Best nature for garchomp

How to Raise a Perfect Garchomp

Best nature for garchomp

Best nature for garchomp is a powerful and unique pseudo-legendary Pokémon. If you train it properly, you may end up with an almost invincible Dragon Pokémon. All you need is patience to train it, boost its level, and utilize it in combat.


best nature for garchomp
Best nature for garchomp

1. Capture a Gible.


2. Get a Gible of the Adamant or Jolly temperament. Jolly may be the best option since Salamence, Pikachu, and Celebi will be slower than your Garchomp, and you will be able to outrun quicker Pokémon like Gengar. You may either continue capturing Gibles until you obtain one or breed till you acquire one. Giving the Gible parent an Everstone to hold will almost certainly boost the likelihood of acquiring a nice temperament. These are the natures you’ll desire since they don’t reduce any of Garchomp’s flawless stats.

garchomp best nature
Garchomp best nature

3. “Train” it by battling Pokémon that provide Attack and Speed EVs, such that it has 252 Attack EVs and 252 Speed EVs. If you have enough money, you may utilize Protein and Carbos for the first 100 EVs in each stat.

best nature garchomp
Best nature garchomp

4. Raise its Level to 24 and teach it strong moves (through leveling or TMs). Breed for a Gible egg if you don’t mind additional instruction. It has greater stats and can learn devastating egg moves like Thrash. Placing it in a day-care setting will need a lot of walking, but will allow for greater EV training.

garchomp nature
Garchomp nature

5. Allow it to develop into a Gabite at Level 24.

good nature for garchomp
Good nature for garchomp

6. Train. Train it in Attack and Speed if it is not in daycare. Gabite/overall Garchomp’s ability will be increased by fighting Pokémon with ordinarily high Attack or Speed stats.

best garchomp nature
Best garchomp nature

7. Raise its Level to 48 and teach it strong moves (through leveling or TMs).


8. It must evolve. The Gabite can learn Dragon Rush at level 49, which is a strong but somewhat imprecise move. Evolving it at level 48 will offer it a little boost in Attack. You may learn Dragon Rush sooner if you evolve it at level 49. It’s all up to you.

perfect garchomp
Perfect garchomp

9. Teach. The following moves are highly recommended when you have Garchomp:

  • Stone Edge Earthquake or Rock Slide
  • Dragon Claw, Dragon Rush, Dual Chop, or Outrage are all options. Dragonbreath, Dragon Pulse, and Draco Meteor are all optional, although they squander Garchomp’s Special Attack stat (but this can be easily changed by switching your Garchomp out).
  • Substitute Fire Fang/Crunch Dragon Dance Protect
pokemon gible best nature
Pokemon gible best nature

10. “Give” a handy item to your Garchomp (such as a Choice Scarf or a Choice Band).

can garchomp learn dragon dance
Can garchomp learn dragon dance

11. Battle this Garchomp competitively, and you may win many more bouts than you previously did. Garchomp will have a 20% chance of avoiding being struck if he is on the same team as a Tyranitar. Just keep in mind that you’ll need additional Pokémon that can withstand Water, Grass, Ice, Fighting, and Fairy attacks. If you wish to do this, another wonderful suggestion is to offer it a Yache Berry to hold. This will let your Garchomp to withstand most Ice-type attacks.

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What is best nature for Gible – gabite best nature

Best Nature for Gible, Gabite, and Garchomp in Pokémon Legends: Arceus
Adamant: Increases Attack, decreases Special Attack.
Jolly: Increases Speed, decreases Special Attack.
Mild: Increases Special Attack, decreases Defense.
Careful: Increases Special Defense, decreases Special Attack.

Is adamant nature good for Garchomp – adamant garchomp

EVs and Nature:

A max speed Garchomp with an Adamant Nature will outrun Salamence, Slaking, Zapdos and other Base Speed 100 friends, but it will be outran by those aforementioned Pokémon if they ran a speed boosting nature.

Is naive nature good for Garchomp – pseudo legendary pokemon

If you run Fire Blast use a Naive nature, if not use Jolly. Swords Dance on the other hand skyrockets Garchomp’s attack to the point where not even the bulkiest of Zapdos or Hippowdon can stop you. It’s difficult to express how good Garchomp is at doing damage.

