How to Delete a Zillow Account

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How to Delete Zillow Account

Have you sold your home on Zillow and no longer need the account? How to remove a Zillow account is explained in this wikiHow. All of your saved houses and preferences will be erased if you delete your account. You may, however, choose to unsubscribe rather than delete your account if you want to stop getting Zillow emails while keeping your account.


1. Go to your Zillow account and sign in. The Zillow website may be accessed through computer, phone, or tablet.

2. My Zillow may be found by clicking here. This may be found at the upper right corner of the page.

3. Select Account Settings from the drop-down menu. This may be found in the menu to the left of the main Zillow logo.

4. Select Delete Account from the drop-down menu. You’ll be sent to a screen where you can choose why you want to delete your account.

  • You may also choose to unsubscribe from Zillow’s newsletters by clicking Unsubscribe. If you opt to unsubscribe, you’ll be sent to a website where you may choose which emails you no longer wish to receive, such as Saved Homes and Home suggestions. If you choose, you may select Unsubscribe from all email alerts to stop getting all emails.
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5. Select Delete Account from the drop-down menu. You won’t be able to join up with the same email address again, and all of your information will be lost. You will be logged out and sent to the home page after deleting your account.

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