How to Do a Diamond Pushup

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The diamond push up is a more sophisticated variation on this traditional exercise. In the Army, it’s widely utilized as a warm-up. You form a diamond with your hands, drop yourself to the ground, then push back up. This works both your chest and your abs. Learn how to accomplish it in Step 1.

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1. Place yourself on a mat. This exercise is best performed on a mat, which will gently cushion your hands. Doing it on a hard surface may be uncomfortable for your hands and wrists.

2. Put yourself in a push-up position. To prepare, turn your back to the mat and extend your arms and legs a little.

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3. Make a diamond formation with your hands beneath your chest. Make a fist with your forefingers and a fist with your thumbs. This shapes your diamond, which is also known as a pyramid.

4. Lower yourself to the ground and then push yourself up. Maintain a straight back and tight abs and chest. Maintain the right diamond position with your fingertips. Repeat.

Are diamond push ups effective?

One of the most effective triceps workouts is the diamond push-up. This bodyweight exercise engages your triceps brachii more than a regular push-up because of its unique hand posture.

How many diamond pushups should I be able to do?

For the greatest results, do three sets of 15-20 reps. If you want to utilize them to improve your strength and endurance, consider doing more repetitions with a longer rest period between sets. Alternatively, you may attempt completing as many repetitions as you can in one go a couple of times each day and gradually increasing this quantity each week.

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Is diamond push-up better than push ups?

You could be concerned with more than just the efficacy of the diamond hand shape. Bringing your hands in for a diamond might potentially jeopardize your shoulder health. “[Close-grip] will also protect your shoulders.

Are diamond push ups harmful?

Push-ups with Diamonds
Push-ups are a terrific method to get your arms blazing, but if you want to concentrate on developing bulk to your biceps and triceps, make them diamond.

Do diamond push-ups make your arms bigger?

Diamond pushups are mainly a triceps builder, and they are more difficult than other tri movements and conventional pushups. When your hands are in a narrow diamond posture, your foundation is less secure, forcing your triceps to perform the majority of the effort rather than your chest muscles, according to McCall.

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