How to Pierce an Outie Belly Button

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Outie belly button ring

Outie belly button piercing – Piercing an outie belly button is far more difficult than piercing an innie belly button. Outie belly buttons are constructed of a distinct sort of tissue than other belly buttons because of how they originated after birth. As a consequence, when piercing outie belly buttons, there is an increased risk of infection and discomfort. However, you may pierce an outie belly button by first determining if you have skin that can be pierced, then following safe piercing methods and providing aftercare.

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Cleaning Your Navel and Inserting the Needle

Put on gloves and wash your hands.

1. Put on gloves and wash your hands. Wash your hands with antibacterial soap. Wash all the way up to your forearms. Take extra care of your fingers and the region surrounding your fingernails. Put on a new pair of latex gloves once you’ve cleansed your hands.

how to pierce your belly button
Clean the region around your navel.

2. Clean the region around your navel. Using rubbing alcohol, wet many cotton swabs. Wipe the cotton swabs in and around the navel. Make sure to get all the way around your outie’s skin, including the top and bottom lip. You may be more susceptible to illness if you do not adequately clean your navel.

do guinea pigs have belly buttons
Mark the area of the outer lip that will be pierced.

3. Mark the area of the outer lip that will be pierced. Mark the area you want to pierce using a piercing-safe marker. You may only puncture your outie’s top or lower lip, not the actual outie.

belly button piercing outie
Using the piercing clamp, pinch the outie on the designated place.

4. Using the piercing clamp, pinch the outie on the designated place. Pinch down on the outie lip with the piercing clamp. The clamp should fit snugly and firmly on the area of the lip that will be pierced. Your piercing may not turn out well if it is not secure.

belly button piercing with an outie
Insert the needle into the clamp and the designated area.

5. Insert the needle into the clamp and the designated area. Push the needle through the constricted point you designated quickly and aggressively. Don’t pause or go slowly, since this can complicate and make the piercing more painful.
Pull the needle out as soon as it has pierced the skin of the lip.

can you get a belly button piercing with an outie
Put on the jewelry.

6. Put on the jewelry. After removing the piercing needle from the lip of your belly button, immediately insert the jewelry. The longer you wait, the more likely the piercing will shut. After you’ve inserted the jewelry, make sure it’s securely fastened so it doesn’t slip out.

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Providing Aftercare

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Twice a day, clean the piercing.

1. Twice a day, clean the piercing. After your first piercing, clean the piercing site (and the jewelry) twice a day for a month. You can do this using a saline solution. Fill a tiny cup halfway with the solution and lay it against your stomach near the piercing. Submerge the piercing as thoroughly as possible in the saline solution. Then, using Q-tips that have been wet with the solution, clean around your whole navel.
If immersing the piercing fails, spritz the solution onto the piercing.

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Observe the wound.

2. Observe the wound. After the piercing, keep a close eye on the wound for a month. This is critical since belly piercings may quickly get infected. If you see extended redness, yellow/green discharge, a foul odor, swelling, or red lines originating from the lesion, get medical attention. This might be an indication of an illness or an allergic response to the jewelry.

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Dress comfortably.

3. Dress comfortably. Because outies protrude more than usual, you’ll need to take precautions to prevent snagging your piercing on your garments. Wearing loose clothing and low-cut jeans is the simplest method to do this. This is critical because snagging your piercing may cause tissue damage and put you at risk of infection.

Determining If You Can Pierce Your Outie

Outie belly button ring #10
Check to see whether you have a typical skin lip around your navel.

1. Check to see whether you have a typical skin lip around your navel. It should resemble a raised skin flap around the abdominal button. It might be restricted to the region above or below the abdominal button. If you have this raised skin, you may be able to pierce it safely.
You are not permitted to puncture your outie’s skin.

Outie belly button ring #11
Check with your piercer.

2. Check with your piercer. While you believe you have enough skin to pierce your outie, you should consult with a professional piercer. They’ll know whether your outie can be securely pierced since they perform navel piercings on a daily basis.

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Consult your doctor.

3. Consult your doctor. Because the tissue of an outie belly button differs from that of an innie, outie belly buttons are far more prone to infection. As a consequence, before obtaining a piercing, you should see your doctor.
If you have an autoimmune problem or other condition that makes you more prone to infection, your doctor may advise you to avoid getting piercings.

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Can you get a belly button piercing if you have an outie?

You can have an outie and still have enough skin to accommodate a navel piercing above your nub — which is the most common placement for a navel piercing — or just below it.

What belly buttons can’t be pierced?

If you don’t have a solid flap of skin on the top of the belly button, sometimes piercers can go for the lower lip of the belly button instead (though this is a rare option). Unfortunately, if you have an outie belly button, you most likely won’t be able to get it pierced.

Can you pierce a half outie belly button?

Can you pierce my outie? It’s not recommended to pierce “outie” tissue. A normal navel piercing goes only through surface skin at the edge of the navel, while an “outie” navel is more complex than simple surface skin; it is residual scarring from the umbilical cord.

Can an outie become an innie?

No. Some people claim you can change an outie to an innie – by taping a quarter over it, for example – but it’s just not true.

Do Outies disappear?

An outie belly button is a cosmetic issue and doesn’t require surgery. Granulomas need to be treated to avoid infection. Hernias usually disappear on their own and those that don’t can be treated with a simple surgical procedure after the age of 4 or 5.

How painful is a belly button piercing?

Belly button piercing pain level

Belly button piercings are considered the second least painful piercings after ear piercings. That’s because the thick tissue left behind from when your umbilical cord was removed is flesh and not very nerve dense.

How much does a belly piercing cost?

between $30 and $75
On average, however, you can expect a belly button piercing to run between $30 and $75. Of course, this price tends to include a very basic jewelry option (if it’s included at all). If you decide you want to get a better or different piece of jewelry, you’re most likely going to have to pay more.

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Can you get a belly piercing at 12?

For ages 13 and up. Bellybutton or Navel piercings are the first in what we like to call a big kid piercing. These piercings take even more care than a cartilage piercing with longer heal times but are a must have for the trendy teen.

Why do some people have Outies?

Most people end up with innies, but some people have outies. Outies usually occur when more of the umbilical cord is left when it’s cut, leading to more skin left over once it dries out. In some rare cases, outies are caused by a condition known as an umbilical hernia.

Can you get your belly pierced at 14?

Minors – Piercing

If you are under 18 the parent or legal guardian must accompany the minor for the entire procedure. A state-issued photo ID will be needed from both the minor and the parent or legal guardian.

How common are Outies?

approximately 10 percent
Protruding “outies” can be found on approximately 10 percent of the population. They’re about as common as left-handedness. A longstanding theory, or old wives’ tale, “blames” doctors’ techniques for creating outies.

Are Outies genetic?

Innie or outie: Whether you have an innie or an outie bellybutton has nothing to do with whether your mother had one or your father or your grandfather. In other words, it has nothing to do with genetics. And it has nothing to do with how the doctor cut your umbilical cord.

Can you change your belly button from an outie to an innie?

It is a simple surgical procedure and there are two types. Umbilicoplasty is the process of changing the size or shape of your belly button, whether you want it smaller or larger (perhaps because you have had a botched piercing). Umbilical hernia repair is having an outie made into an innie.

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