How to Start a Text Conversation with a Girl

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So you’ve secured a girl’s number, but how do you start a conversation that would pique her interest? Texting may be an excellent technique to break the ice and pique your crush’s interest. The goal is to go beyond a simple “hello” and ask fascinating questions that will elicit a response from her. Fortunately, flirting and communicating with a female through SMS does not have to be difficult. We’ll lead you through the whole process of messaging the lady you like with a list of simple conversation starters and excellent recommendations from one of our experienced dating coaches.

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1. Ask an open-ended question.

A mere “hello” is difficult to answer to, but questions allow for a more natural flow of dialogue. Choose open-ended questions over basic “yes-or-no” queries since there is more you can both say. You might start with a general “How’s your day?” or a more targeted query. Try to provide some context around your inquiry so that it seems natural. Here are a few examples:

  • “How do you feel about your English homework? This is how I’m feeling”
  • “Random question: What have you always wanted to do?”
  • “I’m attempting to compile a list of the best films of all time. What is your favorite film?”

2. Tell her you’re looking for a recommendation.

Requesting a recommendation will make her feel appreciated. At the same time, you learn about her preferences. Remember what she says so you may surprise her later or start another chat about her favorite topics. As an added bonus, you could receive a wonderful first date idea from the restaurant she recommends or the antique arcade she mentions.

  • “What should my next book be?”
  • “I’m seeking for fresh music recommendations. What do you think?”
  • “If you had to choose one brunch location in town, where would you go?”

3. Talk about her interests.

If you bring up things about which she is enthusiastic, she is more likely to respond. If you know she like a certain song, TV program, or movie, inquire about it! Inquire about the most recent episode of her favorite program, or if she has any song suggestions from her favorite album. Remembering her preferences and dislikes goes a long way toward demonstrating your concern, and it’s even better if you can discover common ground.

  • “You’re a fan of The Bleachers, right? I just recently found their latest EP. Which song is your favorite?”
  • “I saw your Instagram post on coral reefs. How did you become a member of the Oceans Club?”
  • “Because you’re such a jerk, if you had to choose between never playing basketball again and never playing soccer again, which would you choose?”
  • Don’t stress out if you disagree on anything! A friendly conversation over “Which Beatles Song Is The Best?” will help you two get to know one other and start an amusing back-and-forth.
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4. Send her a cute GIF, photo, or meme.

To keep the talk engaging, use a picture. A picture is worth a thousand words, and using another kind of media may assist to break up the monotony of your speech. You may email her a picture of something great you saw earlier that day or a witty meme you know she’ll like.

  • Text her something like “You’ll never guess what I saw today,” and then send her a goofy snapshot of your buddies acting weird or a lovely sunset photo.
  • “I thought you were cute, but this GIF could be cuter,” you remark, sending her a charming GIF.
  • Want to shake things up a little? Send her a song and remark, “This made me think of you,” if you know her well.
  • If you don’t know her well, email her a link to a fantastic band’s new album or a movie trailer and ask, “Have you seen this yet?”

5. Say something timely and relevant.

Bring up a future event to avoid your text seeming completely random. If you’re concerned about your text seeming random or overeager, use this method. Mention a popular band’s newest EP, a looming math exam, or ask her if she’s heard anything about her favorite football star.

  • “Are you going to that game/play/dance tonight?” for example. You may even ask her if she wants to come along with you (or with you and a group of friends, if you’re hesitant to go on that first date).
  • You might also create light conversation about something you’ve both experienced, such as “It was so strange running into you at Starbucks today!” or “Can you believe how Mr. Smith shouted at that kid in English class today?”

6. Start up a texting game.

“Would You Rather” games might help you get to know her better. Plus, if you and your partner disagree on an answer, it may be a terrific opportunity to start a lively argument. You may use this strategy as a conversation starter or if she doesn’t appear interested in the initial subject of discussion. [5] Here are some suggestions to get you started:

  • “Would you choose to go backwards or forwards in time?”
  • “Would you want to travel alone or in a group?”
  • “Would you rather live somewhere where it snowed all the time or somewhere where it was really hot?”
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7. Give her a compliment.

