2 braids into a ponytail

How to Do Two French Braids

2 braids into a ponytail

A simple and lovely hairdo is a French braid. Once you’ve mastered the single French braid, you may experiment with two French braids in your hair for even more styling options. Two French braids may take your ponytail braid and turn it into pigtails, half ponytails, or even buns.

1. How to Make French Braided Pigtails

How to Do Two French Braids #1
Make a center part in your hair

1. Make a center part in your hair. Begin by brushing the hair and separating it in the center. Make sure the part extends all the way from the hairline to the nape. Pull the two pieces of hair over your shoulders, as if you’re about to knot them into pigtails.

  • Your hair part does not have to be a strict straight line. For a trendy boho look, you may have an untidy, uneven part. A zig-zag component may add some funk to your look.
How to Do Two French Braids #2
Begin by braiding the foundation

2. Begin by braiding the foundation. To begin, choose a side. Take a tiny piece of hair about.5 inch (1.3 cm) from your hairline. With your fingertips, separate this portion of hair from the rest of the hair. Make three strands out of this area. Begin the foundation braid with a normal braid. Cross the right strand across the center strand. Then, across the new centre, cross the left strand.

  • You may wish to use a hair band to tighten the other, loose side. This will assist prevent it from getting mixed up with the side you’re braiding.
  • The foundation braid will be placed on the side of the head. You should braid along either side of your head if you’re doing French braid pigtails. The braids will be placed just between the ears and the part.
  • Start with a bigger piece if you want a looser braid.
  • If you have thick hair, you should work in greater parts.
How to Do Two French Braids #3
Start the French braid

3. Start the French braid. Connect the correct strand with a short bit of loose hair. While dragging the center strand to the right, cross the right strand across the middle strand. To the left strand, add a short portion of loose hair. While dragging the central strand to the left, cross the left strand across the new middle strand.

  • Keep your hands close to your head to keep the braid secure.
  • When adding hair to the strands, be careful to add an equal quantity of hair each time. This keeps the braids clean and consistent, rather than uneven.
How to Do Two French Braids #4
Carry on braiding

4. Carry on braiding. Continue french braiding the hair as you proceed down the side of the head. Hair will be pulled from around the hairline in the front and from the part in the rear. When you need to create a new layer, divide the hair in a horizontal line.

  • Continue braiding in a standard 3-strand braid until you run out of hair to add to the braid.
  • As you braid, be careful to maintain the braid tight. This may be accomplished simply pulling the parts apart.
  • If you’re braiding your own hair, keep both arms on one side rather than holding them over your head since it’ll be easier.
How to Do Two French Braids #5
Hair should be tied back

5.Hair should be tied back. Tie your braid with hair ties after it has reached the desired length. Hair clips, ribbon, and other accessories may be added.

How to Do Two French Braids #6
Rep on the other side

6. Rep on the other side. Repeat steps 2-5 on the opposite side of the head with the hair. The braids should all appear the same. [6] Make sure they all come to a halt at the same point, and attempt to use matching hair ties on each side.

  • Instead of braiding all the way to the ends of your hair, stop at the nape of your neck for a different kind of French braid pigtails. Use a hair tie to secure the French braid. Because the hair draping over your shoulders will be loose, you may straighten or curl it. 
  • A bun is another option for two French braid pigtails. After completing one of the French braids, wrap the tail of the braid around your head and pin it into a bun at the back of your head. Using bobby pins, secure the hair. Rep on the opposite side, pinning the second braid to the top of the bun. Use as many bobby pins as you need to keep the bun in place.

2. Making French Braids on Both Sides

How to Do Two French Braids #7
Part your hair

1. Part your hair. Part your hair in the middle after brushing it. The part should only go from your hairline to the crown of your head.

How to Do Two French Braids #8
Begin with a foundation braid

2.Begin with a foundation braid. To begin, choose a side. Separate a tiny part of hair around your face from the rest of your hair. Make three equal strands out of this. Make a classic braid for the foundation braid by crossing the right strand over the center and then the left strand over the middle.

  • These braids will be made up of little strands that will curl around the back of the head and meet in the center. You are not attempting to braid your whole head of hair into the strands.
  • Another approach to get this look is to make two bigger braids. This will give the style a slightly distinct appearance. Repeat the process, but this time add additional hair. The bigger braids will slope downwards more than the smaller braids, meeting just under the crown rather than in the cente of the head.
  • Angle the braid away from the face and towards the rear of the head as you begin it. Don’t slant it down.
How to Do Two French Braids #9
Start the French braid

3. Start the French braid. Connect a short bit of hair to the right strand, then cross the now-larger strand across the center. Insert a short length of hair into the left strand, then cross the now-larger strand across the new center. This should be repeated all the way around the head’s curvature.

