How to See Your Credit Card Number on a Chase Website

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Not all credit cards are created equal. For this example, we’ll look at Chase and their family of cards.

✅How To Find Credit Card Number On Chase App 🔴
✅How To Find Credit Card Number On Chase App 🔴

Key Takeaways

1. Chase’s site is very clear; it is showing your full credit card number for interest calculations, but showing the truncated number for display purposes.

2. Sites, such as Delta, are also showing full card numbers, but are hiding them so that they are not easily visible to other customers or bots.

3. Sites that are showing full card numbers are not financially or legally responsible if your credit card number is stolen by malware or hackers.

What is the credit card number and where is it located on my Chase card?

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Why is my Credit Card Number printed on my credit card?

Your full credit card number is printed on the back of your credit card so that you have a record of your credit card number and to keep others from fraudulently using your card. It is always important to check your receipts when shopping to make sure there are no unexpected transactions.

  Why your credit card has a PIN

Also, it is important to remember to protect yourself when shopping online. You should always check for a padlock icon and security certification before making a purchase online. These symbols show that the website is secure.

It is also important to keep in mind that your card numbers and card security codes (also called CVV) should be kept out of plain sight and away from your computer. And you should never share your credit card information over the phone or email.

Why is there not a way to just show the last four digits?

The myth that there is a legal reason why credit card companies are not allowed to show the full number continues. This myth is perpetuated by commercials which feature people trying to use their card to verify something, only to have the clerk refuse to do so. The thinking is that banks placed cameras in their offices, perhaps by law, so they are not allowed to display the full number.

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This is untrue. Banks do not make law. They may lobby and work together with the legislators to affect change, but they are not ultimately the law-givers. Laws are made by the government, not by the banks.

The most recent information released by the FTC (Federal Trade Commission) states:

“Although merchants are not required to accept cards that have less than the last 4 digits covered or embossed, neither Visa nor MasterCard requires card issuers to issue cards without the full number either.”

How to See Your Credit Card Number on a Chase Website

This is a way to see the full credit card number (account number) and the expiration date. The Chase bank website has this information posted for their account holders.

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