How to Fix “Can’t Connect to Server” in Minecraft

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When attempting to connect to a Minecraft server, you could every so often run into some difficulties. If you are certain that you have the right server address, then the problem may be associated with either your computer, your system, or your network. When attempting to connect to Minecraft on a variety of platforms, you may get warnings such as “Can’t Connect to Server” or “Cannot Reach Server.” This article will show you how to fix these issues.

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1. Verify that the connection is active on your end. The symbol for Wi-Fi on most gadgets looks like a dot with three or four arcing lines superimposed on top of it. Whether you click or touch on this symbol, you can check to see if the Wi-Fi feature is turned on. You can also look at the top of the list of wireless networks to view the current status of your connection. If you are experiencing problems with your Wi-Fi connection, try turning it off and then back on again.

2. Determine where in the code the mistake is taking place. Check to check whether all Minecraft servers are unable to connect to one another or if the issue is just affecting a few servers at this time. If it is only occuring on certain Minecraft servers, then the issue is most likely caused by the server itself. There is probably a problem with the software on your computer if you are unable to connect to any of the Minecraft servers.

3. In your server list, choose the Refresh button (Java Edition only). If you are using the Java Edition of Minecraft, you may refresh the list of servers by clicking the button at the bottom of the page. This often resolves any small connectivity problems.

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4. Minecraft will need you to log out and then back in. Simply said, you need to exit Minecraft and then restart it. In this case, the username and password for your Microsoft or Minecraft account will need to be entered.

5. Restart your router. To restart your router, all you need to do is disconnect it and give yourself a minute. After that, reconnect it to its power source and wait one minute for it to finish starting up. This resolves a significant number of connectivity problems.

6. Attempt to reconnect at a later time. It is not uncommon for servers to get overwhelmed or to be pulled down for maintenance. It could help to wait a few hours before attempting to connect once again.
Here you will be able to check the current status of the Minecraft servers.

7. Check the network settings on your gaming console. Whether you are using a gaming console, you should check to see if the online connection is still working properly. The following list of websites will allow you to verify the current condition of a network:

  • Network for Sony’s PlayStation
  • Nintendo Online Xbox Live

8. Make sure to check the settings for your firewall. You may either deactivate the firewall or check the incoming and outgoing rules to make sure that Minecraft is permitted. If the settings on your macOS or Windows computer are preventing you from connecting to a Minecraft server, you can either disable the firewall or check the rules.

9. Turn off the firewall that is installed on your router. It’s possible that your modem or router comes with its own built-in firewall. Check the settings for the firewall by entering the modem’s or router’s web interface and logging in there. Either enable Minecraft server connections to get through the firewall, or turn off the firewall altogether if it is obstructing server connections.

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10. Verify that there are no other firewall apps installed. If you are using any third-party firewall apps, you will need to verify the settings on those applications as well to ensure that Minecraft is permitted via those programs; otherwise, you may deactivate the firewall software.

11. Make contact with the administrator of the network. It is conceivable that the administrator of the network you are using does not permit Minecraft if you are using a public network, the network at your place of employment, or the network at your institution. Regarding this matter, you should get in touch with the administrator of the network.

12. Make contact with the people that own the server. If you have tried to connect to a server for an extended period of time but have been unsuccessful, you should get in touch with the person who owns the server to determine whether or not it is still operational.

13. Remove any add-ons or modifications. It is conceivable that difficulties with your game are being caused by unauthorized software or by modifications that were created by a third party. Try playing without any of the modifications you may have installed, and see if the issue still occurs.

Why would I not be able to connect to a server?

We are unable to connect the computer to the server at this time because either another software installation is now taking place on the machine or a restart of the computer is scheduled to take place soon. Either finish the process of installing the software on your computer, or restart it and make another attempt to connect the device.

Why can’t I connect to a Minecraft world?

Your Xbox account has a setting that gives you the choice to turn off or on the ability to join multiplayer games. You may choose this setting at any time. If you disable this option, you will run into problems and won’t be able to connect to any world at all since the necessary permissions won’t be there.

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Can’t connect to server but have Wi-Fi?

Rebooting the router is an effective method for resolving issues with it. The restart clears the caches and cures a significant number of the linked network and software issues, despite the fact that it may seem ridiculous. If your modem and router are two independent devices, you must restart each one. Start by powering up the modem, then a minute later, switch on the router.

Why is my game not connecting to server?

It is possible that one of the servers is now down due to routine maintenance or an unexpected technical issue in certain instances. Please wait the allotted time and then push the button labeled “reconnect.” If you are unable to connect to the game, you should try switching to a new game since each game is hosted on a distinct server.

Why can’t I join my friend on Minecraft?

To check the status of your friendship, both you and your buddy must go to on your respective personal computers and send each other a friend request on the Xbox 360 platform. It is also possible to try deleting each other as friends on your Xbox One and then reinstating each other as friends once again. To relaunch the game, it is necessary for both participants, including the host, to completely exit the game.

Why can’t I join my friends Minecraft world Mobile?

If you want to play together, you will need to be connected to the same network (unless you utilize an app from a third party). You may connect to other networks and run a server with the help of a third-party tool called Multiplayer for Minecraft PE. This app is available for free on the Minecraft PE website. There is little doubt that it can be downloaded for use on iOS, but my knowledge of Android and other software markets is limited.

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