How to Do Voodoo

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How to do voodoo on someone

Breathing dolls – Voodoo is a religion that mixes aspects of ancient African faiths with Catholicism and is practiced in Benin, the Caribbean, and the southern United States. There are many different types of voodoo, some of which concentrate on magical components. Make and create your own voodoo doll or cast love and protection charms to try your hand at voodoo. Keep in mind that the outcomes aren’t guaranteed, and black magic may be dangerous.

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Making a Voodoo Doll

Concentrate your thoughts on a single individual

1. Concentrate your thoughts on a single individual. Your voodoo doll must symbolize a specific person, so imagine them while you’re building it. Voodoo is based on the existence of a link between the apparent world we live in and the unseen realm where spirits dwell. To harness the energy of the person you want your doll to reflect, concentrate on them.

how to perform voodoo
. A voodoo doll must represent a particular person, and

2. Cut out a picture of the person you want to honor. A voodoo doll must represent a particular person, and attaching a photograph of that person to a doll in the form of a human figure is a simple method to accomplish so. Cut out an image of the person you want your voodoo doll to symbolize by collecting or printing a photograph of them.

  • If you don’t have a photo of the individual, you may use a personal item from them, such as a strand of hair or a piece of clothing.
hair tinsel
Fabric should be cut to suit the image

3. Fabric should be cut to suit the image. You’ll need enough fabric to cover the cut-out image in the same size and shape. To create your doll, you may use felt, cotton, or any other kind of fabric. Cut the cloth to fit the form of the image using a pair of scissors.

  • To make a more authentic-feeling voodoo doll, use natural fibers like cotton, wool, or hemp.
voodoo love spells
Stuff the image after sewing it to the cloth

4. Stuff the image after sewing it to the cloth. Sew the cut-out image to a piece of cloth cut in the form of the photo, leaving an opening at the bottom. Stuff the doll by inserting filling through the hole. Sew the bottom hole closed after the doll is completely filled.

  • To fill your doll, you may use whatever material you like, but natural materials like moss or leaves will give it a more realistic voodoo look.

If you don’t have a photo of the person, sew two pieces of fabric together in the form of a doll, fill it, and attach a personal item like hair, clothes, or a button that belonged to the individual to the front of the doll.

cloth doll making
Consider what your voodoo doll will be used for

5. Consider what your voodoo doll will be used for. The energy pattern of the individual gets imprinted and fused with the doll once you’ve added their particular affects to the doll. Close your eyes and make a wish for the doll.

  • Hold the doll and focus all of your energy on your goal, whether it is to injure the other person or to make them adore you.
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how to do voodoo
Invoke one of the Loa to assist you in making sure the spell works

6. Invoke one of the Loa to assist you in making sure the spell works. Ask one of the Loa, or voodoo deities, to assist you in making sure the doll represents the person you want it to. Invoke the Loa to assist you in achieving your purpose with the doll, whether good or evil.

  • You may also build a doll to serve you that possesses the spirit of a Loa. For example, when making your doll, you may focus on Ogun, the warrior Loa, to infuse his strength and bravery into your doll.
  • Investigate the Loa in your local library or on the internet to find one that matches your voodoo doll.
how to make a voodoo doll
Give the voodoo doll a name and a baptism

7. Give the voodoo doll a name and a baptism. Baptism your voodoo doll with water, repeating the baptizing prayer, and stating the person’s name in the prayer is the last stage in infusing a person’s vitality into your voodoo doll. Drizzle water over the doll and say the prayer twice more, each time making the sign of the cross before starting.

  • “I baptize you, (Person’s Name), whatever that I do to this doll, I do to you. Amen,” said the prayer.
  • You may bless a vial of water or utilize holy water.
  • Baptize the doll with salt water to cleanse it or release the spirit.

Casting Love Spells

undercover paper doll
Next to your pillow, pin a voodoo doll of the person you want

1. Next to your pillow, pin a voodoo doll of the person you want. Make a voodoo doll loaded with their energy and put it next to your pillow before you go to sleep if you want a certain person to love you. Speak to the voodoo doll as though you’re talking to the person you’d want to adore you.

