How to Make a Rubber Band Ball

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Making a rubberband ball

There are several compelling reasons to own a rubber band ball. You may bounce it, use it to hold all of your rubber bands together, or squeeze it to build your hand muscles. If you have fun making your first one, this could turn into a hobby.

1. Constructing a Rubber Band Ball

1. Make a foundation. Begin with a little item, such as a marble or a golf ball. A “genuine” rubber band ball, on the other hand, has no extraneous components. Here’s how you can get started:

  • Choose a short, thick rubber band, such as one used to hold vegetables together.
  • Fold this rubber band in half, then again, then again if possible. You should end up with a flat “stack” of rubber if you don’t twist it.
  • Wrap a narrower rubber band around the big band while pinching it flat.
  • Twist the slack of the narrower band and wrap it in the other way around the thick one.
  • Continue to twist and coil the narrow band until there is no more slack.
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2. Wrap rubber bands all the way around the core. Begin by placing two rubber bands in a crisscross pattern over the core. Make sure they’re securely fastened. You may need to twist and wrap them a few times around the center. Begin with the smaller bands first, since they will be useless once your ball reaches a certain size.

  • Begin with the smaller bands first, since they will be useless once your ball reaches a certain size.

3. More rubber bands should be added until the ball is smooth. Continue wrapping rubber bands to make a ball. Place the rubber bands equally around the ball so that no one side is bigger than the others. A ball without an item in the center will be lumpy at first, but should smooth out by the time it reaches the size of a golf ball.

4. Try out the ball. Toss it in the air or bounce it against a wall. Your new rubber band ball should have a lot of bounce to it. Enjoy it as is, or continue to add rubber bands and watch it develop.

  • For the optimum bounce, make it the size of a tennis ball.
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2. Rubber Band Ball Competitions

1. You can get all of your rubber bands for free. Since rubber band balls are all about the challenge, why not make it a bit more difficult? Experiment with inflating your ball without using any rubber bands. Here are a few places where you can look for them:

  • Ask your friends and neighbors if they have any extras.
  • Inquire with postal employees, newspaper delivery persons, and other door-to-door delivery personnel.
  • Look for shoe retailers that employ rubber bands to keep shoe boxes closed.

2. Make a ball without tying any rubber bands together. If the rubber bands are not twisted, they will rest flat against each other, with no space for air. This results in the densest, most bouncy ball. The key to this is to locate each fresh rubber band that is precisely the appropriate size, so that there is no slack when you loop it once around the ball.

3. Make it huge. Because rubber band balls are highly thick, they will become too heavy to bounce without shattering things beyond a certain point. The next task is to build it as big as feasible. If you can locate 700,000 rubber bands, you can even break the global record.

  • Wear protective eyewear after the ball has reached the size of a basketball. After this point, a lot of rubber bands will break, and you don’t want them to touch your eyes.
  • Rubber bands deteriorate with time. Your project will need frequent reinforcing to prevent it from shrinking or splitting apart.
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4. Make a half-circle out of your old ball. Once you have a basketball-sized rubber band ball, it will most likely sit in the corner of your room, greying and fraying. Do you want to have one more good time? Saw it in half and see the insides emerge on their own, like a strange colony of worms. If that explanation didn’t put you off the pastime for good, go out there and start making something!]

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