Making a tulpa is a difficult choice.

2. Make a plan for your tulpa. You might begin by imagining the shape or personality you want them to have. You don’t have to pick a fixed shape or personality for them since they are quite likely to depart from what you had intended.

3. Make plans for your tulpa’s look. You may plan out your tulpa’s look by sketching or just envisioning them.

  • You should not model a tulpa after any actual people, alive or dead.
  • If you construct a tulpa based on a fictitious figure, make it clear to your tulpa that they are not that character and just have their look.

4. Create a personality for your tulpa. Simply listing as many personality qualities as you want your tulpa to have is one approach to conceive about a personality. When you’ve decided on a form, you may either read these attributes to the tulpa or meditate on them for a few minutes at a time to “install” them into your tulpa. Some people skip the personality phase, which is acceptable; your tulpa will create their personality on their own. This may also vary. But don’t worry, their personality is unlikely to veer into anything detrimental.

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1. Consider your tulpa. Close your eyes and sit down. Imagine your tulpa and examine them from every aspect you can think of. Try to imagine every aspect of their look. Be patient and take your time envisioning them, and keep in mind that certain parts, such as the face, might be really tough. Remember, you may accomplish this in whichever method works best for you. You might envision your tulpa in an empty area, a fictitious location, or simply the space in front of you while you visualize.

2. Try to imagine yourself touching your tulpa. Feel their hair (if they have any) and their body details. After that, you’ll be able to feel your tulpa’s shape or surface by applying little pressure, but you won’t be able to touch them as if they were an actual, physical entity. Your hand will be accepted.

3. Make a smell if you want. You may link a smell with your tulpa a during this phase if you wish. Make sure the perfume stays consistent anytime you smell your tulpa.

4. Consider your tulpa’s moves. Consider how your tulpa walks and moves. Consider the gestures they use. Last, work on their expressions. Consider having a dialogue with them and imagining their responses. Remember that each of these processes takes time; never speed through them.

5. Wonderlands. If you choose, you may imagine a location named Wonderland. This is where you may work on your tulpa, and it will also be where your tulpa will dwell. You, too, can be there if you visualize yourself there with your tulpa. You may do anything you want there; it’s your own universe. It may be really useful since it can be tough to image your tulpa anyplace if you are in a crowded location or doing anything like riding someplace, so they can rest in the wonderland until you are able to see them again.
Allow your tulpa to make changes to the wonderland. They can update it and do anything they want with it at any time, just as you can.

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1. Speak with your tulpa. You may communicate with them both mentally and aloud. It makes no difference what the topic is. You may chat to them about the weather, your day at work/school, your pals, your favorite TV program… You’ll be alright as long as you focus your conversation to the tulpa. The process is lengthy, and your tulpa’s first encounter may be difficult to recognize; they will not necessarily rush into speaking complete phrases straight away.

  • This is entirely optional, although you might utilize a technique such as “parroting” or “puppeting,” but some may find this contentious. Many others, however, think that this may aid a growing tulpa and encourage them to talk. If you are unsure whether the response you received was from you or your tulpa, always presume it was from your tulpa.
  • This phase may take some time. Please be patient.

2. After your tulpa speaks, you may give them a voice if they haven’t already formed one. You can envision a whole different voice in your brain, but it may be simpler to choose a voice you are familiar with and can picture saying anything.

Check Sentience

Determine whether or not your tulpa is conscious. Close your eyes and tell your tulpa you’re letting them inside your head. Consider them going through a portal into your psyche. Your tulpa can now see your memories, emotions, and everything else about you. Do not do this straight away; instead, wait until you have built trust between you so that your tulpa does not take this for granted. Sentience indicators:

  • Tulpa responds with complete phrases and their own thoughts. They may also communicate with you via other means, such as emotions.
  • Tulpa accomplishes stuff you wouldn’t anticipate.

Moving your Tulpa into Reality

Take a stroll and picture your tulpa following you. Repeat this process until it seems normal. Make a mental note of how they walk. You’ll eventually learn to sense your tulpa’s presence even if you can’t see them. You can still sense where they are and what they are doing, and you can see them in your head.

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Visiting Tulpa Forums

Make contact with other people who have tulpas. Read about the hosts of the forum and their tulpae. Learn more about tulpae creation and life. There are several manuals and forums on the internet, some of which have FAQ’s and Q&A’s about tulpae, which may be quite helpful if you have any worries or queries.

Can anyone create a tulpa?

Tulpas are autonomous fictional persons that inhabit your brain, similar to imaginary companions, and you may make your own with enough effort. Close your eyes and start visualizing how you want your tulpa to appear. Tulpas look like humans, but you may customize your tulpa appear whatever you wish.

How do people create tulpas?

How to Make a Tulpa Quickly
Step 1: Make a plan for your tulpa. Take some time to consider what and who you want your tulpa to be. …
Step 2: Think about its beliefs and characteristics. …
Step 3: Practice talking to it and engaging with it. …
Step 4: Experiment with keeping it in the background. …
Step 5: Double-check that it’s truly there.

Can tulpas be evil?

Tulpas may sometimes travel considerable distances away from their originator and have terrible motives. They may also operate in malevolent ways after their creator dies.

Is a tulpa an imaginary friend?

I Tulpas, a name allegedly taken from Tibetan Buddhism, are imagined companions who are supposed to have attained full sentience after being summoned via meditative ‘thought-form’ meditation.

Is a tulpa healthy?

Tulpas had a considerable or somewhat beneficial influence on 91 percent of the sample’s entire life. 78 percent said the same about their mental health, and 47 percent said the same about their social life. There was no data to show that tulpamancy is dangerous.

How do you destroy a tulpa?

Tulpa can only be eliminated by either deleting the concept (if it has not yet developed correctly) or diluting the concentration of the thought before killing the thing or creature.

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