How to Install HomePatrol Sentinel

Homepatrol sentinel windows 10

If you’ve ever purchased an Uniden HomePatrol device, installing and using HomePatrol Sentinel is one of the steps you’ll need to do to get it set up. However, the procedure is not properly illustrated on the Uniden HomePatrol device webpages. This article will walk you through the process of completing this component of the step. To begin, go to Step 1 below.


1. Download the Uniden server’s ZIP package.

2. Extract the folder to a new folder of the same name.

3. Open the folder that appears inside this freshly extracted folder.

4. Setup Windows installation file should be clicked.

  • If a Security warning appears, click Run. The installation file has not been validated. However, it is absolutely safe to execute since it originates from Uniden’s direct server and contains no viruses or malware.

5. Once the installation has opened, click the Next button. This initial screen just states that the installer software will attempt to assist you through the installation process step by step.

6. Accept the terms of the licensing agreement. Click “Next” after selecting the radio button to the left of “I Agree.”

7. Select who should be allowed to use the Sentinel application on your computer. If your computer just has one user, you may choose “Everyone” or “Just me.” After making your selection, click the Next button to begin installing the Sentinel application.

8. To have the installer begin installing the application, click the “Next” button.

9. Allow the Unverified Publisher’s User Account Control option to be enabled.

10. If the final screen indicates that the program was successfully installed, click the Close button to exit the installation.

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