How to Take the Stretch Out of an Elastic in Clothing

How to stretch out elastic

How to stretch out elastic – If you have an item of clothing that doesn’t appear to fit well due to the tight elastic, you may make some easy modifications to make it fit better. Fortunately, you can make these changes without using a sewing machine. You may either stretch the elastic to make them fit comfortably, or you can completely remove it.

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Heating the Elastic

How to stretch out elastic
Turn on the iron and dab a cloth with it.

1. Turn on the iron and dab a cloth with it. You want to turn on your iron and set it to the highest setting. Wet a face cloth or hand towel until it is moist but not drenched.

how to stretch elastic
Get your pants ready.

2. Get your pants ready. You may either pin each side of your jeans to the ironing board—stretched to the proper length—or you can iron them. Alternatively, you may just move the trousers about the ironing board until they are the correct width.

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Cover your elastic with a moist towel.

3. Cover your elastic with a moist towel. Make certain that it fully covers the elastic you’re attempting to stretch. Use two rags if necessary.

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The elastic should be ironed.

4. The elastic should be ironed. Iron over the elastic band using a moist towel on top and your iron on the highest level. Iron for 10 seconds, then cool for 10 seconds. Continue for another 5-10 minutes. This will help your trousers fit better because when the elastic warms up, the breaking weight increases. This implies it will be able to extend farther before hitting its limit.

how do you stretch elastic
Repeat as needed.

5. Repeat as needed. If it hasn’t stretched enough, flip your elastic band and repeat the procedure. Continue doing so until you get the ideal fit.

Stretching the Elastic

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Find a seat.

1. Find a seat. If you have a chair of the appropriate size for stretching the elastic, that will work nicely. If you don’t have a chair of the appropriate size, consider using the edge of a small table, an empty drawer, or an empty poster frame.

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Wrap your stretchy garment around your chair.

2. Wrap your stretchy garment around your chair. If possible, align the sides with the sides of the chair. This will aid in the equal stretching of the elastic.

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Allow it to sit.

3. Allow it to sit. Allow your elastic to stretch for 24 hours. If the required size is still not achieved, stretch the elastic again and leave it for several days. Place it in a warm location to allow the elastic band to stretch.

Removing the Elastic

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Turn the garment inside out.

1. Turn the garment inside out. This will make things a lot simpler to deal with. You’ll also be less likely to make a mistake with your scissors if you can see what you’re doing.

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Locate the inner seam.

2. Locate the inner seam. Elastics are sometimes sewed into the seams of clothes. If you cut them someplace other than the seam, you won’t be able to take the elastic out of them. Hold one side of the seam and extend the other side to find the seam. If you feel the elastic stretch, you may cut it anywhere you choose. If it snags at the seam, make a note to snip here.

how to stretch elastic in clothing
Make a tiny slit on the inside of your garment.

3. Make a tiny slit on the inside of your garment. Make a cut (about 12″) in your clothes to remove the elastic band. If the elastic is sewed into the seam, the seam must be trimmed to the size of the elastic.

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Remove the elastic.

4. Remove the elastic. Cut the elastic with scissors through your incision. Cut all the way through the elastic without causing any further holes in your garments.

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Extend the elastic.

5. Extend the elastic. If you still want to be able to tie the pants tightly, use a safety pin to attach a long shoelace or ribbon to one end of the elastic. Pull on the end of the elastic that does not have the ribbon while removing it. This will help your new tie slip through the waistline. If you don’t want a tie, just draw the elastic out carefully, taking careful not to grab a loose thread and bunch your cloth. Your clothing are ready to wear after the elastic has been removed or replaced.
You may stitch the slit closed if you like, but it isn’t required before wearing your garments.

How do you loosen elastic that is too tight?

First, pull the elastic band to the maximum, and then put it on the ironing board or a wider wooden board. Then use an electric iron to iron back and forth on the elastic band. After a few minutes of ironing, the elastic will become slightly looser.

How do you stretch a piece of elastic?

  1. Turn your iron to its hottest setting.
  2. Pin one end of the elastic band to the ironing board. Stretch the band as far as it can go without damaging the material around it. Pin the other side of the elastic band to the board.
  3. Lay a damp cloth over the elastic band. Quickly iron sections of the band.

Can you cut elastic to loosen?

Cut a piece of elastic the same width as the elastic in the garment and the length you want to extend the waist, usually between 1 1/2 and 2 inches. Set the sewing machine to a wide zigzag stitch and a short stitch length. Unpin one side of the elastic and pull it out enough to maneuver easily.

Can you shrink stretched out elastic?

Yes, you can make elastic shrink by applying high heat. Elastic can withstand high temperatures and shrink very easily. What is this? For best result, dampen a cloth and place over the elastic waistband.

Does hot water shrink elastic?

Place the rubber in boiling water if hot tap water fails to shrink the rubber. The high heat will force the rubber to shrink if you allow it to boil for 5 to 10 minutes. In some cases, boiling will return the rubber object to the desired size and shape just by removing any dirt and debris that has collected.

Can you put elastic in the dryer?

Elastics – Keep bathing suits, shapeware and other spandex/elastic items out of the dryer to preserve their elasticity. The tumbling and heat can tangle, stretch and destroy the materials.

How do you soften elastics?

With the damp cloth on top of your elastic band and your iron on the highest setting, iron over it. Iron for 10 seconds and then let sit for 10 seconds. Continue doing so for 5-10 minutes.

Does fabric softener loosen elastic?

Image via StayGlam. Never Ever: Use fabric softener. It ruins the stretchy material in your clothes and traps in odors – gross. Always: Turn clothes inside-out before washing on cold cycle.

Why does elastic dry out?

When the elastomers and plasticizers begin to oxidize over time, those materials stop performing their functions and providing the elasticity that we know and love in our rubber products. The snap-back benefit of a rubber band begins to disappear as those natural chemicals begin to break down.

How do you make elastic work again?

A safety pin at either end in case I lose my grip on one side I’ll be able to use the safety pin to get it back out.

How do you regain elasticity in clothing?

Wash your 100-percent cotton shirt or wool garment for one cycle on your washing machine’s hottest temperature setting. The combination of moisture, heat and agitation can help stretched fabric fibers to shrink back to their original state.

Does bleach stretch elastic?

Meaning that it can put holes in your clothes, weaken the seaming, and make them thin quickly. Bleach also breaks down elastic terribly.

What makes elastic lose its stretch?

The elastic material might even break. This happens when it becomes too dried out, and as of now, there is no known way to revitalize the elastic once it gets to this point. Unless you want to wear the now saggy clothes, it is time to replace the elastic strips.

Do elastic bands shrink in the dryer?

It works well in wash-and-wear fabrics, swimwear and synthetic knits. It withstands dry cleaning relatively well, as well as machine washing and drying. It shrinks very little, if at all.

How do you loosen garter shorts?

Elastic will loosen up – a little bit – over time, so try giving your garter a few gentle stretches to full diameter to try to get the elastic to loosen up. This might make the garter more comfortable and less stiff. Don’t pull the garter so far that it breaks!

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