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A simple search through social media will reveal one exercise that is regularly lauded for its glute-building abilities: the hip thrust. This is a glute bridge variant that is commonly done in a gym where you sit on the ground while resting your back on a bench and push your hips up, going from a sitting to extended posture. Weight lifters like the hip thrust because it is one of the few exercises that can isolate and build your glutes without overworking other leg muscles.

The buzz is not unfounded. Hip thrusts are frequently recommended by trainers for glute gains because the horizontal stance allows you to fully utilize your hips while lifting a load against gravity. However, if you don’t have a bench and barbell at home, you may believe that you can’t profit from a hip thrust outside of the gym. This is when the BootySprout may come in handy.

The BootySprout is often shared on TikTok, with TikTokers gushing about the exercise it provides. It’s also $164—not exactly a low-risk bet. But, as is the case with a lot of fitness equipment, I put it to the test to see how well it performs.

how to take sexy booty pics

To be honest, I like a good selfie—but when it comes to self-love, belfies are the way to go. Belfies, sometimes known as “butt selfies,” have taken the globe by storm, so we’re here to provide some of the finest methods on how to snap a belfie so you, too, can join in on the fun.

A short look on Instagram will remind you that everyone loves a nice butt selfie, but belfies are more than just a thirsty ploy to garner a lot of likes—they’re also a chance to celebrate the beauty of our bodies. While the term “belfie” sounds beyond repulsive, the notion is far from it. I’m all for taking shots of your butt—in fact, shooting naked images of my body has been critical to my rehabilitation from an eating problem and body dysmorphia over the previous several years.

The main problem with belfies is that they’re difficult to take. Getting the right perspective in a mirror selfie is always difficult, and lighting is also difficult to control. Using the hands-free option on your phone is a good approach to create a more curated composition, but since you can’t see what you’re shooting as you shoot it, the whole process is prone to trial and error.

I believe that our world would be a better place if there were more lovely belfies; shooting really hot images of your tush shouldn’t be as difficult as it is! So I contacted two New York City-based boudoir photographers—Irina Mednik of French Kiss Boudoir Photography and Evgenia Ribinik of Evgenia Ribinik Boudoir Photography—to gather their greatest belfie tips and tactics.

Oh, and although I’ve included some belfie inspo below with photographs of women, I’d want to remind and encourage you that anybody can celebrate their booty with a belfie! We all have belfie-ready buttocks, so this isn’t only for the women!

Know Your Angles

Angles make all the difference when photographing, well, anything. This is particularly true for your buttocks. While butts come in a range of forms and sizes, Mednik observes that many women seek for the same ideal. “Most customers want a round, plump bottom that sits precisely between a slim waist and slender legs,” she says.

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But instead of aiming for Kim Kardashian’s stretchmark- and cellulite-free behind, you’d be better off working with what you’ve got. The fact that belfies—and indeed, any naked images at all—capture you precisely as you are is part of their allure. They’re honest, sincere, and a touch vulnerable—and that’s what makes them so unique. Chances are, the individual getting your belfie already knows what you look like. And you certainly do if you’re taking them for yourself.

However, you may decide that an affordable phone and camera tripod or self-timer remote for selfies is worth investing in to assist you acquire the perfect angle.

STYLECASTER’s purpose is to bring style to the people, and we only highlight things we believe you’ll like as much as we do. Please keep in mind that if you buy anything after clicking on a link in this article, we may gain a small fee on the transaction.

This little mobile phone holder not only enables you to steady your phone for hands-free selfies and shots, but it also includes three small ring light add-ons to improve the lighting and overall appearance of your images.

Instead of pressuring everyone to conform to a culturally recognized ideal, Mednik examines each client individually. “It truly relies on their bottom to photograph their rear,” she adds. Each shot is a one-of-a-kind reflection of the client’s appearance and artistic preferences, therefore there is no one-size-fits-all solution to the topic of angles.

But is there one tried-and-true perspective Mednik returns to again and again? Allowing the client to lay on their stomach and arch their back to allow their tushy to “pop out.” You may utilize your back and hips to give your booty some significant form (read: roundness), which will help define the difference between your butt and waist. “It’s a terrific optical illusion for individuals who don’t have much garbage in the trunk,” she explains, “but it also works brilliantly for those who do.”

