How to Set up Your Tattoo Machine

Tattoo gun assembly diagram

How to put a tattoo machine together – Have you ever wished to tattoo yourself and your friends? Tattoos are popular outside of tattoo parlors. Many modern tattoo artists began their careers in home studios. Tattoo machines are simple to assemble. While setting up your tattoo machine, make sure you’re in a clean atmosphere.

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Choosing the Parts

How to put a tattoo machine together
Purchase a starting kit for a more convenient choice.

1. Purchase a starting kit for a more convenient choice. Starter kits are wonderful since they include all of the components you’ll need to get started with tattooing. These kits aren’t of good quality, but they’re excellent for learning how to use and maintain a tattoo machine.
Before tattooing somebody, think about the quality of your machine. A less expensive setup might injure or infect someone, or produce in a low-quality tattoo.

tattoo gun set up
If you want them to last longer, buy separate pieces.

2. If you want them to last longer, buy separate pieces. If you want higher-quality parts, buying individual components is the way to go. Purchasing separate pieces allows you to choose the extensions you want and configure the system exactly as you want it.
Individual pieces also need to be changed less often than a starting kit.

3. Get the tools you’ll need to get the machine up and running. At the very least, you’ll need an Allen key set and a tiny screwdriver. Check the kit instructions or the individual pieces to see whether you’ll need any additional tools to set up the machine.

tattoo machine parts diagram
If you’re new to tattooing, get help from an expert.

4. If you’re new to tattooing, get help from an expert. Open a discussion regarding home kits with your usual tattoo artist. Tattoo artists that work out of tattoo businesses have often worked from home at some time. They may provide helpful feedback.
For a fee, some professionals may be willing to give you a tutorial on how to set up the machine.

Assembling the Machine

how to put together a tattoo gun
Hands should be sanitized.

1. Hands should be sanitized. Tattoo machines must be used with extreme caution. Use care while using these equipment. Wear latex gloves or wash your hands with antibacterial soap.

how to put a tattoo gun together
Acquaint oneself with the gadget.

2. Acquaint oneself with the gadget. The frame binds everything together. Then there are two electromagnetic coils that give electricity to the machine. The coils move the armature bar, which is attached to a barred needle, at a quick pace. The electromagnetic coils are powered by the power source.
All of these components are removable and replaceable as required.

how to set up a tattoo gun
Put the barrel together.

3. Put the barrel together. Examine the machine’s grip. The grip has two sides for the tube and the machine’s tip. Set them to the desired length, then tighten the two screws on the grip. On average, the needle should not be longer than 2 mm and no shorter than 1 mm from the tip.
If there is a lot of blood, your needle is excessively long.

tattoo machine diagram
Set the needle up.

4. Set the needle up. Examine the needles that came with the machine. You should keep a variety of needle kinds and sizes on hand. Insert one of the needles through the tube and towards the tip. While constructing, take care not to blunt a needle. This may result in a painful tattoo.
Needle types include RL (round liner), RS (round shader), M1 (magnum 1 layer), M2 (double magnum), RM (round magnum), and F (flat). The numbers reflect the size and the number of needles.

tattoo gun assembly diagram
Take care of the nipple.

5. Take care of the nipple. The nipple, sometimes known as a grommet, holds the needle and grip in place at the machine’s base. Insert a nipple into the armature bar pin. Attach the needle’s open round end to the nipple.

how to assemble a tattoo gun
The needle should be adjusted.

6. The needle should be adjusted. After you’ve built the tube, you’ll need to alter the length of the needle’s exposure. By changing the tube vise, you may change the exposure of the needle. The tube vise is the movable screw located between the armature and the needle.

Putting Together the Power Station

tattoo machine setup
Select a power supply.

1. Select a power supply. The specs and voltages of power supply vary. Some starter kits have a fixed power source that cannot be adjusted. If desired, you may substitute a different one. Your power source should not be more expensive than the tattoo machine.
You may change the settings on power supplies using analog or digital screens.

coil tattoo machine diagram
Inspect the power supply.

2. Inspect the power supply. Examine the fuse. Check that you are using the correct voltage in your machine. The amount of fuse and power going into your tattoo machine is usually controlled by a regulated control on most tattoo power supplies. Some of the less expensive devices lack this function.

tattoo gun set up diagram
Get yourself a footswitch and a clip cable.

