How to Remove Popcorn from Your Teeth

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Popcorn kernels stuck in gums

Popcorn stuck in gums – It’s annoying and unpleasant to have a bit of popcorn caught between your teeth. Popcorn hulls, unlike many other meals, do not disintegrate quickly in saliva and may stick between teeth and along gum lines for lengthy periods of time. Food debris, like as popcorn, left in hard-to-reach crevices may cause an abscess, which can fill with germs and develop to a potentially dangerous gum infection if not carefully removed. You can feel better and prevent unpleasant illnesses if you learn how to handle the problem before it becomes a problem.

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Using Floss and Other Objects

Floss your teeth

1. Floss your teeth. The American Dental Association suggests flossing at least once a day, but more often if you suspect dirt is lodged between your teeth. Soft detritus, such as bread, might also be included. Bacteria will multiply when the starch converts to sugar.

  • Work the floss between the teeth where the popcorn is lodged as near to the gum as possible.
  • Form a c-shape with the floss around one tooth, then around the next.
  • Working the floss back and forth or up and down is OK, but be sure to push down and massage your gums to achieve complete flossing.
  • Using water, rinse your mouth.
get popcorn out of your teeth
Make use of a toothpick

2. Make use of a toothpick. Take extra precautions to prevent stabbing or damaging your gums.

  • Place the flat end of a toothpick between your teeth where the popcorn has been stuck.
  • Gently move the popcorn upward or forward from between your teeth.
  • If this doesn’t work or the toothpick doesn’t have a flat end, gently work the toothpick along your gums using the pointed end. To prevent damaging your gums or poking the interior of your mouth, use great care.
  • If your teeth are too crooked, a strong fabric wire that may be used as floss may be required.
how to get popcorn kernel out of gums
Make sure you brush your teeth

3. Make sure you brush your teeth. Brushing is a great way to get rid of dental debris like popcorn. Wet the bristles of your toothbrush, then brush thoroughly with fluoride toothpaste, being care to brush all of your teeth. Use a gently circular motion while brushing your teeth, and brush for at least 2 minutes. You might wear away the enamel if you clean your teeth too forcefully.

  • The use of toothpaste to remove dirt is optional, however the foaming effect may be beneficial. Squeeze a pea-sized dab of toothpaste onto your toothbrush’s bristles.
  • Brush your gums at a 45-degree angle with your toothbrush.
  • Using the bristles in different strokes and motions, try to get the popcorn out from between your teeth. To prevent reintroducing the particles into your mouth, rinse the bristles of your toothbrush after removing the popcorn.
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Removing Popcorn Without Floss

popcorn kernels stuck in gums
Move your tongue over the teeth that are bothering you

4. Move your tongue over the teeth that are bothering you. Using your tongue, carefully “pick” at the popcorn. If you do this too often, your tongue may become inflamed and painful.

popcorn stuck in teeth
Rinse your mouth with water

5. Rinse your mouth with water. You may use simple water, but a salt water rinse can help lower the likelihood of infection and soothe any irritation you’re suffering. Salt’s grittier texture may help remove food residue even more effectively.

  • In an eight-ounce glass of warm water, dissolve one tablespoon of salt.
  • Stir until all of the salt has dissolved.
  • Swish the salt water about in your mouth on the afflicted side. Concentrate your rinsing around the popcorn’s position. If you have one, you may also use an oral irrigator or a WaterPik.
popcorn stuck in gum
Chewing gum is a good option

6. Chewing gum is a good option. Gum chewing boosts saliva production and may assist physically remove material from your teeth. [10] It’s even been shown that sugar-free chewing gum may decrease tooth debris by up to 50%.

  • To get the best benefits, chew on the afflicted side of your mouth.

Treating the Pain Associated with Dental Debris

popcorn kernel stuck in gums
Take a pain reliever if necessary

1. Take a pain reliever if necessary. It may be exceedingly unpleasant if dental debris is wedged between your teeth long enough for an abscess or infection to emerge. Until you can visit a dentist, an over-the-counter pain treatment like ibuprofen or acetaminophen may help decrease inflammation and alleviate discomfort. Maintain proper dental hygiene, but avoid causing more damage by attempting to remove the debris.

clove dental
Make use of clove oil

2. Make use of clove oil. Clove oil has been shown to have antimicrobial and pain-relieving effects. Until you can see a dentist, clove oil may help ease tooth discomfort.

  • Using a cotton ball or the tip of a cotton swab, dab some clove oil on it.
  • Place the clove oil cotton on the painful area.
  • Repeat as necessary until your dentist is available.
how to get popcorn out of gums
Apply a cold compress to the affected area

3. Apply a cold compress to the affected area. Applying a cold compress to the outside of your mouth may help ease discomfort and reduce inflammation. Use a towel to wrap an ice pack. If you don’t have an ice pack on hand, wrap a towel around several ice cubes or soak a cloth in cold water.

  • Place the towel over the side of your face that is afflicted.
  • Use the cold compress for a total of no more than 20 minutes. After that, wait at least 10 minutes before reapplying it. This may be done three to four times each day.
how to get popcorn out of teeth
Make an appointment with your dentist by calling his or her office

4. Make an appointment with your dentist by calling his or her office. Your dentist will be able to remove the annoying popcorn particles, as well as do a basic cleaning to ensure that your mouth is free of any additional issues. If an abscess or infection has developed, your dentist will be able to treat the condition and may prescribe pain medication to help control the discomfort.