Use Belfie Inspo

Because boudoir shots tend to sit at the intersection of what a person looks like and what they want to seem like, the go-to perspectives and poses vary a lot. As a result, many boudoir photographers request that their customers create a moodboard of their favorite boudoir pictures so that the photographer can get a feel of the client’s style (regarding everything from poses and angles to lighting and composition).

It may seem strange to create a Pinterest board devoted to booty photos, but chances are you’ve already saved a few Instagrams you’d want to recreate. So begin there. What are the similarities between the images? Do they lean for the Kim Kardashian break-the-internet Paper cover or the artful and genuine? Maybe something in the middle? Knowing what you’re attempting to accomplish can help your belfie procedure go smoothly.

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Legs Crossed

Cross your legs and stand. This will highlight the contour of your tush, giving you that popular hourglass figure.

Place It Down

Sitting may seem to be an unusual motion for a belfie, but Mednik says it’s ideal for individuals with flatter butts. The idea is to sit with your body slightly inclined away from the camera, providing a gorgeous curve to your backside—even if that curve is almost non-existent while you’re standing. (Don’t feel bad—flat butts may be just as attractive as juicy bottoms.) Your body is not flawed just because it does not conform to our current, fashionable ideal.)

Set it down

Sitting may seem to be a strange action for a belfie, but Mednik claims it is great for those with flatter buttocks. The objective is to sit with your body slightly inclined away from the camera, creating a beautiful curve in your backside—even if that curve is nearly non-existent when standing. (Don’t worry, flat butts may be just as appealing as luscious bottoms.) Your body is not faulty just because it does not fit our current, trendy ideal.)

Mind Your Lighting

Revisit your moodboard before lighting your belfies (or your bookmarked Instagrams, or wherever else your belfie treasure trove lies). How do the photographs you’ve saved appear? Is the lighting lovely and soft? Is it too harsh? Different lighting setups may give images whole different feelings, so plan ahead of time to figure out what you want.

If you’re unsure, Mednik and Ribinik suggest beginning with mild, natural light. Harsh, harsh light (such as that produced by a flash or a spotlight) tends to flatten your curves, blending them into the backdrop. It also has a tendency to throw dark shadows that exaggerate cellulite and uneven skin (which we all have—we’re all humans, after all).

Soft, natural light, on the other hand, produces a more romantic atmosphere while also being simpler to work with. Not only can you just open a window (no special equipment necessary), but you may also be less accurate with your angles and composition and yet get a nice result.

Because we don’t all have professional lighting equipment at our disposal, a little forethought goes a long way. Mednik suggests getting up early and taking belfies at daybreak, “when the light is particularly gentle and flattering.” She suggests resting on the bed with your bottom up and the window behind you.

Place the phone across the room, sandwiching yourself between the window and the phone. “That’s the most secure light to work with,” she claims. “It looks great on everyone and can even have a gloomy vibe about it.”

Consider your composition and what clothes you’re wearing.

The “rule of thirds” is integrated into your phone camera, so you don’t need to attend a photography class to learn about it. You know that grid that appears when you upload a picture on Instagram? That is your grid of thirds. Placing the focal point of a picture at the crossroads of two of those lines will attract the viewer’s attention into the composition, making your shot more interesting.

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“If I’m getting an extremely close-up, I typically go with the rule of thirds,” Mednik adds, “but negative space to the side does look fascinating as long as there isn’t clutter.” “You want to make sure the backdrop is as clean and basic as possible so that your attention isn’t drawn away from the true beauty of the photo—the butt.”

How do you pose to look curvier?

11 Tricks to Perfect Posing for Girls With Curves
  1. Make your arms look thinner. …
  2. Stand with your feet hip-width apart. …
  3. Deal with a double chin. …
  4. Get bigger hips and a smaller waist. …
  5. Hide back skin rolls. …
  6. Hide tummy bulges. …
  7. Sit with your back straight. …
  8. Move your body forward a little.

How do you take masculine selfies?

1) Straight-on. It might sound simple, but if you just want a photo of your face, you should hold your phone directly in front of you, slightly above your eye line, and look straight into the lens. This is super engaging as it looks like you’re making eye contact.



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How do girls take good Snapchat selfies?

In Snapchat, hit the little lightning bolt on the top left corner and then take your selfie. The screen will burst bright white light on your face. It won’t look perfect by any means (it gives the photo a subtle blue cast), but at least you’ll be able to see your face.

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