How to Curl Synthetic Hair

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Can You Curl Synthetic Hair

Synthetic hair has a lot of advantages, but it’s notoriously difficult to curl. This is due to the fact that synthetic hair is basically plastic, which may melt when exposed to extreme temperatures. Keep the heat low, immerse the hair in hot water, or use pin clips to retain curls in place if you want to change up your look and curl your synthetic wig, extensions, or weave. Your synthetic hair will retain gorgeous curls with a little more care.

Curling Synthetic Hair With a Curling Iron

1. Check to see if you can curl your hair. Read the product label if you’re using synthetic hair extensions or a wig to check whether it can be heated. The heat tolerance of synthetic hair should be stated on the product. Curl a little section of your hair to check whether it melts if you’re not sure if they can tolerate the heat or if you want to curl your weave.

  • If you’re testing if synthetic hair will melt, select a hair that’s partially covered so that if it does, it won’t be visible.

2. Divide your hair into sections and warm up your curling iron. Divide your hair into parts and decide how big you want your curls to be. Divide your hair into many portions if you want little curls. Divide the hair into a few parts if you want huge curls. To keep your hair in place, use a clip. Set your curling iron to the lowest setting, which may just be a warm setting (or level “1”).

  • Place or secure the hair on a mannequin head if you’ll be curling extensions or a wig.

3. Using water, mist your hair. Saturated your hair to the point that each section is thoroughly wet but not dripping wet. Wet your hands and run your fingers through the hair, or spritz the hair with a spray bottle until it’s totally wet.

  • Wetting your synthetic hair may help it keep its curl and prevent it from dissolving.
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4. Curl each section of your hair separately. Wrap one moist strand of synthetic hair around the prepared curling iron and curl it up. Curl your hair with the curling iron until it feels warm. Slide the curling iron out of the curl gently. Curl the remainder of your hair as well.

  • Pin the curl to your head until it cools completely if you want it to be tighter. This will also assist the curl maintain its form for a longer period of time.

Curling Synthetic Hair With Hot Water

1. Make your synthetic hair softer by moisturising it. On the palm of your hand, squirt a little amount of cream-based moisturiser. Massage the moisturiser into your synthetic hair by rubbing your hands together. The moisturiser will aid in the curl retention of synthetic hair.

  • You may also replace the cream moisturiser with olive oil.

2. Hair should be rolled onto perm rods. Decide how big you want your curls to be and put out a variety of perm rod sizes. Make a tiny portion of hair and wrap it up and onto a perm rod. Cap the end to keep the hair twisted firmly on the rod. Repeat until all of your hair has been rolled onto perm rods.

  • To obtain varied sizes of curls, try varying the size of the perm rods. Keep the curls towards your neck and the back of your head broader and looser for a more natural effect. To make the curls around your face smaller and tighter, use smaller perm rods.

3. In a bowl of boiling water, soak the perm rods. Fill a cup 2/3 full with water and microwave for 1 minute. Carefully put each perm rod with hair into the hot water and hold it for 15 to 20 seconds in the cup. Remove the perm rod and dip each of the remaining perm rods one at a time.

  • If your water cools, reheat it and dip the perm rods again.
  • When working with hot water, use extreme care. Wait until the cup is cool enough to pick up with your bare hands if it’s too hot to handle.
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4. Allow the hair to air dry. Allow the hair to cool and dry entirely in the perm rods. Depending on how much hair you wrapped around each curling rod, they may dry fast or take a whole day to dry. Wear a protective hat if you want to sleep with the perm rods in so your curls set overnight.

  • You may blow dry your hair if you’re short on time. Just make sure the blow dryer is turned down to the lowest setting.

5. Get rid of the perm rods. Remove the perm rods carefully after the hair has dried completely around them. When pulled, the curls will most likely be tight and bouncy. Simply let them alone if you want them to remain near to your head. Run your fingers through your hair to make the curls seem softer and fluffier.

  • Curls may also be divided into smaller groups. This will soften them and give your hair more volume.

Curling Synthetic Hair Using Pins

1. A little part of hair should be divided and straightened. Brush a tiny piece of your hair to get rid of any tangles. Set a flat iron to the lowest setting (typically about 250-300 degrees F) and run it through the strand once it’s heated. Continue straightening the area of hair with the flat iron until it is smooth and straight.

  • Each segment will be a curl in the end. Keep the portions tiny if you’re doing a lot of little curls. Make sure the portions aren’t too big, otherwise the pin clips won’t be able to keep the hair in place.
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2. Curl your hair using a flat iron. Run the flat iron through the straight strand of hair on the lowest setting. Wind your hair backwards away from your face, allowing the strands to coil around the flat iron. Slowly do this so that the hair curls. To avoid melting your synthetic hair, keep the flat iron’s temperature moderate.

  • It is not necessary for the curl to be flawless. You’ll just receive a simple curl form to wind and pin to your head.

3. Attach the curl on your head with pins. Wrap the curl around your index finger firmly while it’s still heated. Hold the curl between your thumb and index finger as you gently glide it off your finger. The curl will resemble a flat, circular hair twist. Bring the curl all the way to your scalp and secure it with a little metal hair clip.

  • If you want your curls to last longer, spritz them with hair spray before wrapping and pinning them.

4. Allow the curls to set overnight by pinning the remainder of your hair. The remainder of your hair should be straightened, curled, and pinned. Curling and pinning the hair closer to your temples may be simpler (if curling a weave). This will keep your hair out of your eyes and away from your face. Allow your synthetic hair to lie in the pins overnight or for many hours once you’ve finished pinning it all. Remove the clips and comb the curls with your fingertips.

  • Run your fingers through curls to separate them and give your hair more substance for a more natural appearance.

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