  • Stop braiding once you reach the center of your head. Use a clip or a hair tie to keep it in place.
How to Do Two French Braids #10
Rep on the other side

4.Rep on the other side. Steps 2 and 3 should be repeated on the other side of the hair. The two strands should meet at the back of your head in the center. They should be around the same size.

  • The braids are forming a braided half-ponytail. Most of your hair will be loose.
How to Do Two French Braids #11
Hair should be combined

5. Hair should be combined. Take the clips or hair ties from the half ponytail’s two sides. Combine these two strands.

How to Do Two French Braids #12
As requested, style

6. As requested, style. You may now arrange your hair whatever you like with the two French braids running down your head. For a trendy half-up do, fix the half ponytail with a clip or hair tie. You may also put your hair up in a ponytail. Wrap the ponytail into a bun and fasten with bobby pins for a more refined look.

  • The two French braids will lay slightly above the ponytail or bun if you style it into a ponytail or bun.
  • You may also combine the two braids to form a single three-strand braid that runs down your back. To achieve this, join the left and middle portions of your left braid into one strand, the right segment of your left braid and the left section of your right braid into one strand, and the middle and right sections of your right braid into one strand. Then, braid in a classic three-strand braid.

3. Making a French Braid Crown with Two French Braids

How to Do Two French Braids #13
Part your hair

1. Part your hair. Brush your hair and then separate it down the center. The part should extend from the hairline to the nape of the neck.

  • Use a hair tie to secure one side of your hair. This will keep it out of the way until you need it.
  • Alternately, separate your hair to one side to make two different sized braids, or create a soft, sloppy part.
How to Do Two French Braids #14
Begin with a foundation braid

2.Begin with a foundation braid. Gather your hair around the nape of your neck. Make three portions in your hair. Cross the right strand through the centre, then the left strand through the middle. This results in the anchor braid.

  • You may also make a braided crown by French braiding your hair in pigtails and wrapping each braid up and around your head. Tuck the braid’s ends beneath and pin it to your scalp.
How to Do Two French Braids #15
Start a Dutch braid

3.Start a Dutch braid. Cross a portion of hair beneath the center strand, then add a segment to the right strand. Cross a portion of hair beneath the center strand, then add a segment to the left strand. You should be braiding your hair up and over your head.

  • Dutch braids are also known as inverted French braids or reverse French braids. The hair is braided beneath rather than over, as in a typical French braid.
  • Instead of braiding from the top of the head down, this braid will be done from the bottom of the head up.
  • Before you begin, you may wish to comb your hair in an upward manner to ensure that it is already in the correct direction.
How to Do Two French Braids #16
Continue braiding the hair around the head

4. Continue braiding the hair around the head. Because this is a crown braid, the braid should follow the contour of the head. Continue Dutch braiding by incorporating hair into the outside strands and crossing beneath.

  • Make sure the quantity of hair put to the strands is consistent each time. This keeps the braid consistent rather than uneven.
How to Do Two French Braids #17

5.Once you’ve reached your hairline’s middle part, switch to a plait braid. You will cease adding hair on that side at the central part in the front of your hair. Stop dutch braiding your hair at this stage and start plaiting it. To finish that side, a basic three-strand braid is used.

  • Simply knot your hair off if it ends at the portion. Because this style works best on long hair, the braid will most likely terminate somewhere around the brow.
How to Do Two French Braids #18
Braid should be secured

6. Braid should be secured. When the braid is complete, bind it with a hair tie. To reduce the chance of damaging your hair, use a fabric-covered tie. Choose a hair tie that is the same color as your hair to blend in.

How to Do Two French Braids #19
Follow the contour of your head and pin your hair down

7. Follow the contour of your head and pin your hair down. Wrap the tail of your braid as far as it will go around your head. As you wrap the braid, use bobby pins to secure it to your head. Tuck the braid’s tail into your hair and pin it down when you reach the end.

  • Hide your tail behind your ear as best you can.
  • If you have long hair, wrap it all the way around your head, terminating at the nape of your neck.
How to Do Two French Braids #20
Begin braiding the other side

8. Begin braiding the other side. Unlike the previous side, you’ll start this braid at the crown of your head. Repeat steps 2-5 as you Dutch braid down the side of your head, beginning at the part. This braid, like the other side, is curling down the head. When you reach the central part at the back of your hairline, you’ll transition to a standard 3-strand braid, just like the other side. The braid will next be wrapped and pinned.

How to Do Two French Braids #21
Wrap it around your head

9. Wrap it around your head. Wrap the two strands around the head after you’ve reverse French braided both sides. Bobby pin the braids in place. Tuck the hair bands and the hair under the hair bands into the braids. Using bobby pins, secure the hair.

How to Do Two French Braids #22

10. Finished

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