How to Delete Bookmarks

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Bookmarks are an excellent method to mark sites that you wish to return to. However, since they’re so simple to make, they multiply quicker than the proverbial bunny rabbit, and every now and then it’s time to clean house. Regardless of the browser you’re using, deleting bookmarks is as simple as a few clicks or touches.

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1. Select “Delete” from the context menu when you right-click on any bookmark. In Chrome, you may erase a bookmark by right-clicking it and selecting “Delete.” You may do this for bookmarks in your bookmarks bar, the bookmarks manager, or the list in the Chrome menu’s “Bookmarks” section. You will not be prompted to confirm your decision to delete the bookmark.

2. Activate the bookmark manager. To see all of your bookmarks at once, utilize Chrome’s bookmark management function. There are two options for opening this in a new tab:

  • Select “Bookmarks” “Bookmark manager” from the Chrome Menu. This will open a new window.
  • To launch the bookmark manager in a new tab, press Command/Ctrl+ Shift+O.
  • To open the bookmark manager in the current tab, type chrome:/bookmarks into the URL bar.

3. Look through your bookmarks. The bookmark manager will show all of your bookmarks. You may see the bookmarks contained inside folders by expanding them.

  • If you use your Google account to login into Chrome, all of your synced devices will have the same bookmarks.
  • When you remove a folder, you also erase all of the bookmarks contained inside it.

4. Show the bookmarks bar. This bar sits below your address bar and displays your bookmarks. This bar allows you to rapidly erase bookmarks.

  • Select “Bookmarks” “Show bookmarks bar” from the Chrome Menu.
  • Press Command/Ctrl+ Shift+B to begin.

Internet Explorer

1. Select “Delete” from the context menu when you right-click on any bookmark (“favorite”). Bookmarks are referred to as “favorites” on Internet Explorer, and they may be erased from anywhere by right-clicking on them and choosing “Delete.” They may be removed from the Favorites sidebar or the Favorites menu bar.

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2. To access your bookmarks, open the Favorites sidebar. All of your stored bookmarks will be shown in this sidebar. There are many methods for doing so:

  • Click the Star () button, followed by the “Favorites” tab.
  • Click the “Favorites” tab after pressing Alt+C.

3. To access your bookmarks, open the Favorites manager. The Favorites manager may also be used to examine your bookmarks. This allows you to quickly expand and collapse your bookmark folders:

  • Select “Organize favorites” from the “Favorites” menu. If the “Favorites” option does not appear, press Alt.
  • To expand or collapse folders, click them once.
  • When you remove a folder, you also erase all of the bookmarks contained inside it.

4. In Windows Explorer, look for your bookmarks. Internet Explorer saves your favorites as files that may be accessed using Windows Explorer. This may make it much simpler to delete a big number of bookmarks.

  • Launch Windows Explorer (Win+E) and browse to C:UsersusernameFavorites. Your Internet Explorer bookmarks will appear as files and folders.
  • You may move bookmark files to the Recycle Bin by dragging them there or by right-clicking on them and selecting “Delete.”


1. The Hub button may be tapped or clicked. This seems to be three lines representing a paragraph.

2. Select or tap the Favorites tab. The label on the tab is a Star (). Edge calls bookmarks “favorites.”

3. Delete a bookmark by right-clicking or long-pressing it. This will erase the bookmark instantly. When you remove a folder, all of the bookmarks contained therein are also erased.
The “Favorites Bar” folder cannot be deleted.


1. Navigate to the Bookmarks sidebar. The Bookmarks sidebar is the quickest method to view all of your Firefox bookmarks. Select “View Bookmarks Sidebar” from the clipboard button next to the Bookmark button.

2. To view your bookmarks, expand the categories. Bookmarks that you’ve added will be organized into categories. Expand these to show your bookmarks, or use the search box to find particular bookmarks.

3. To delete a bookmark, right-click it and choose “Delete.” The bookmark will be erased right away.
You may right-click bookmarks from anywhere, including the bookmarks menu, the bookmarks bar, and any other area where you have bookmarks.

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4. To manage your bookmarks, go to the Library. If you need to delete a large number of bookmarks, the Library will make it simple to locate and remove them.

