How to Fold a Shirt

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Folding shirts correctly is a useful skill to acquire if you want to conserve room in your drawer. Depending on the style of shirt, there are several methods to fold it. Fold the cloth into a square for a short shirt, such as a T-shirt, so that any graphics remain visible. To keep the cloth nice, tuck the sleeves of longer dress shirts. Master the pinch and fold if you need an effective tip that works on any style of shirt. Then, before you wear them, store all of your freshly folded clothes to keep them neat and wrinkle-free.

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Method 1 : Folding T-Shirts

1. Place the shirt on a flat surface, face down. Find a spot on a table, your bed, or another location with lots of room to move about. Spread the garment out and turn it over so the front side is facing down. If your shirt has a picture on it, as many T-shirts do, make sure the image is facing down.
Even if your shirts don’t have any graphics on them, fold them in the same manner to keep them looking consistent.

2. Smooth out the cloth to eliminate any creases. Pull the sleeves out so they don’t get tangled up in the cloth. Also, pull on the collar and hem to stretch them out and get the shirt to lie flat on your folding surface as feasible. If there are any creases on the garment, iron it before folding it.

Tip: Any creases that remain in the garment may worsen when it is stored. Taking care of them now eliminates complications later when you need to remove anything from storage quickly.

3. To draw the sleeves in, fold the garment sideways into thirds. By grasping the hem and shoulder of the shirt, work on one side at a time. Fold the shirt over itself, then place the sleeve on top. Smooth it out until it’s completely flat. Fold the opposite side in the same manner.
You don’t need to do anything to your short sleeves before folding them. Simply place the sleeves on top of the shirt. As you fold the shirt, they will be nicely tucked within!

4. If the sleeves do not drape properly over the cloth, fold them back in. If you’re folding a shirt with longer sleeves than usual, lay out each sleeve separately. Stretch the sleeve out across the middle of the garment after folding it in. Fold the sleeve back toward you and draw it down so it lays on top of the shirt.
When the sleeves are folded in this manner, they produce triangles that fit nicely over the shirt. If they protrude too much, you won’t be able to fold the remainder of the shirt nicely.

5. From the bottom up, fold the garment in half. The rest of the garment should be a lot simpler to fold than the sleeves. All you have to do is raise the hem of your shirt. Hold it in both hands and pull it up to your collar.
After you complete the fold, the shirt should appear like a short rectangle with the hem on top. Ensure that the sleeves are tucked within the cloth.

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6. Fold the garment in half again to lessen its size. Take hold of the new bottom edge generated by the previous fold and pull it up. After folding the shirt in half, you’ll have a little square of cloth that you can easily store in a drawer or container. If you have a picture on your shirt, this last fold will bring it back to the top.
To store folded shirts in this manner, place them in a drawer or bin like files. You may then flip through them, view the designs, and quickly choose what you want.

Method 2: Folding up Dress Shirts

1. Place the shirt on a flat surface, face down. Choose a large surface, such as a folding table, and turn the garment so the front side is down. Begin by spreading the garment as far as possible. Pull both sleeves out, as well as the hem and collar, to put them flat on the table.
Keep any pictures or designs on the front of your clothing face down for the time being. When you complete folding, they will become visible again.

2. Remove any puckers or wrinkles from the garment. Press your hands down on the cloth to flatten it out. Consider ironing your clothing before folding it to remove any creases. This method works well on freshly cleaned clothing.
Any creases you leave behind will become more pronounced once you fold the clothing. Furthermore, if the cloth bunches up, you may not get the cleanest folds.

3. Fold the right side in approximately one-third. Consider a vertical line extending from the nearest shoulder to the hem. Pick up the shirt by grasping the shoulder and hem, then fold it along the imaginary line. Lay the sleeve across the shirt horizontally.
Stretch the sleeve out to meet the opposite sleeve. When you’re done, roughly a third of the front side of the garment should be visible.

4. With a diagonal fold, tuck the sleeve down to the right. Grasp both ends of the sleeve and pull it back toward the shirt’s edge. Line up the sleeve as evenly as possible with the shirt’s edge. Then, draw the sleeve as near to the hemline as possible before flattening it.

  • After this fold, long sleeves may extend all the way to the hem. Use the same fold if your shirt has shorter sleeves, but don’t worry about the end of the sleeve reaching the hem.
  • Another alternative is to fold the sleeve sideways, creating a fabric stack on top of the shirt. Fold the sleeve in half to the right, then to the left again. The second fold’s edge will line up with the shirt’s left hem.

5. Repeat the folds on the shirt’s left side. Working on the left side, move the sleeve to the right. Fold the left side of the shirt a third of the way across, then tuck the sleeve in diagonally. Align the sleeve as much as feasible with the shirt’s left edge. When you’re finished, make sure the sides are even.
The left sleeve will slightly overhang the right sleeve. That is common and required for keeping the sleeves out of the way when folding the remainder of the garment.

