what do you need to hydro dip

How to Hydro Dip

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What do you need to hydro dip

Hydro dipping is a fun technique to decorate any three-dimensional object that can be dipped in water without injury. While there are numerous organizations that specialize in hydro dip art for big goods (such as automobiles and sports equipment), you may conduct the procedure yourself and be creative. Purchase an online home hydro dip kit to apply a design of your choosing with little to no equipment or expertise. You may also use spray paint to create your own unique artwork by hydro dipping anything of your choosing!

Using a Hydro Dipping Kit

what do you need to hydro dip #1
Purchase a starter kit

1. Purchase a starter kit. Look for home hydro dip kits online, which enable you to transfer a certain print or pattern onto a 3-D item (that can be immersed in water without injury) without the need of professional equipment. In general, firms that provide these kits will offer a variety of designs from which to create your kit. The following items should be included in a basic home hydro dip kit:

  • Film with patterns
  • Activator
  • The last coat
  • Universal primer basecoat
what do you need to hydro dip #2
Select an appropriate container

2. Select an appropriate container. Most do-it-yourself packages do not include a container for dipping. Select a watertight plastic, glass, or aluminum container that is deep enough to completely immerse the item being hydro dipped. It should also be long and broad enough to provide 5-6 inches (about 12-15 cm) of space between the container’s border and the item.

what do you need to hydro dip #3
Make the object

3. Make the object. Make sure the thing you’re dipping is clean and clear of dust and dirt. Spray the object with the primer given in the package, just enough to coat it but not so much that it runs. Apply 1-2 light applications of the base coat spray included in your package, and let it dry for one or two hours.

  • Use masking tape to block off any sections of the object that you do not want to have an image printed on before applying the primer and base coat.
what do you need to hydro dip #4
The film should be sized and trimmed

4. The film should be sized and trimmed. Add 4-5 inches (about 12-15 cm) on each side to the size of the item you want to cover. Cut the footage as needed. During this procedure, keep the film dry since getting it wet might cause the picture to distort.

  • Wrap masking tape across the film’s edges to prevent it from rolling.
what do you need to hydro dip #5
Set the container up

5. Set the container up. Fill the container about a quarter of the way with hot (but not boiling) water. Pick up the film with care and pull the opposing sides together, holding it like a sling. Place the bottom of the sling in the center of the water’s surface and gently lower the sides to lay the film level on the water.

what do you need to hydro dip #6
Allow the film to hydrate before applying the activator

6. Allow the film to hydrate before applying the activator. To guarantee that the film dissolves after sixty seconds, use your phone or a timer. Spray the activator included in your package evenly over the film after sixty seconds. Once coated, the film should take 5-10 seconds to transform into liquid ink on the water’s surface.

  • When completely activated, the film will have a clearly glossy look and will grow to cover the whole surface area of the container.
what do you need to hydro dip #7
Using your object, dip it

7. Using your object, dip it. Holding your object at a 45-degree angle, gently immerse it in the water. When the object is completely immersed, press it down towards the ink to balance out the angle. To get the finest outcomes, keep your motions smooth.

  • Before immersing your object, put on gloves. If they are not included in the package, buy a pair before beginning the dipping procedure.
what do you need to hydro dip #8
Rinse the item well.

8. Rinse the item well. Remove the object from the water slowly. Avoid rubbing the item’s surface by holding it softly and carefully. Remove any PVA residue by promptly rinsing it under cold water for around 3 minutes.

what do you need to hydro dip #9
Finish with a top coat

9. Finish with a top coat. After allowing the item to air dry, apply an even layer of the aerosol top coat spray included in your package. Allow the item to dry completely before adding a second layer. Continue the procedure until you’re satisfied with the result.

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Hydro Dipping with Spray Paint

what do you need to hydro dip #10
Collect what you need

1. Collect what you need. Begin the hydro dip procedure by picking what you want to paint, then selecting paint colors and locating a watertight container big enough to hold the item. With a disposable wooden stick, you may swirl one or more colors of spray paint into creative patterns. Purchase spray sealer (available at art shops or hardware stores) and protective gloves to seal your colorful pattern onto the item after hydro dipping.

  • If the item to be painted is immersed in the plastic container, it should be big enough that it does not overflow. Buckets, huge plastic storage containers, and feed tubs are all excellent choices.
  • If you don’t want paint on your container, line it with plastic sheeting before putting in the water.
what do you need to hydro dip #11
Prepare the painting area

2. Prepare the painting area. Set up outside (e.g., in your driveway or on the grass) if possible to prevent having your house smell like spray paint fumes. As the process of hydro dipping may be fairly rapid, make sure you have all of the things you’ll need within arm’s reach. Fill your container about 34 full with lukewarm or tepid water, since spray paint works best at temperatures between 50 and 90 degrees Fahrenheit (approximately 10 to 32 degrees Celsius).

  • If you must set up indoors, open as many windows and doors as possible and cover any close furniture with plastic sheeting.
  • While painting, keep children and pets away from the area.
what do you need to hydro dip #12
Begin by applying a base coat

3. Begin by applying a base coat. Apply a base coat color that will show through if specific areas of the item do not get coated with paint when you dip it. Coat the whole surface of the item with spray paint. Allow it to dry for 2-3 hours before beginning the hydro dip procedure.

what do you need to hydro dip #13
Spray paint over the surface of the water

4. Spray paint over the surface of the water. Before applying the spray paint, thoroughly shake the cans to blend the paint. Hold the can 10 to 12 inches (about 25-30 cm) above the surface of the water and spray until the surface is covered. To design your own one-of-a-kind masterpiece, switch between colors as desired.

  • Colors will naturally swirl together on the water’s surface. To produce smaller swirls, mix the colors with a clean wooden stick until you get a pattern you like.
what do you need to hydro dip #14
Dip the thing into the paint and water container

5. Dip the thing into the paint and water container. Put on gloves and make sure the thing you’re painting is clean and clear of debris. Dip it slowly into the container until it is completely immersed. Pull the thing out of the water slowly.

  • If you don’t want the item you dipped to get a second coat of paint on its way out of the water (which might change the initial swirl pattern of the paint), separate the paint on the water’s surface before lifting the thing out. Having a second person to assist you would be really beneficial for this phase!
what do you need to hydro dip #15
Allow the thing to dry

6. Allow the thing to dry. Allow the painted item to dry on a plastic sheet or piece of cardboard. Allow it to rest for many hours before touching it to ensure that it is thoroughly dry. If you leave the thing inside to dry, ensure sure it is in a secure location where children and dogs will not be able to get it.

what do you need to hydro dip #16
Make use of a transparent spray sealer

7. Make use of a transparent spray sealer. Spray your hydro dip paint with a clear spray sealer to keep it looking new and clean (available in hardware stores in matte, semi-gloss, or gloss finish). Spray an even layer of paint over the item and allow it to cure for several hours. Only apply the sealant when the item has fully dried.

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