How to Dress Like a Tomboy

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What do tomboys wear

Tomboy fashion 2022 – If you’re a girl who prefers to keep things simple rather than wear bright pinks and plenty of makeup, you may want to attempt the tomboy style. This article delves into the intricacies of the clothing, shoes, and accessories that comprise the tomboy aesthetic.

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Styling Your Clothes

Make use of the boys’ section.

1. Make use of the boys’ section. If you want to dress like a tomboy, you need start with the basics. Go to your favorite store’s boys area and browse the racks. Look for graphic tees and worn-in tees. The garments will most certainly be a little big on you, which isn’t always a negative thing. Choose items that appeal to you and try them on. You may always attempt to change them if they are really large.
Reebok, Hot Topic, and Tillys are some more amazing retailers with unisex selections. Look for clothing that can be worn by both men and women.

tomboy style 2022
Choose several t-shirts.

2. Choose several t-shirts. One of the most fundamental parts of tomboy fashion is loose, comfy t-shirts. Cotton shirts in boyish hues (forest green, navy, grey, black, brown, maroon, etc.) are always handy and match with almost any ensemble.
You should also get some customized shirts. Tomboy clothing includes shirts featuring band names, skater motifs, and skulls (among other things). Look for shirts with caustic or humorous graphics or words on them.

how to dress like a tomboy
Instead of skirts, wear pants.

3. Instead of skirts, wear pants. While you don’t have to give up skirts completely, tomboys are distinguished by not wearing skirts or dresses. Wear stylish, comfy pants with a boyish style instead. Gap sells ‘Boyfriend’ trousers, which are cut like boys’ pants but are tailored to suit a girl’s figure. For a girl who wants to look like a tomboy, skinny skater pants, distressed or boot-cut jeans, and sports pants are all suitable possibilities. Tomboy outfits may also be made with black, opaque leggings.
If you must wear a skirt for some reason, match it with leggings, Converse, and a t-shirt with the logo of your favorite band. These accents will tone down the skirt’s girliness.

tomboy outfits 2022
When it’s hot outside, consider wearing shorts.

4. When it’s hot outside, consider wearing shorts. Instead of small Daisy Duke shorts, consider some faded jean shorts or larger shorts that reach just over your knees. Shorts made of a stretchier or more athletic material (such as board shorts) are ideal for jogging.

do tomboys wear skirts
Make the plaid stand out.

5. Make the plaid stand out. Plaid is a unisex fabric that goes well with almost any ensemble. It’s a fantastic material since it can be worn as a shirt or a light jacket. Put on a pair of jeans, a basic cotton shirt, and your favorite plaid long-sleeve button-up and you’re set.

what do tomboys wear
Wear a hoodie.

6. Wear a hoodie. Hoodies are a must-have for every tomboy. Tomboys in cooler climates will appreciate zip-up hoodies and normal sweatshirts. Get a simple hoodie in a dark color (black works with everything) and you’ll quickly find you can’t live without it. When it becomes hot, wrap your hoodie around your waist for a casual, boyish style.

  • You should also try on a few of cardigans. Schoolboy cardigans are also ideal for chilly weather. For a lovely tomboy style, pair a cardigan with low-slung or boyfriend jeans.
  • Sweatshirts are another excellent option.
tomboy jeans
Dress in athletic attire.

7. Dress in athletic attire. If jeans aren’t your style, go for sports trousers and t-shirts as the most comfortable gear to run about in. Even better, dress in sportswear that represents your favorite teams. On the athletic field, tomboys can keep up with males. Why not dress the part as well?
For chilly days, choose a sweatshirt featuring your favorite sports team’s insignia.

how do tomboys dress
Wear whatever helps you feel at ease.

8. Wear whatever helps you feel at ease. While this portion of the essay has provided suggestions for how to dress like a tomboy, being a tomboy ultimately means having the courage to wear anything you want and feel comfortable in without looking like a slob or unclean. If you consider yourself a tomboy yet want to wear a dress, go for it. The most essential thing is to be true to yourself.

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Choosing Shoes

airwalk shoes
Purchase some sporting sneakers.

1. Purchase some sporting sneakers. Being allowed to run about freely is an important part of being a tomboy. That means no high heels. Instead, invest in some stylish, comfy shoes. When shopping for shoes, bear in mind that if you can’t run in them, they’re definitely not the ideal tomboy shoes.
Among the companies that create stylish shoes are DC, Asics, Vans, Nike, Adidas, Converse, Etnies, Airwalk, and Supras.

etnies shoes
Swap your flats for some stylish slip-ons.

2. Swap your flats for some stylish slip-ons. Printed slip-ons, in particular, are fantastic. Vans and Toms, among many others, offer terrific slip-ons with creative designs that are comfy and can still be worn for running about in. Look for slip-ons with checkered patterns, skulls, unusual animal motifs, band logos, tribal art, and so forth.

what does a tomboy look like
Try on a pair of high-top shoes.

