Inotia 4 best class

How to Play Inotia 4

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Inotia 4 best class

Inotia 4 is a visually gorgeous game designed for iOS and Android smartphones. The Inotia tale has attracted a large number of fans since its first release, and they have now taken the game to the next level. Players may engage in combat against goblins, orcs, and more, thanks to upgraded visuals and plot from the previous series! New heroes are on their way to battle with you.

Starting a Game

Inotia 4 best class #1
Make changes to your settings.

1. Make changes to your settings. The Settings button may be found on the game’s main menu. When you click, you will be directed to a page with many alternatives.

  • The game’s loudness may be adjusted in the settings.
  • To store your game data online, you must first create an account. Your files will not be erased if you save your game online.
  • You may also move your account to a different e-mail address via Settings.
Inotia 4 best class #2
Begin a new game.

2. Begin a new game. To begin your journey, choose New Game from the main menu.

Choosing Your Character

Inotia 4 best class #3
Select a character.

1. Select a character. When you begin a new game, you may choose the class of your hero. There are now six classes with varying abilities.

Inotia 4 best class #4
Tap on the character to reveal their complete characteristics to the left, including a short description of their abilities.

2. Tap on the character to reveal their complete characteristics to the left, including a short description of their abilities.

  • Assassin—This class has the second highest DPS (damage per second) and can utilize two weapons (dual wield).
  • Black Knight—The Knight class has good defensive and attack damage. They have the ability to employ abilities that summon swords, which is useful for dealing damage. This lesson is appropriate for inexperienced players.
  • Printer—The finest healing class, with excellent single-target stun. Priests can put groups of foes to sleep, which is an excellent approach if you have a mage in your party.
  • Ranger—A range class with assistance abilities such as healing. This class may also summon a bear, who can act as the party’s attacker or tank.
  • Warlock—This class has the most DPS because to its fast attack, which does massive damage while slowing foes, making them easy targets for the rest of your party. Warlocks may also wear Plate Mail, which boosts their protection.
  • Warrior—With stun abilities, the Warrior is an excellent tank and damage class. Because this class can duel handle weapons, it is a cross between the Knight and the Assassin.
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Learning Basic Controls

Inotia 4 best class #5
Go through the tutorial.

1. Go through the tutorial. After selecting your preferred class at the start of the game, a scenario will play out, telling you about your character’s backstory before embarking on a lengthy adventure. The game will show you how to maneuver and attack in this section of the sequence. The controls are simple, making it simple to learn.

  • You’ll see an arrow pad in the bottom left corner of your screen, similar to that of a portable console. By swiping your palm over it, your character will move up, down, left, and right.
  • The assault is controlled on the right side of your screen. Tapping on one side of the pad causes your character to swing their sword or perform magic on the adversary.
Inotia 4 best class #6
Purchase a Bag.

2. Purchase a Bag. Purchase the maximum number of 12 slot bags as soon as feasible. Having adequate inventory space for things is vital later in the game, particularly when you need to conduct a lot of monster levels. Going back to the city merely to clean out your goods to make more room is a nightmare.

  • In the early stages of the game, there isn’t much use in spending money, and the additional room will allow you to pick up everything and even store enough potions for survival.
  • This method is effective until you reach level 70.
Inotia 4 best class #7
Roll the dice.

3. Roll the dice. Dices are obtained at random in fights or treasure chests. You should roll dices as soon as possible since dices are an excellent method to boost all of your stats.
When you roll a die, your current stats will be randomly re-adjusted. If you don’t like what is rolled, you may maintain your existing stat configuration.

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Advancing Levels

Inotia 4 best class #8
Make a good team.

1. Make a good team. You may hire up to two players to join your party in Inotia 4. They will assist you in taking care of the creatures and even provide assistance in the form of healing and bonuses.

  • So far, the best party consists of a Priest, Ranger, or Warlock. Monsters die swiftly in this kind of setting, and the likelihood of survival is great.
  • Priests may serve as the group’s healer, Warlocks as the group’s damage dealer, and Rangers as the all-around class.
  • Rangers have offensive and supporting abilities that come in handy when the Priest runs out of energy.
Inotia 4 best class #9
Improve your abilities.

2. Improve your abilities. When you level up, you get skill points, which you may spend to level up your abilities. By the conclusion of the game, you’ve maxed up everything but two or three talents.
Supreme Elixirs may also be found or made. These add one skill point to your total.

Inotia 4 best class #10
Improve your stats.

3. Improve your stats. Stats in the game might be deceiving and vary somewhat across classes. Remember that the STR stat only applies to melee fighters and does not apply to characters that utilize magic. See the glossary of statistics words and definitions below:

  • DMG—Improves skill-related damage.
  • M.DMG—Increases magical damage.
  • CRT percent —Probability of landing a critical hit.
  • H.RATE percent —Increases the likelihood of striking the opponent.
  • C.DMG percent —Additional damage caused by a critical hit.
  • DEF means “physical defense.”
  • P.RES percent —Percentage of resistance to physical harm.
  • M.RES percent —Percentage of resistance to magical harm.
  • EVD percentage —Chance of not taking damage when attacked.
  • W.D.R.% —Weapon defense rate.
  • S.D.R. % —Shield defense rate.
  • HP—Your character’s health points are represented by this number. When all party members’ totals hit 0, the game is done. To play again, you must load your previously saved file.
  • Magic points are abbreviated as MP.
  • Durability Enhancement—The number of times a scroll may be used to enhance an item.
  • ATK DMG—Attack damage from a standard weapon.
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