  • It’s important to contact your dentist as soon as possible if you’re experiencing any kind of tooth discomfort to rule out any underlying issues.
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Will a popcorn kernel work its way out of gum?

Popcorn stuck in gums – If you’re lucky, you can use floss or a dental tool to pull it back out, but once the kernel completely disappears under your gum line, you’ll need medical attention. Popcorn kernels don’t break down when exposed to saliva like other foods do, so if it gets under your gum, it’s not going to go away on its own.

What happens if popcorn gets stuck in your gum?

Popcorn stuck in gums – A stuck piece of popcorn is something that needs to be taken care of as soon as possible. If left stuck, the popcorn hull can cause severe irritation and inflammation of the gums, eventually leading to painful and potentially-dangerous gum abscesses.

Can popcorn stuck in gums cause infection?

Popcorn stuck in gums – From Movie Night to Fight for Life The husk of popcorn kernels are notorious for their ability to slip between teeth and gums, which can be not just painful, but an open entrance for bacterial infection.

Can popcorn cause swollen gums?

Popcorn stuck in gums – The cause of swollen gums may be simple, such as getting food particles stuck in the teeth. For instance, eating popcorn may cause hard pieces of kernel to become stuck between the teeth, sometimes lodging in the gums. This can easily cause irritation and swelling in the area.

Can a popcorn hull cause an abscess?

Popcorn stuck in gums – Lodging themselves between the gum line and teeth, popcorn husks don’t dissolve with time. Unfortunately, once a husk embeds itself in the gums, it could cause an infection or abscess. Pain, discomfort, and illness can occur if the abscess progresses.

How long does it take for a popcorn kernel to dissolve?

Popcorn stuck in gums – Scott Rankin found that it takes about 10 seconds for a popcorn kernel to dissolve when placed in water. The starch inside the kernel starts to break down and produce sugar, which then creates heat and causes the water molecules to absorb into the kernel, causing it to dissolve over time.

Can a popcorn kernel cause an abscess?

Popcorn stuck in gums – The kernels can cut gums and cause them to bleed. Small pieces of kernels might also get caught in the gums. When kernels get trapped inside, pockets may form, which allows bacteria inside the gums. Excess bacteria may result in a gum abscess.

How do you get something stuck in your gums out?

Popcorn stuck in gums – Grab some waxed floss that can slide in and out between your gums, teeth and the food particles with ease. Wax floss is an effective and safe means of removing food from the gums or teeth since it can move in tight spaces better than the non-waxed variety. Move the floss around the piece of food to dislodge it.

How do you get popcorn kernels out of gum without flossing?

Popcorn stuck in gums – If you don’t have immediate access to dental floss, you can use a toothpick (if applicable) to try and remove the piece of popcorn. The pointed end of the toothpick may be ideal for nudging the husk out, but it can also damage the tooth and/or gums if you aren’t gentle.

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Can food stuck in gums cause infection?

Popcorn stuck in gums – Food Stuck between Tooth and Gum You may even forget about it. But if food stays lodged below your gumline, it can lead to an infection. You will experience pain, swelling, and usually a bad smell. You may experience receding gums.

Can something get stuck in your gums?

Popcorn stuck in gums – However, there are times when you might be eating hard or tough food like beef jerky or popcorn and a piece of it becomes lodged in your gums. This usually causes pressure and discomfort and sometimes it can even be painful. To help you remove the object safely from your gums Dr. Aug 29, 2016

How do you remove a popcorn kernel from the back of your tongue?

Popcorn stuck in gums – Put a spoonful of baking soda on the back of your tongue then gargle with a mouthful of vinegar. The resulting explosion should knock the kernel loose.

Do popcorn hulls digest?

Popcorn stuck in gums – Researchers from the University of Scranton, Pennsylvania found the hull of the popcorn to contain polyphenols, antioxidant substances related to reduction of heart disease. It is not clear if we gain benefits from the polyphenols in popcorn, as they are contained in the hull, which is insoluble fiber and not digested.

Why does it feel like I have a popcorn kernel stuck in my throat?

Popcorn stuck in gums – The feeling of having something, like a popcorn kernel, stuck in your throat is called globus pharyngeus. It’s usually due to irritation or inflammation at the top of the throat. Tiny bits of food may be causing the irritation. Other causes include allergies, infections, or tonsil stones.

How do you get popcorn out of wisdom teeth holes?

Will a popcorn kernel work its way out of gum? – Gentle brush. You can also try to gently dislodge a food particle from a wisdom tooth hole with a clean, new, soft-bristle toothbrush. Don’t brush vigorously. Instead, use very soft strokes.

What to use for gum boils?

What happens if popcorn gets stuck in your gum? – Practitioners of natural healing recommend home remedies such as: gargling with salt water. rinsing the mouth with hydrogen peroxide mouthwash (equal parts 3% hydrogen peroxide and water) rinsing the mouth with garlic juice. applying clove oil to the affected area. applying tea tree oil to the affected area.

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