how to hurt a guy by ignoring him

How to Ignore a Guy

How to hurt a guy by ignoring him

Ignoring a man is a great approach to indicate that you’re not influenced by him when done right. It’s a useful approach when you’re feeling wounded or neglected and need some time away from him, but be cautious when ignoring a person you’re interested in—it might backfire and drive him away. If you know that ignoring is the right course of action, employing subtle body language clues and responding coolly and nicely are the greatest methods to show him that he isn’t important to you.

1. Ignoring Him by Using Body Language

How to Ignore a Guy #1
Make no eye contact with him

1. Make no eye contact with him. Catching a guy’s attention might convey curiosity or a want to converse, so try to avoid eye contact as much as possible. If you don’t want to make it apparent, you may look at him when he addresses you, but then turn away as quickly as possible. Act as if he doesn’t exist and try not to even glance in his direction for the most efficient ignoring strategy.

  • Whether you’re interested in him, you may peek out the corners of your eyes to see what he’s doing or if he’s looking at you.
How to Ignore a Guy #2
When he’s there, keep your body closed off

2. When he’s there, keep your body closed off. Body language communicates unspoken messages to others and is an excellent approach to demonstrate that you don’t want to speak to or even acknowledge a man. However, don’t alter your body language too much. Maintain a calm demeanor and act naturally to demonstrate that he has no effect on you, using only minor physical hints.

Body Language Disinterested
Arms and legs should be crossed.
Shift your weight away from him.
Turn your body and feet towards the door.
Maintain a firm grip on your hands and arms. Fidgeting is a symptom of discomfort and may lead him to believe you are paying attention to him.

How to Ignore a Guy #3
When he’s nearby, move away or avoid areas where he hangs out

3. When he’s nearby, move away or avoid areas where he hangs out. If he walks into a room, relocate to the other corner. If you know he loves to have lunch in a specific area or sits in a certain spot at school or work, avoid going there as much as possible. Keeping your distance keeps you from making direct eye contact with him, making it simple to ignore him.

  • Don’t be too blatant. Turning around and walking away the instant you see him demonstrates that you are aware of his presence and are influenced by it. Continue your task or discussion instead, then provide an excuse to leave, such as chatting to another person or dumping something in the garbage.
How to Ignore a Guy #4
If he attempts to speak to you, keep your face expressionless

4. If he attempts to speak to you, keep your face expressionless. If you happen to be near each other and he attempts to strike up a conversation, you may still ignore him with a few subtle bodily signs. Keep your face blank and indifferent, and look around the room to suggest that you’re not paying attention. You may also lift your brows, which is a gesture of disdain and indicates that you want him to go.

  • If you’re having difficulties keeping your face blank, try zoning out or thinking about anything else while he’s talking to you. If you see yourself making an expression, try relaxing your facial muscles and looking away.
How to Ignore a Guy #5
When he goes into the room, act natural and occupied

5. When he goes into the room, act natural and occupied. One of the most efficient methods to ignore a person is to just act normally while he is there. Continue doing whatever you were doing before he entered the room, remaining occupied to demonstrate to him that you are unaffected by his presence.

  • Talk to your pals, work at your desk, or concentrate on your meal if you’re eating. Return your attention to whatever you’re doing to demonstrate that you’re not paying attention to him.

2. Talking to Him in a Cold Manner

How to Ignore a Guy #6
Give him brief welcomes and responses

1. Give him brief welcomes and responses. Ignoring a man when he wants to speak to you makes you seem immature and unpleasant. It also won’t be very successful; he’ll notice straight away that you’re ignoring him, indicating that he has some kind of influence on you. Instead, just go through any discussion as fast as possible, without providing him with any subjects to work with. If you like him, provide the same brief responses but with a grin and a warmer tone.

Getting a Conversation Started
Only greet him if he first greets you.

Provide succinct, calm responses.
For example, if he inquires about your weekend, just respond, “It was fine.”
If he asks how you’re doing, tell him, “I’m OK, thanks.”
To any “yes” or “no” inquiries, nod or shake your head.
Short replies such as “mhm” or “I don’t think so” are acceptable.
Small chat should not be used to extend the discussion.
Say what you need to say to be courteous or to get what you want, and then depart.

How to Ignore a Guy #7
With an excuse, immediately end the discussion

2. With an excuse, immediately end the discussion. If you’re attempting to ignore a man, don’t allow the chats continue on indefinitely; you’ll either get more uncomfortable or be inclined to respond. Create a believable cause to depart instead. Wait for a pause in the discussion, then gracefully excuse yourself.

Excuses for Leaving a Conversation

“I should get going; my pals are waiting for me over there.”
“I’m genuinely late for class, and I have to go.”
“I have a meeting in a few minutes, so I need to get going.”
“My ride is almost there.”
“I just realized I have a coffee date down the block. I should get going.”

How to Ignore a Guy #8
Talk to him properly, as if he were a stranger rather than someone you know

3. Talk to him properly, as if he were a stranger rather than someone you know. If you have to talk to the individual you’re trying to avoid, keep your distance as much as possible. Be kind yet formal, and speak in an uninterested tone. Talk to him in the same way you would to a stranger or someone you barely know: cordial but uninterested.

  • If you work together, for example, you may say something like, “Did you really send that email? OK, thanks,” or “Can you complete that thing today?””
How to Ignore a Guy #8
Respond to his messages in brief, delayed bursts

4. Respond to his messages in brief, delayed bursts. You should only contact the person you’re ignoring if he messages you first and you have anything to reply to, such as a question. Don’t answer straight away, either; wait at least 15 minutes before responding to demonstrate that he’s not a priority.

  • If he messages you about homework, wait approximately 15 minutes before responding, “Yeah, read pages 10-13 and fill out the quick answers.”
  • In your communications, avoid displaying any needless emotion. Avoid using emojis, exclamation marks, or question marks.
  • If the man sends you a quick, run-of-the-mill text, like “Hey,” or “What’s up?”, don’t feel forced to answer. If you do wish to respond, make your response as brief as possible: “Hey” or “nothing much.”
How to Ignore a Guy #10
Avoid like or commenting on his social media postings

5. Avoid like or commenting on his social media postings. Avoid him on all kinds of social media if you want to entirely ignore him. Don’t like or comment on his posts or images, and don’t contact him. You can even unfollow him, but if he discovers, he’ll know you went out of your way to do so, which might indicate that you’re influenced by him.

  • Ignoring a man on social media may not be the best choice if you like him. Instead, try to pique his interest by slightly ignoring him in person and liking his online posts.
  • If a man is harassing you and you’re ignoring him, don’t be afraid to unfollow or even block him.

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