Is mild a good nature for Garchomp – salamence

A Mild nature is preferred over Rash in order to get past Tornadus-T, Rotom-W, and Celesteela with more ease while the drop in Defense doesn’t matter as much as Special Defense; Mega Garchomp is much more adept at checking special attackers like Heatran and Magnezone.

Is naive nature good for Gible – garchomp ev training

Gible is sturdy enough to survive Dark Pulse from Houndour – even at Naive nature, and deals a maximum of 87.50%.

What is the best nature for Luxray – garchomp best evs

Choosing which Nature best suits your Shinx, Luxio, or Luxray ultimately comes down to personal preference. Adamant and Jolly are the best fit for this evolutionary line, but your playstyle may require one type over another. Those seeking a Pokémon hits hard in a fight should select an Adamant Nature.

What EVs should I train Garchomp – garchomp evs

“Train” it by fighting Pokémon that give Attack and Speed EVs, so that it gets 252 Attack EVs and 252 Speed EVs.

Is hasty nature good for Gible – what level does garchomp learn earthquake

Jolly is usually the safest option. Adamant is a very close second. Hasty or Naive can work if you want to cram a surprise Draco Meteor or something onto your set, but that’s generally not recommended. Any other nature is wrong.

What is the best nature for Garchomp brilliant diamond – can gible breed

Garchomp can be found with Sand Veil as an Ability and has a Slow growth rate with a 3 Attack EV Yield. We recommend the Adamant Nature, based on 600 combined Base Stats.

What is the best item for Garchomp – rock slide vs stone edge

Muscle Band. It comes as no surprise that the Muscle Band is an excellent choice for Garchomp. …
Rocky Helmet. …
Scope Lens. …
Full Heal. …
X Attack. …
Level one: Bulldoze. …
Level six: Dragon Rush. …
Level eight: Dragon Claw.

Does Garchomp learn earthquake by leveling up – best garchomp

Both Garchomp and Gliscor would both greatly benifit from knowing Earthquake since it would be STAB on both of them, but neither of them learn it by level up.

Is timid good for Garchomp – pseudo legendary

You can run Modest over Timid if you need more power, but generally, Timid is more useful to outspeed regular Adamant Garchomps. Empoleon actually makes a great defensive partner for Garchomp, as it resists all of Garchomp’s weaknesses, Ice by ¼, Fairy by ½, and Dragon by ½ also.

What does relaxed nature do – when does gible evolve

Natures That Increase Defense

A clear example of someone who will benefit from being Bold is Chansey, whose purpose is not to Attack, but to Defend and stall with all its might. Relaxed: Relaxed Pokemon may have increased Defense, but they’re also too relaxed to get going, hence their decreased Speed stat.

What is a good Moveset for Gible – garchomp moveset

The best moves for Gible are Mud Shot and Dig when attacking Pokémon in Gyms. This move combination has the highest total DPS and is also the best moveset for PVP battles.

Is lax nature good for Shinx – best natures for garchomp

In my eyes it is fairly good

Lax nature lowers Special Defense but increases Defense. It is good to me because most of the Ground-type moves are Physical with a few exceptions. The strong Ground-type moves, like Earthquake, are Physical so with a +Def nature it can tank hits from them fairly well.

Is lonely nature good for Shinx – best evs for garchomp

Shinx will work with the following natures: Lonely (Increases Attack, reduces Defense) Brave (Increases Attack, reduces Speed) Adamant (Increases Attack, reduces Special Attack)

What’s the best ability for Shinx – nature for garchomp

Shinx’s access to Thunder Wave, in conjunction with its Intimidate ability allow it to run a decent Thunder Wave set. Since Intimidate lowers the power of physical attacks, Shinx will be able to take an attack and proceed to paralyze the opponent with Thunder Wave.

Thunder Wave.

Should I teach my Garchomp Draco Meteor – garchomp best ability

5 Answers. No, Draco Meteor is not a good move for Garchomp.

Is Gible worth training – melhor nature para garchomp

At first glance people may be wondering why a stumpy shark is worth training, so here’s the case for Gible. For starters, it’s a Ground and Dragon-type giving it plenty of access to a suite of powerful and interesting moves. Its final form may not be obtainable until level 58, but it is worth the grinding and patience.

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