  • The person’s soul will hear your voice and wish to be with you, according to voodoo practitioners.
  • Pinning the voodoo doll to your bed, according to the voodoo faith, will prohibit the person you desire from having physical contact with another person.
white fluffy tinsel
To make someone your soulmate, anoint them with voodoo oil

2. To make someone your soulmate, anoint them with voodoo oil. Place 1 of your eyelashes in 1 tablespoon (15 mL) of vegetable cooking oil and let it overnight. Dip the index finger of the person you desire to be your soulmate in the oil for one minute. Kiss them while applying the oil from their finger to your lips. The individual will then become your soulmate, according to voodoo mythology.

  • In order for the magic to work, the individual must already be attracted to you.
  • Tell the individual they must put their finger into the oil to ensure it isn’t hot so they won’t suspect anything.
doll pillow pattern
Put your names on a piece of paper and bind them together to attract someone to you

3. Put your names on a piece of paper and bind them together to attract someone to you. On the left side of a sheet of paper, write the name of the person you wish to fall in love with four times. Then, on the right side of the page, write your name five times. Pour 4 drips of purple candle wax over the left side of the paper and fold it in half so the wax seals it. Finally, lay the paper in a dish, fill it with water, and top it with a red candle.

  • Voodoo myth is that when the red candle wax melts into the water, the individual will be drawn to you.
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wall of voodoo
On the inside of your underpants, write your lucky number

4. On the inside of your underpants, write your lucky number. Count how many letters are in the desired person’s first and last name. Your fortunate number for the love spell is made up of the two numbers added together. Make a mark on the inside of every pair of underwear you possess with your lucky number.

  • If the person you like is called Timothy Smith, for example, your lucky number is 75. Timothy has seven letters, whereas Smith has five.

Performing Other Rituals

doll stuff
To injure someone, stick colorful pins into their voodoo doll

1. To injure someone, stick colorful pins into their voodoo doll. Pins of bright colors may be used to pierce a voodoo doll connected to another person in order to injure them. Insert a red colored pin into the doll’s head, for example, to make them conform to your wishes.

  • Insert needles into specified areas to inflict agony. To make the person’s knee pain, stick a pin into the voodoo doll’s knee.

When utilizing voodoo for evil, be cautious. Everything, according to practitioners, has a cost attached to it. You may be forced to suffer in order to atone for your wrongdoings.

hemp cotton jersey fabric
Abuse a person’s voodoo doll in order to do them harm

2. Abuse a person’s voodoo doll in order to do them harm. Submerge the doll in water to make them feel as though they’re drowning or having trouble breathing. To torment the person the doll symbolizes, hang it with a rope. Be imaginative, and concentrate on the individual and how you want them to feel when their doll is harmed.

  • To inflict suffering on the human, use traditional torture tactics against the doll.
  • When using fire or heat to injure someone, be cautious since the doll may catch fire.
  • Use the voodoo doll as a kind of catharsis, picturing various ways to injure the person the doll represents to release your grievances.
real looking breathing dolls
To cure a sick or damaged person, transfer their illness to their voodoo doll

3. To cure a sick or damaged person, transfer their illness to their voodoo doll. Create a voodoo doll of a sick or wounded person you know. Visualize the sickness, damage, or illness being separated from the individual and transferred to the doll. Then, at the spot of the doll where the disease began, drive a nail. Voodoo practitioners think that the doll will confine the sickness.

  • Bury the doll or immerse it in flowing water after the spell is complete.
  • Sew the voodoo doll using white fabric.
  • When the moon is declining, do the ritual.
dwell curtains
To get someone to follow your orders, use a control spell

4. To get someone to follow your orders, use a control spell. On a piece of paper, write your target’s name. Fold a photo of them three times and place it in the paper, then add a personal object such as their hair or nails and fold the paper to make a box. Light one green candle, focus on the individual, and ask Loa Simbi for assistance. Light one green candle and a pin in it, then light two additional green candles and a pin in each of them.

  • Allow the candles to totally burn out.
  • When the ceremony is finished, take all of the goods and hurl them into a body of water, such as a river or lake, to present them to Loa Simbi.

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