How to Grow a Mustache

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Growing a mustache is an excellent method to change your appearance. Don’t worry if you’re sick of waiting for your mustache to grow in or aren’t sure what style mustache to go with! You may take actions to help your mustache grow quicker and to discover the best mustache style for your face.

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Growing Your Mustache Out

1. Be patient with the development of your facial hair. Though your facial hair grows rapidly, it may take several weeks to a month to completely grow in, depending on the sort of mustache you want to wear and the rate at which your beard develops. It may take some time, so don’t hurry.

  • Despite common perception, cutting your beard on a regular basis does not help it to “grow back thicker.” It’s not always poor advice, though: this is often used to persuade people with unappealing facial hair to shave it off and wait for it to grow back fuller.
  • To hasten the process, you may employ some simple good-health measures to boost facial hair development. Maintaining a diet rich in protein, saturated fat, and vitamins A, E, and C, as well as obtaining adequate exercise and relaxation, and, most importantly, keeping your face clean and well-groomed, may all assist increase facial hair development in males.

2. First, let your beard grow. At first, the hair on top of your lip may seem thin. Consider growing out all of your facial hair first, then clipping the rest of the beard off when the mustache is bigger, or gradually removing everything but your mustache to make the change less dramatic. Trim and care for your beard as you grow your mustache.

3. Purchase a high-quality trimmer. It’s a good idea to invest in a beard trimmer to make the task simpler while shaping facial hair. It’s simpler to shape your mustache precisely with an electric trimmer than it is with a basic razor used to remove all hair.
A good rechargeable beard trimmer can usually be found for $15-20 at most retail outlets. They’ll come in a range of guard shapes and sizes, making it simple to maintain your mustache in good condition.

4. Remove whatever you don’t want. Most simple mustaches reach just below the corners of the mouth, leaving the hair on top of the lip unaffected. Shaving off any unwanted facial hair is all that is required to create a basic mustache. Except for your upper lip, this normally refers to anything on your cheeks, beneath and along your jaw, and around your mouth.

  • After you’ve achieved the basic form you want, let your mustache alone. Shave or trim the other parts of your facial hair growth on a regular basis to maintain your mustache standing out from the rest of your beard’s hair.
  • Portion hairstyles allow some of the beard to grow back and have a mustache that is somewhat longer than the rest. It’s half-mustache, half-beard. The best of both worlds
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Styling Your Mustache

1. Choose a style that flatters your features. Not all mustache styles are appropriate for all sorts of features and hair. Take note of how your facial hair develops and where it is the thickest. It’s pointless to attempt a fu manchu if your hair isn’t thick all the way down the side of your lips.
Try adding a fake mustache to a photo of yourself in Photoshop to see how it might appear. You may also ask your friends and relatives what they believe you’d look like. If you can’t do either, just stare in the mirror and visualize yourself with your desired mustache.

2. Try a shorter haircut. Shorter mustache styles suit males with coarse, thick, or dark hair. Because the style and the hair will be short, the thicker and coarser the hair, the better. Try out these short mustache styles:

  • The graphite pencil: A pencil mustache, popularized by John Waters, R. Kelly, and other silent cinema villains, seems to be painted thinly over top of the lip using a make-up pencil. Trim one by gently eliminating the hair between your nose and your lip with a trimmer until just a thin line is left. The mustache should stop at or near the corner of your upper lip.
  • The fu manchu: A slender pencil-like mustache that begins at the top lip but runs down the sides of your face until it reaches the bottom of your jaw, and occasionally beyond, exactly like a stereotyped Chinese philosopher. This fundamental mustache form, grown somewhat bushier and broader, is known as the “horseshoe,” which is sported by retired wrestler Hulk Hogan.
  • The boxcar: A boxcar is a basic mustache that finishes just before you reach the corner of your mouth. To trim it, leave your mustache alone and cut a straight line along to the corner of your lip, so the hair stops just before it. It should have the shape of a perfect rectangle. If you cut it too short, you’ll wind up with a toothbrush moustache like Adolf Hitler and Robert Mugabe.

