How to Say Shut Up in Spanish

In Spanish, there are many ways to express “shut up.” They vary in intensity, but they always convey the same message. Simply follow these simple instructions if you want to learn how to say “shut up” in Spanish for any reason.

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1. Tell them to “shut up.” There are many ways to express “cállate,” which is the direct translation of “shut up” in Spanish. The pronunciation is “ka-ya-tay.” You may say the following:

  • “¡Cállate!” (“Shut up!”)
  • “¡Cállense!” (“Shut up!” exclaimed a bunch of individuals.)
  • “Call me, please.” (“Please be quiet.”)
  • “I need you to call.” (“I need you to stop talking.”)

2. Say “shut up” with greater elegance. Instead of urging them to stop talking, you may be more courteous and request quiet. This will convey your message but will be less offensive. What you can say is “Silencio.” (“Silence.”)

  • “Silent guard.” (“Remain quiet.”)
  • “Keep silent” (“Be quiet.”)

3. Say “shut up” more emphatically. If you truly want to say “shut up” and “cállate” isn’t working for you, you may be more aggressive. Here are a few ideas to help you make your point:
“Open your mouth!” (“Close your mouth!”)
“Cuira el hocico!” (“Close your trap!”)
“Cierra el pico!” (“Cierra el pico!”)

Is callate rude?

Cállate may not be very polite, but it’s not rude. An equivalent to “shut up” could be the expression Cállate la boca.

What does Caliete mean?

Adjective. caliente (plural calientes) hot, warm (emitting heat or warmth) synonyms, antonym ▲ Synonyms: cálido, (weather) caluroso Antonym: frío.

Does Andale mean hurry?

Etymology. From Spanish ándale (“hurry! come on! let’s go!”).

How do you say no in Mexican?

Number 2 para nada para nada it’s a casual way when you wanna say not at all estas molesta no para nada the importa si te Pido favor para nada de que necesita.

Why is Spanish so close to English?

In a sense, English and Spanish are cousins, as they have a common ancestor, known as Indo-European. And sometimes, English and Spanish can seem even closer than cousins, because English has adopted many words from French, a sister language to Spanish.

How do you say happy birthday to a girl in Spanish?

Feliz cumpleaños – this is the literal translation of “happy birthday” in Spanish.

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