3. Try on a pair of high-top shoes. A pair of Converse shoes is one of the most traditional tomboy styles. They are available in a range of colors and heights ranging from low-cut to high-top.
Replace the standard white laces with some funky shoelaces to add some extra zing to your shoes. These may be purchased at your local novelty shop.

Adding Accessories

can tomboys wear skirts
Put on caps.

1. Put on caps. Baseball hats are often the finest approach to complete your tomboy style. Not only can they show off your favorite team, they are also incredibly functional-they keep sun, rain, dirt, and hair out of your eyes. Unless, of course, you’re wearing a baseball hat backwards. You may also wear different hats, such as fedoras or beanies.

supras shoes
Avoid ostentatious jewelry.

2. Avoid ostentatious jewelry. In fact, it’s preferable to avoid jewelry altogether, especially if you participate in sports. Wear studs or small hoops instead of dangly earrings if you have your ears pierced (which are generally associated with a girlier look.) Choose a basic item, such as a shell or a penny wound on a leather string, for necklaces. When jogging about, they may be tucked beneath shirts and are quite unisex in nature.
Avoid wearing bracelets that are dazzling if you like wearing them. Instead, go for leather or plastic bands available at novelty retailers such as Hot Topic.

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Styling Your Hair

how to look like a tomboy
Put your hair up.

1. Put your hair up. When rushing about, ponytails and half-ponies are the way to go. French braids are also an excellent technique to keep your hair out of your face when participating in sports. Wearing your hair up allows you to run away at the drop of a hat without having to worry about getting hair in your eyes.

dresses for tomboys
Reduce the length of your hair.

2. Reduce the length of your hair. Of course, you can only do this if you want to (and if your parents will let you.) Short hair is ideal for sports; use a headband to keep any bangs or fly-away strands out of your eyes.

How should a tomboy dress more?

To be a tomboy, you don’t have to cut your hair short, get more piercings, or get tattoos. Wear darker clothes that aren’t too colorful. Most tomboys wear and prefer darker colors, as they can be cool. Remember, wearing things that don’t exactly define you isn’t good.

Is tomboy a fashion style?

Tomboy style typically involves masculine clothing, looser cuts, and prioritizes comfort and practicality.

How can a tomboy look feminine?

A few girly accessories can make a tomboy outfit a little more feminine. Add colorful headbands, statement jewelry pieces, or purses. Gold rings and earrings give your outfit an instant girly touch. Try a pair of cat-eye sunglasses, or go for sunglasses with colorful frames.

What should a tomboy wear to school?

Choosing Your Clothing. Look for shirts that are sporty and comfortable. Avoid pink, purple, or pastel colors, and instead look for dark colors or patterned options such as plaid. Your school might require you to tuck in your shirt, wear a collared shirt, or stick with certain colors, so this may limit your options.

Can a tomboy wear skirts?

In Style Fashion Trends in Dresses & Shoes for Women – Lulus. Tomboys Can Wear Skirts Too. Tomboys Can Wear Skirts Too.

How do I stop tomboy dressing?

You can go back to being a tomboy at anytime. …
Be certain that changing a part of yourself makes you happy. …
Make friends with feminine friends. …
Be patient. …
Don’t be afraid to act, dress, or take part in a certain activity because it is labeled as feminine or masculine.

Can a tomboy be feminine?

Tomboys in fictional stories are often used to contrast a more girly and traditionally feminine character. These characters are also often the ones that undergo a makeover scene in which they learn to be feminine, often under the goal of getting a male partner.

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What is tomboy chic?

The cooler seasons bring more flexibility to the wardrobe as you can layer, mix and match and get away with a casual androgynous look, personalised to your own tastes. Tomboy chic sums up the mix between this masculine and feminine aesthetic that balances items that are a bit baggy and a bit tight.

How do tomboys wear their hair?

A ponytail, and a short haircut are also optional. You can pretty much choose what you want here, but avoid anything too fashionable (unless it is more a masculine fashion style) Ponytails should be not too low, and not too high.

Can a tomboy wear makeup?

Being a tomboy doesn’t mean that you can’t wear makeup – all you need are the right makeup tips for tomboys! I know what you are thinking, “If I’m a tomboy, why would I want to read about makeup tips for tomboys?” The thing is, every girl needs a little makeup sometimes.

What causes a girl to be a tomboy?

The study found that the more testosterone a girl was exposed to in the womb, the more likely she was at a young age to engage in tomboy-like behavior, such as playing with toys that boys typically prefer. The results appear in the November-December issue of Child Development.

How can a tomboy look attractive?

The Five Golden Rules of Tomboy Dressing
Wing It. A good wing-tip goes a long way. …
Mirror Image. Wear items that work for both you and your man. …
Get It Right. …
Feminine Flair. …
The Perfect Fit.

How do you know if you’re a tomboy?

19 Signs You Were A Tomboy
You spent any down time you had playing video games or watching “boy” cartoons. …
Cheerleading never made much sense to you. …
And ruffles and bows were your enemy. …
You were generally found covered in dirt and/or grass stains. …
Barbies weren’t something you played with.

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