  • Select “Show All Bookmarks” from the clipboard button, or press Command/Ctrl+ Shift+B.
  • Hold Ctrl/ Command and click each bookmark to select them all at once.


1. Select “Edit Bookmarks” from the “Bookmarks” menu. This launches the Bookmarks manager.
You may also use the shortcut Command+Option+B.

2. Control-click and choose “Delete” to erase any bookmarks. This will erase the bookmark instantly.

3. To erase bookmarks in your Favorites bar, control-click them. By right-clicking on bookmarks in Safari’s Favorites bar and choosing “Erase,” you may instantly delete them.

Chrome (Mobile)

1. Select “Bookmarks” from the Chrome Menu button (). This will display a list of your stored bookmarks. Scroll up a little if you don’t see the button.

  • All of your synced bookmarks will be visible if you are logged in with your Google account.
  • The procedure is the same for both Android and iOS.

2. Tap the Menu button () next to a bookmark to erase it. This will bring up a little menu.

3. To delete the bookmark, choose “Delete.” It will be removed instantly.

  • If you mistakenly removed the bookmark, you may recover it by clicking Undo. This option is only available for a limited time.
  • When you remove a folder, all of the bookmarks contained therein are also erased.

4. To choose multiple bookmarks, press and hold a bookmark. When you hold down a bookmark, you will enter selecting mode. You may then add more bookmarks to the selection by tapping them.

5. Tap the trash container to delete the bookmarks you’ve chosen. This will remove all of the bookmarks you’ve chosen.

Safari (iOS)

1. Select the Bookmarks option. On an iPhone, this is near the bottom of the screen, but on an iPad, it is at the top.

2. Select the Bookmarks option. This will show you all of the bookmarks you’ve saved.

3. Click the “Edit” button. You will now be able to delete things from the list.
If you wish to remove a bookmark that is in a folder, open the folder first and then press “Edit.”

4. Tap the minus sign (-) next to the bookmark or folder you wish to delete. To confirm, tap “Delete.”
The Favorites and History folders cannot be deleted, although things inside them may.

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Android Browser

1. At the bottom of the screen, click the Bookmarks button. The bookmark symbol appears on the button. This will launch the bookmark manager in your browser.

2. Tap and hold the bookmark to be deleted. This will bring up a new menu.

3. To delete the bookmark, choose “Delete bookmark.” It will be gone once you confirm, and you will not be able to recover it.
When you remove a folder, you will be prompted to authorize the deletion of all bookmarks in that folder.

How do I quickly delete bookmarks?

If you wish to remove all of the bookmarks in the folder, click Ctrl+A (Windows) or Command+A (Mac) to select all of them. While your bookmarks are chosen, click “Delete” in the top-right corner of the “Bookmarks” page. Chrome will immediately erase the chosen bookmarks.

How do I remove bookmarks from my screen?

Streamlining the Bookmarks Sidebar
To access your bookmarks, use the Bookmarks button. When you’re looking at your bookmarks, it’s simple to delete them. Simply press and hold an icon to bring up a menu with the option to Edit or Delete the bookmark. Tap Delete, and the bookmark will be removed.

How do you delete bookmarks from Safari?

Click the Sidebar icon in the toolbar of the Safari software on your Mac, then click Bookmarks. Control-click the bookmark and choose Delete.

Why can’t I delete bookmarks in Chrome?

To delete bookmarks from Chrome, navigate to the Menu by clicking the hamburger or three vertical dots symbol. Go to the Bookmarks area from here to get a list of all the stored bookmarks. Right-click the bookmark you want to delete and choose “Delete.”

How do I clean up my bookmarks on Google Chrome?

In Chrome, click the three vertical dots in the upper right corner. Then, pick Bookmark Manager from the Bookmarks pulldown menu, or press Ctrl+Shift+O. To erase a bookmark, click the three vertical dots to the right of it. Select Delete.

How do I remove bookmarks from Google Chrome?

Important: Once you remove a bookmark, you cannot recover it.
Launch Chrome on your machine.
Click More Bookmarks in the upper right corner. Manager of Bookmarks.
Click the Down arrow to the right of a bookmark. Delete.

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