How to Hold Hands

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How to hold hands for the first time

Are you attempting to entice someone you like to take your hand in theirs? Or are you attempting to determine the greatest technique to commence holding hands with someone you like? In any case, there are several simple actions you may take to get there this critical and romantic first step.

1. Taking Someone’s Hand in Mine

1. Determine the degree of interest. When you’re out on a date, seek for tiny cues that they’re ready for you to take their hand in yours. If your date has been giving you the cold shoulder all night, it’s a dead giveaway that they’re not interested. However, if they have been strolling close to you and seem to be at ease, this is an excellent indicator to begin hand-holding.

  • If your date has discovered subtle methods to encourage mild physical contact, such as nudging you or grasping your arm, they are more than likely amenable to holding hands.

2. Examine your hands. You may feel worried, so inspect your hands to ensure they are not sweaty or clammy. If they are, gently brush them off or place them in your pockets for a few moments to dry. Your date may be worried as well, but sweaty hands are unappealing.

  • Make sure your hands are clean and moisturized as well. Sweaty hands are a turn off, but very dry or odorous hands are much worse.

3. Wait for the appropriate time and location. Holding hands is inconvenient if you are in the midst of a meal or engaged in an activity that needs a lot of movement. You don’t want to be holding hands for the first time in front of a big group of friends or relatives. You don’t have to be alone, but make sure it’s a private location where both of you feel at ease.

  • Try going for a walk on the beach, a hike, or a stroll down the street. You may be surrounded by people, but outsiders are unlikely to pay notice to the two of you, providing you the seclusion you need.
  • A movie theater is an excellent spot to begin hand-holding. Because you’re seated very close to one other, your postures are ideal for holding hands. The darkness provides a layer of seclusion and may be beneficial if your date is timid.
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4. Take hold of their hand. When you’ve chosen the proper time and location, and you’re ready, approach your date and softly take their hand in yours. Keep in mind to be nice and not to hurry things. Make it as inconspicuous as possible, and remember to keep chatting or walking to make it natural and comfortable.

  • Make sure you don’t rush forward and startle your date when attempting to grasp their hand. At this early period of your relationship, you don’t want to make the incorrect impression.
  • Before you join your hands, consider slowly running your hands down your date’s arm. This alerts them before you clasp their hand, and it adds a wonderful, more personal touch to your first hand-holding.
  • If your date withdraws, don’t press the issue. It might be that they aren’t interested, but it could also be that they are bashful and aren’t yet ready to hold hands. Don’t take it personally, and instead strive to make them feel at ease in the circumstance. You’ll get there in the end.

5. Begin with the basics. At start, use the basic hand grip approach. When you take their hand, make an X with your hands by reaching across their hand to where your palms are centered. Gently close your hand around your date’s hand, wrapping your fingers and thumb over the edges.

  • Consider slowly running your thumb over the back of their hand for a more personal moment. This adds a dimension of tenderness to your grip and lets them know you’re having fun without you having to tell them. If they reciprocate the gesture, you know you’re on the correct track.
  • Try not to grip too tightly. This might be painful and induce sweating in both of your hands.

When you’re holding hands, merely softly grasp the other person’s hand. It’s important not to squeeze too forcefully or too softly.

2. Taking Someone’s Hand in Mine

1. Make direct eye contact. Begin by establishing eye contact and smiling slightly with your date if you want them to take your hand in theirs. This shows them you’re interested in them and makes you seem open to physical touch.

  • You might also try walking closer to them when you’re out and about. The combination of physical closeness and eye contact will make you seem engaged and receptive to their presence.
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2. First, make contact with them. It is critical to provide for the potential of physical interaction. Brush your fingers after supper or as you walk away from the automobile. If you’re strolling beside someone, softly grip their arm or join your arms. These are softer types of contact that indicate to your date that you are comfortable with touching.

  • You may practice hand-holding by grasping your date’s hand and guiding them someplace, then dropping it when you arrive. This manner, you hold hands for a brief while but it isn’t as nerve-racking as holding hands formally.

3. Provide subtle suggestions. Your date may need certain cues to know that you want your hand held. Try teasing them with little clues that you’d want to hold hands. Your date may just be anxious, therefore supporting them is usually beneficial.

  • If you’re at a theater, put your arm and hand on the armrest, palm up, in invitation. You may also place your hand on the armrest to their side. Your date should take note and pick up on the fact that you want it to be held.
  • Declare that your hands are chilly. Inform them that your hands are chilly or ask them to check to see if they are. Hopefully, your date will ask if they can assist in warming them up. This is a sweet, flirty approach to encourage your date to take your hand in his or hers.
  • Inquire if you can compare the sizes of your hands. Raise your hand in the air, and when your date does, softly put your palms together, comparing sizes. This brings your date’s hand near to yours and is a subtle way of telling them you want to hold their hand.
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4. Take a risk. If your date still hasn’t figured out that you want to hold hands, make contact yourself. Gently grip their hand and squeeze it to show them you care. If you’re worried, chances are your date is too. This might help both of you relax.

  • Being the first to take your date’s hand communicates that you are interested in them and want to get closer to them.

5. Intensify the grip. Once you’ve become used to holding hands with your date, consider taking the lead this time and using a new, more personal hand-holding strategy. If you’re clasping hands, open your fingers and move them till they match your date’s fingers. Open your fingers slightly and interlock them by placing each of your fingers into the gap between your date’s fingers.

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