How to Lace Shoes

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Who knew there were so many various methods to lace shoes? Criss-cross, straight-lace, heel-lock, lattice…who knew there were so many different ways to lace shoes? Your shoelaces not only alter the fit of your footwear, but they also modify the atmosphere. We’re going to teach you a ton of interesting methods to lace shoes so you can look great wherever from the basketball court to the boardroom.

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Method 1 : Criss-Cross Method

1. Place a shoe in front of you with the toe facing out. Insert each end of the shoelace from the inside, beginning with the two frontmost opposite facing holes. Check that the remaining laces are equal on both sides.

2. Insert the right end of the shoelace into the next left hole, working diagonally (from the top). To produce a more clean look, put the lace pointing from the front of the shoe inward (rather than from the inside pointing outward).

3. Insert the shoelace’s left end into the next right hole.

4. Work your way down until you reach the bottom.

5. Tie a bow (as below).

Method 2 : Straight-Lace Method

1. Thread one end of the shoelace through the top right hole (the toe end) and the other through the bottom left hole (near the beginning of the shoe). Only enough lace should be left in the left hole to knot the lace at the end.

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2. Insert the right end in the other hole in a straight line.

3. Pull it out from the bottom and re-insert it (from the bottom) into the next hole.

4. Continue horizontally pushing it over the holes until you reach the final one.

5. Tie your two leftover ends together in a bow (see below).

Method 3 : Heel-locking Method

If you notice that your heels are sliding in your shoes, this solution might assist.

1. Lace your shoes crisscross style, halting before the final hole.

2. Insert the lace on one side into the hole on the other side. Repeat with the other lace.

3. Thread the left lace through the loop you’ve just made on the right.

4. Repeat for the second lace.

5. Tie your shoes as usual and enjoy your slip-free heels!

Method 4 : Alternative Straight-Lace Method

Method for shoelace holes with five pairs.

1. Insert one end of the shoelace through the first hole on the inner step (i.e., the left hole closest to the heel on a right shoe) and pull through, leaving approximately 6 inches (15.2 cm) of lace outside.

2. Insert it into the second outside hole and up through it.

3. Cross it over and down through the second inside step hole.

4. Thread it through the fifth inside step hole and beneath it.

5. Take it right over and down the fifth outside hole.

6. Thread it through the fourth outside hole and beneath it.

7. Pass it through the fourth inside hole straight over.

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8. Thread it through the third inside hole and beneath it.

9. Pass it through the third outside hole straight over.

10. Thread it through the first outside hole and beneath it.

11. If one side has more lace than the other, fold the additional length of the longer lace in half, join the folded end with the end of the shorter lace, then feed lace back to bring both laces to the same length.

12. Tie your two leftover ends together in a bow (see below).

Method 5 : Lattice Method

1. The lace is stitched straight across the bottom, with the ends emerging through both bottom eyelets.

2. The ends are crossed over each other, run diagonally up the outside of the shoe, and fed through the third-highest set of eyelets (skip past two sets of eyelets).

3. Run both ends straight up the inside of the shoe, emerging through the next set of eyelets.

4. The ends are crossed over each other, run diagonally downwards on the outside, and fed into the shoe’s third-lower set of eyelets (skip past two sets of eyelets).

5. Run both ends straight up the inside of the shoe, emerging through the next set of eyelets.

6. The ends are crossed over each other, then run diagonally upwards on the outside before being fed under the sides and out through the top set of eyelets (skip past two sets of eyelets).

Method 6: Tying the Bow

1. Straighten both ends of the lace. Bring the right end over the left, then the left over the right and through the loop. Tighten both ends. 

2. Take the right lace and construct a loop with your finger in between to keep it in place. In a circular motion, bring the left lace over and below the right.

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3. Finally, thread the left lace through the little loop. Pull firmly.

4. You have now laced your shoes!

What are laces shoes called?

The most well-known lace-up shoes are the oxford, derby, and blucher. The most frequent kind of shoe is lace-up. They are closed using a shoelace that is threaded via eyelets or lugs, as the name implies.

How do you lace tennis shoes?

Across the tongue, then back in through the top of the other eyelet. Continue until you reach the loop in the tongue of certain sneakers, such as the Air Force 1/2.

How do you lace regular shoes?

Running across the bottom and out through the eyelet pin at the bottom. Take one end feed each time. It goes under the side and out the next higher eyelet. The other formation is the same.

How do you tie laces for beginners?

Out tiny fingers go beneath the pencil grip, shut them, and squeeze the grip. Over grasp, roll off, and pull really tight. If it doesn’t remain closed like this, let’s attempt a double knot.

How do you lace a shoe without a tie?

To do this, all you need to do is put on your shoes. And then tie the laces as normal. Then you just pull the laces beneath. Remove the tongue from your shoes.

What are the shoes without laces called?

Slip-ons are often low-heeled, lace-free shoes. The most typical type, known as a loafer or slippers in American culture, is of moccasin construction.

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