A genuine, pleasant complement is a simple approach to begin flirting. Avoid comments on her physique or beauty until you know her very well (and believe she could like you back). Instead, commend her personality and express your appreciation for her.

  • “Hey! I was just thinking about you. I’m grateful to have intelligent individuals like you in my life.”
  • “Talking to you always brightens my day 😊.”
  • “Until I met you, I believed I was the funniest person in town.”
  • If you need more ideas, read How to Text Message Someone You Like.

8. Use emojis.

Emojis can liven up and personalize your communications. Emojis may liven up a discussion since it’s difficult to gauge tone in text messages. Smiley faces may be flirtatious and entertaining, but they’re also innocent enough not to come off as overly brash or forward. She’ll notice if you make a cheerful face.
You may even strike up a discussion with a female by sending her a series of emoticons and asking her to guess what they signify. Try something like, “Can you guess what I’m doing right now? 🎡🎈🍿”

  • If you’re not sure how to utilize a smiley face, start by adding one at the end of a sentence, such as “Have you watched the latest ‘New Girl’ episode? It was excellent😁.”
  • Winky faces, in general, are more provocative and are utilized with flirtatious phrases and double-entendres. Use a winky face when a smiling face would ordinarily be used since it may seem out of place or even confused.

9. Ask her to hang out in person.

Texting may be used to ask for a date in person. Texting is enjoyable, but conversing in person is the best method to advance a relationship. When you’re ready, you can take it to the next step by utilizing your text messages to arrange a genuine in-person meet-up—whether it’s a date, a casual meet-up, or a group hangout.

  • “Hey, do you want to study after physics on Tuesday?”
  • “I have two concert tickets for a show in Washington Park. Do you want to accompany me?”
  • “Are you available to socialize this weekend? Do you want some coffee?”
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10. Send just one text at a time.

It’s easy to get overwhelmed with double-texting. Allow her ample time to react to your first message before sending another one. If she’s a quick texter, it’s OK to follow her example and send many messages.
Match her reaction rate as a general guideline. If she waits a minute to react to a message, wait a minute before responding to one of hers.

11. Move on if she’s not into the conversation.

Dry messaging, one-word messages, and brief answers may all indicate boredom. Allow her time to react since she may be busy. Go do something enjoyable while you wait. You may follow up once after a couple of hours and then leave it go. Remember, texting should be enjoyable, and there is almost certainly someone else out there who wants to chat to you.
If she requests you to stop messaging her, do so immediately. It is critical to respect her limits.

How do I start a conversation with a girl?

Congratulate her. Women like receiving compliments.
Salute her…
Please introduce yourself to her.
Refer to anything in common that links.
Make use of a pick-up line.
Inquire about her interests.
Inquire about her day.
Please seek her advice.

How do you initiate a text conversation?

To start a text conversation, mention something you did together, such as how fantastic supper was the previous night. Ask them a question instead, such as “What are you doing this weekend?” You may also attempt something eye-catching, such as an amusing anecdote about something you recently witnessed or did.

What do you text a girl?

Ask Her Intriguing Questions…. Inquire about Her Life and Background…. Inquire about Her Hopes and Dreams.
When you learn anything new about her, keep asking questions about it.
If She Inquires About You, Be Vulnerable and Share… Leave Her Wanting More.

What to text a girl you dont know?

Introduce yourself in the first paragraph.
Text having a goal.
Engage her in a discussion.
Congratulate her.
Text describing shared interests.
Pose open-ended inquiries.
Say something that will set you apart.

How do I text her?

Text her right now. This does not imply that you should be impolite. But wait a few minutes before messaging her back. Fourth, email her fascinating photographs of what you’re up to.

What words impress a girl?

How is your connection with your mother?
How is your connection with your father?
What piques your interest the most?
What’s your ideal day?
What was your most humiliating experience?
Who in your life gives you the greatest joy?
Where would you want to raise your family?

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