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6. Make a little fold to tuck shirt tails away if you have them. If your dress shirt has excess fabric at the hemline, fold it up and over the sleeves. Make the folds at the hemline so that they are even all the way around. These folds are minor, but they improve the appearance of your shirt and protect it from creases when it is folded.
Skip this fold if your shirt does not have tails. Instead, start folding it in half to make it tiny enough to fit on a shelf or in a luggage.

7. Bring the shirt’s folded edge up to the collar. Fold the garment in half to make it smaller. Place the shirt’s hem just under the collar, pressing it flat to remove any creases the cloth picked up along the route. This will result in a rectangle of fabric that is convenient to store on a shelf or in a container. Before storing the garment, make sure it is compact and wrinkle-free!

  • Move the bottom section up slowly so the sleeves don’t fall out. When you’re finished, they’ll be tucked within the cloth rather than sticking out.
  • If you don’t want your dress shirts to wrinkle, hang them.

Method 3 : Using a Japanese Quick Fold

1. Place the shirt horizontally, collar to the left. Make a lot of room on a table or similar sturdy folding surface first. Instead of spreading the shirt out as if getting ready to put it on, flip it so one sleeve is toward you and the collar is to your left. After you’ve finished smoothing out any wrinkles or creases, stand in front of the sleeve.
Remember to reverse your hand location if you start from the other sleeve. Grip the shoulder with your right hand and squeeze the lower region with your left.

2. Pinch the shoulder closest to you on the sleeve. When the collar is to your left, grab for the shirt with your left hand. Grasp the shoulder’s top edge approximately 2 in (5.1 cm) from the side seam. This will be around midway between the sleeve and the collar if you’re folding a T-shirt.
The shoulder will be on your right if you start on the other side of the shirt. With your right hand, reach for it.

3. With your other hand, grasp the center of the garment. Take a quick look down the shirt, looking for the halfway between the collar and the hem. Move your free hand down there, but maintain it aligned with the place on the shoulder you squeezed. Then, between your thumb and index finger, squeeze the cloth.
In order for the fold to operate, your right hand must be parallel to your left hand. Pinch through both layers of cloth as well.

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4. With your left hand, fold the garment from top to bottom. Bring the shirt’s shoulder all the way down to the hem by squeezing it with both hands. Straighten your right shoulder and cross it over your right hand. Pinch both the shoulder and the hem together with your left hand once you’ve reached the hem.
Your arms will cross as a result of this fold. Your right hand will be partially hidden by the cloth. It may seem awkward at first, but if you persevere, it will lead to a fantastic fold.

5. Lift your shirt into the air to uncross your arms. Raise the shirt while maintaining your grasp to extricate your arms from the tangle of cloth. You’ll finish up with a folded rectangle of cloth with one sleeve protruding. Pull the shirt tight using your hands, shake it to eliminate wrinkles, then put it down so the sleeve is on the opposite side from you.
Finishing the fold will most likely seem a bit perplexing the first time you do it. The folds will not come undone as long as you have a tight grip on the cloth with both hands.

6. Fold the shirt in half and place it over the remaining sleeve. Pick up the garment once again, squeezing the shoulder and hem as before. Tuck the remaining sleeve under the shirt using the table. Fold the garment in half to shrink its size by half. This gives you a lovely square of cloth that is ready for storing.
If you don’t let go of the pinched regions, you’ll end up gripping the side you need to fold toward the sleeve. Your hands never have to be repositioned. The fold is simpler than it seems!

How do you properly fold a shirt?

Pinch the garment between the shoulder and the neck with your right hand. Now, pinch the hem halfway down with your left hand and squeeze your right hand over your left. Pick up the shirt now.

How do you fold a men’s shirt?

Then you want to take the bottom section and fold it in; this doesn’t take long. Then turn it over to reveal a nicely folded t-shirt.

How do you fold a shirt to hack?

Things become a bit complicated. Lift your shirt and uncross your arms while still pinching. And with one more fold. You’ll be a t-shirt folding pro after you’ve mastered the technique.

How do you pack t shirts?

The lower hedge is just a couple of inches deep. Then I drew one side across the centre. Turn the opposite side over the centre and wrap it up. Then secure that roll in place.

How do you fold a shirt to save space?

Fold each sleeve back toward the shirt’s center. Fold the garment horizontally in half, bringing the top side down to meet the bottom. Fold the shirt in half horizontally again, creating a compact rectangular fold with the collar facing up.

How do you roll a shirt military style?

Step three is to fold the sleeves of your t-shirt inward to form a rectangle. Step four is to fold your t-shirt. Divide into thirds. Step 5: Roll your t-shirt from the top to the bottom.

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