How to Fix a Loose Toilet Paper Holder

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How to tighten toilet paper holder

Toilet paper holders are kept in place by small screws that attach the ornamental piece to a wall bracket that is put into the wall. When installing and removing toilet paper rolls, normal pushing and tugging on the ornamental arms might loosen the screws that keep the roll in place, causing the holder to become too loose to perform its function. To prevent a larger repair, address this issue as soon as it is discovered.

1. Repairing a Loose Toilet Paper Holder

If you discover the loosening early enough, you may simply fix it with the correct equipment in minutes.

1. Examine the underside of the escutcheon or loose arm. A little hole with a screw should be present. This screw may or may not have a conventional “head.”

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2. If feasible, remove the screw by holding its edges with your index and thumb and gently twisting until it comes free.

3. Take the screw to a hardware shop and buy the proper sized screwdriver to reinsert it firmly. These screws may need the use of an eyeglass screwdriver or a tiny Allen key; each manufacturer employs a different kind of screw.

4. Replace the screw into the hole in the ornamental arm or escutcheon’s base.

5. Insert the screwdriver or Allen key into the screw and tighten it until the toilet paper holder is securely fastened to the wall.

2. Repairing a Loose Toilet Paper Holder

If the loose holder is not repaired immediately, the downward pressure of the loose arm may cause the screw in the wall to loosen as well. This may cause the screw to be forced downward into the plaster, resulting in a bigger hole than the screw needed.

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1. The screws are located on the underside of the ornamental arm or escutcheon.

2. Set away the screws when they have been removed.

3. Remove the ornamental section of the toilet paper from the bracket that holds it to the wall.

4. Remove the bracket from the wall and place it aside.

5. Insert a wall anchor into the hole in the wall created by the bracket screws. Make sure the wall anchor is big enough to fill the hole and fit the screw snugly.

6. Replace the wall bracket and re-tighten the screws.

7. Tighten the bracket’s screws.

8. On the bracket, replace the ornamental section of the toilet paper holder.

9. Tighten the tiny screws at the bottom of the arm or escutcheon to secure the toilet paper holder.

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