3. Experiment with a lengthier style. If you want to try out a bushier, burlier mustache, go for typically straight hair that’s still a little coarse. Thin hair, in particular, may grow long but will not “bush up,” and may end up dangling over your mouth like walrus tusks (which feels annoying). Consider the following lengthier mustaches if you have the proper hair for it:

  • English, Imperial, and Handlebar: An English-style mustache will make you appear like you walked right out of a Victorian tale. To get this look, stop cutting your mustache right above the corner of your mouth and let it grow out to a point. Then, using mustache wax, curl the longer hairs in the corner up.
  • The Walrus: A walrus is a mustache for outdoorsmen, rhinoceros hunters, and tomahawk throwers. Consider Theodore Roosevelt. To grow a walrus, just shave your cheeks while leaving your mustache alone. No pruning till it drives you insane (which might not take long). This is not for novices.
  • The Selleck: Named after the renowned TV personality Tom Selleck, this mustache is also known as the “pornstar” in certain circles. The Selleck is shaped basically like a walrus, slightly pointing down at the corners, and is full from lip to nose, but trimmed to prevent draping over your lip.
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4. Experiment with different combinations of styles. While it’s fun to give goofy names to mustache styles, the fact is that growing a mustache is really about being creative in the mirror with your beard trimmer. It’s not incorrect if it looks nice to you. To test what works, try a mix of the following the next time you shave. It’s always possible to shave it off.

  • Goatees, also known as circle beards, are fu manchus or handlebar mustaches that unite on the chin. Simply shave your cheeks and the area beneath your neck.
  • Mutton chops immediately attached to the mustache give you a vaudevillian or Civil War impression, as if you simply waltzed out of a picture or Brooklyn.
  • If you want to seem like an unemployed actor, try a straight mustache with some deep-set five o’clock shadow and a soul patch.

5. Trim the ends as needed. Although some mustache enthusiasts debate the benefits of cutting, your mustache may need care on a regular basis. Certain mustaches will need more effort than others. However, if you want your fully grown mustache to enjoy a long, well-worn life, you will most likely need to wash, wax, combing, trimming, or shaving every day.
Trim your mustache using mustache scissors every day to once a week, depending on its length. After a month of weekly mustache trimming, you should have a decent notion of how much facial hair to cut off each time you trim.

6. To keep your face clean, follow a thorough grooming program. Wash your face with a natural foamy cleanser every morning and before bed. This will keep it clean and ready for waxing and brushing.
Having facial hair of any kind may trap your natural body oils and debris on your skin, causing outbreaks in some guys. To keep your skin healthy, maintain your facial hair clean and well-groomed.

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7. Form your mustache. Some mustache styles need some practice and a lot of wax, while others may be maintained in place with a comb. If you’re creating a lush handlebar or a polished pencil, you’ll probably need to comb, twist, trim, and even shave every day to keep your look looking fantastic.

  • Apply a little amount of mustache wax to the center of your mustache with your finger after washing your face or getting out of the shower. Then, gently spread the wax outwards to cover your whole mustache. Then, using a comb, completely soaked the’stache.
  • To comb a mustache, use a beard comb that is smaller and has finer teeth. Wet the tiny teeth of the comb with a little dab of natural beard oil to assist lubricate the hairs and train them into position.
  • Begin combing at your philtrum (the cleft beneath your nose), then go down and outward toward the corner of your lip.

How long does it take to grow a mustache?

about 2 to 3 months
Facial hair grows around a half-inch every month on average. Your mustache won’t look like Tom Selleck’s straight away. A mustache takes roughly 2 to 3 months to develop into prominence. It’ll be uncomfortable for a while, but you can always grow your mustache while also growing a beard, then remove the beard.

Can everybody grow a mustache?

Not every guy can develop facial hair. Genetic causes are the most prevalent reason why some guys can’t grow a beard. Some guys who struggle with beard growth have resorted to beard implants. Although beard implants are now available, they are pricey and require surgery.

Can you make a moustache grow faster?

There is nothing you can do to make your mustache grow quicker or thicker. There are vitamins and pills that promise to help your hair grow quicker and thicker, but the research and reviews are divided. And they’re nearly always pricey and almost always not worth it.

How can I grow my moustache naturally?

To hasten the process, you may employ some simple good-health measures to boost facial hair development. Maintaining a diet rich in protein, saturated fat, and vitamins A, E, and C, as well as obtaining adequate exercise and relaxation, and, most importantly, keeping your face clean and well-groomed, may all assist increase facial hair development in males.

Do girls like mustaches?

Women Prefer Mustaches Over Beards
Only 6.44 percent of women liked mustaches on their own, whereas 43.27 percent preferred beards on their own. Most women, however, favored a complete facial coverup, with 50.29 percent preferring both a mustache and a beard as their ideal grooming option.

Are mustaches attractive?

Maturity = Mustaches
Mustaches make a guy seem more mature to 33.9 percent of women. According to Pedro Pascal, a mustache helps a person seem macho for 22.3 percent and attractive for 26.4 percent.

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