How to Hack a Coke Machine

How to hack a vending machine 2021

This article will show you how to reach the debug menu on a Coca-Cola vending machine. While you can’t utilize this menu to get a free drink (doing so would be theft), you may explore some fascinating information.


1. Check to see whether the Coke machine accepts this approach. Only Coca-Cola machines with LED displays and scrolling text will enable you to reach the debug menu, and even then, access to the debug menu may be blocked on certain machines.

  • Choosing a Coke machine in a high-traffic public area, such as a rest stop or a hotel lobby, increases the likelihood of gaining access to the debug menu.
  • This strategy will not work if the LED display just shows a price.

2. Determine the data entering technique for the Coke machine. There are four major methods to designate the Coke product you wish to purchase:

  • Keypad
  • Right-side rectangular buttons
  • Large buttons in the center
  • There are two horizontal rows of three possibilities each.

3. Understand which buttons relate to which numbers. As the number entering method, you must utilize the product selection buttons. This will change depending on the machine:

  • Keypad — For this approach, the numbered keys should function as expected.
  • Rectangular buttons — The top rectangular button represents the number 1, the next-down button represents the number 2, and so on.
  • Large buttons — The button in the top-left corner is number one, the one to its right is number two, and so on. The left-most button on the second row is 5, while the next-over button is 6.
  • Two-by-three — The top-left corner button is number one, the one to its right is number three, and so on. The fourth button from the left on the second row is 4, and so on.

4. Enter the code here. To reach the debug menu, enter 4 3 2 1, then hit the 4, 3, 2, and 1 buttons in that sequence.

  • If your machine has two rows of three buttons, enter 5 4 2 3 1.

5. Keep an eye out for a confirmation message. When you hit the last button, the wording on the LED display should change.

  • If nothing occurs when you input the access code, it’s likely that your chosen vending machine does not permit access to the debug menu.
  • If you get an EROR message, it simply implies that the debug menu is set to open to the “Error” area.

6. Navigate through the various choices. To scroll up, click the 2 button, and to scroll down, press the 3 button. As you scroll, you should see some (or all) of the following options:

  • SALE — Shows lifetime sales. When a technician visits the equipment, this stat may be reset.
  • VER or CASH — Shows the version number (VER); shows the current amount of cash in the machine (CASH).
  • While all of these choices are possible, CASH is usually only accessible on older devices.
  • EROR — Shows error logs.
  • RTN — Closes the debug menu.

7. Choose one of the options. To access the details about the currently shown choice, press the 4 button.

  • For example, hitting 4 when SALE is chosen will show the lifetime sales of the Coke machine.

8. Back to the debug menu. Press the 1 button to quit the current menu and return to the debug menu you were previously browsing through.

9. View the temperature of the machine. Pressing the 5 button on certain devices will display the current interior temperature of the Coke machine.

  • This will not work on all computers.

10. Close the menu. Normally, pushing the 6 or coin return buttons will do it; but, just leaving the machine alone for a few minutes will also stop the debug menu.

  • On some newer devices, scroll to the RTN option and push the 4 button.

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