3. Get yourself a footswitch and a clip cable. If your power source does not have a footswitch, you will need to purchase one. A footswitch is quite affordable and does not need extensive setup. A clip cable is also required to connect the tattoo machine to the power source.

Connecting the Parts

tattoo gun setup
Join your footswitch.

1. Join your footswitch. Connect your footswitch to the power source. Similar to a sewing peddle, the footswitch initiates and controls the power from the power source to the needle.

tattoo gun assembly
Connect the power supply to the machine.

2. Connect the power supply to the machine. The clip cord to connect the machine to the power source has an obvious placement at the bottom of the machine. On the power supply, there should only be two inputs. Make certain that the wires are connected in the correct area.

tattoo gun setup diagram
Try out the machine.

3. Try out the machine. When everything is linked and constructed, the machine is ready to be tested. If you are concerned about using the tattoo machine on yourself, just switch it on and study it. When you push the footswitch, the needle should vibrate at a constant pace (without pausing).

tattoo power supply set up
Experiment with fruit.

4. Experiment with fruit. Practicing on apples or pears is a fantastic method to hone your skills. Apples and pears have skin that is akin to human flesh. If your fruits get damaged, you’ve pierced the needle too deeply.

How do I put my tattoo machine back together?

  1. Assemble the Tube. The tube consists of three different components: the stem, barrel and tip. …
  2. Install the Nipple. …
  3. Insert the Needle. …
  4. Slide the Tube Into the Machine. …
  5. Attach the Needle To the Nipple. …
  6. Adjust the Depth. …
  7. Attach Rubber Bands.

How do you put a coil tattoo machine together?

You find the end that clips on to your machine. And then just put them together pull the bag over. And then let the ends of these actually pierce the bag. I’m just going to pierce that.

How do I set up a tattoo gun?

And are enjoying on this tutorial I’m going to show you how to set up a tattoo machine and tune up a tattoo machine. So stay tuned okay so setting a tattoo machine you’ll need a few tools.

How do you wire up a tattoo gun?

You’re going to find another hole. So that’s where your two clips for your clip cord go into there should be two pins. And they should go into the two holes.

How do you wire a tattoo power supply?

There is a positive and a negative screw on the positive screw you’re going to run a wire to the little squiggly line on the bridge rectifier.

Where does the rubber band go on a tattoo gun?

Now, we put a rubber band in place, as near to the machine base as possible, taking care it doesn’t touch the base or the tube top. The rubber band must not be twisted, but straight, going around the machine rear, the coils and the needle bar, easily and secure.

What are O rings used for on a tattoo machine?

Tattoo machine black O-rings are used to stabilize the contact screw and the front spring of a tattoo machine every tattoo machine must use an O-ring to ensure a smoother vibration of the tattoo machine these all rings can be used for any coil style tattoo machine Recommended you replace after every tattoo to ensure.

Why does my tattoo machine spark?

Troubleshoot: Some tattoo machines will spark a little bit but if you get excessive sparking then it may be a problem. Possible causes of excessive sparking is a rear spring that has been bent too tight, installation of a new front spring that has been plated or a bad capacitor.

How do you prevent tattoo ink from splattering?

So another issue that can happen to your needle or tube that’ll cause splatter. It can be clogged up with a paper towel. Or having vaseline clogged up in your tube.

How far a tattoo needle should stick out?

The tip of the needle should not be sticking out anymore than 2mm and no less than 1mm. Keep in mind that every person’s skin type is different and there is no exact measure. If during your tattoo there are excessive amounts of blood, it is obviously going in too deep.

Do I dip my tattoo needle in ink?

Dip your running gun into the ink well and let the ink fill the reservoir of your needle tube tip…. your now ready to apply some ink. Or just place the end of your tube in the ink well and do not run your gun… this will ensure you don’t fishhook your needles by bouncing them off your plastic ink cup.

How deep should a tattoo needle go?

The tattoo needle goes through 1/16th of an inch of skin. That might not sound like a lot of skin, but it is really going through five sublayers of the epidermis, the dermal layer, and also the top layer of the dermis.

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