How to Talk With a Deeper Voice

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Whether you want to be a radio announcer or strengthen your control over your new dog, speaking with a deeper voice may be highly beneficial. There is a lot of information on this issue, and fortunately, we’ve done significant study and discovered that regulating your breathing is the best approach to achieve it. You may also talk deeply by projecting your voice and experimenting with different strategies in real time, such as swallowing before speaking.

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Part 1 : Projecting Your Voice

1. Practice speaking in front of a mirror. Stand tall and straight. Keep your chin up. Then, speak your name aloud and pay attention to how it sounds. You might also read an excerpt from a newspaper or a book. Consider your voice’s loudness, tone, breathiness, and, most importantly, pitch.

  • The amount your vocal cords vibrate determines the pitch of your voice.
  • Your vocal cords are vibrating at a high frequency if your voice sounds high or has a high pitch.
  • Your vocal chords are vibrating at a lower frequency if your voice sounds low or deep.

2. Relax your throat muscles. When you talk at a lower volume than usual, your voice is less prone to crack. Attempt to relax your throat as much as possible to avoid tightening your voice chords.
Work up a little extra saliva and swallow it sometimes to moisten your voice box and keep it sounding clear.

3. Carry out reading tasks. Choose a paragraph from a favorite book or article. Practice reading the paragraph slowly and quietly. If you read too rapidly, you may notice that your voice loses its tone. Keep your chin up and read the paragraph while breathing through your abdomen.

4. Practice your voice using a smartphone app. You may train your voice chords on your own time by using a choice of mobile programs for smart phones or tablets. These tools enable you to train for particular objectives and track your progress. You may, for example, try one of the following applications:

  • Vocular enables you to determine how deep your voice is. It shows you how deep you’re speaking and even allows you to compare your voice to superstars with comparable tones.
  • There are numerous additional free applications available on the App Store; just Googling Voice will get decent results.
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5. Experiment with humming. To warm up your voice, hum deeply from your throat, with your lips apart and your chin pointing down toward your chest. Humming is a great warm-up exercise for musicians and singers, as well as anybody looking to enhance their speaking voice.
Slowly raise your chin while humming, and then begin speaking straight from that humming voice to make it seem deeper.

6. Use your mouth to speak. Speaking via your lips is preferable than speaking through your nose. Although a deep voice with a nasal characteristic is possible, it sounds nicer to have a deep voice without a nasal quality.
Avoid employing a too airy, soft, smooth, hollow-resonance, or echo-like sound in your chest (called a chest voice).

7. Experiment with projecting your speaking voice. Learn to speak such that you can hear your own voice in front of you. While mastering this technique, do not keep your stomach in. Breathe in via your diaphragm. You should be able to feel your breath going from your abdomen to your chest and finally out of your mouth.

8. Experiment with modest modifications to your voice. To avoid straining your vocal chords, avoid making strenuous attempts to modify your voice. At first, merely work out your voice for brief periods of time, and only a few semitones below your regular pitch. Allow yourself more time as you gradually reduce your practicing pitch.

  • Play around with your friends and relatives to see how they respond (they are more likely to be forgiving). To improve your control, try out different voices and tones. And keep striving to make your voice sound the way you want it to.
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Part 2 : Trying Techniques in the Moment

1. Keep your head held high. Maintaining a deep and commanding voice requires good posture. Instead of allowing your head to drop or to the side when speaking, strive to maintain your head up straight and your chin up.
A good speaking voice is dependent on your posture.

2. Suck before speaking. One technique for achieving a deeper voice is to swallow immediately before speaking. You are not required to swallow anything. As though you were swallowing something, utter the words. Your tone of speech should be a little lower than normal.

3. Talk slowly. Speak more slowly than normal. Lower your voice at the start of each phrase and then talk gently. If you find yourself wanting to talk too rapidly, the pitch of your voice may rise.

4. Avoid speaking in a growly or raspy tone of voice. This technique may cause voice cord injury. It might also be a sign of a medical problem, such as strep throat.

  • Smoking should be avoided. Although smoking might give you a raspy or breathy voice, it can harm your health in the long run, particularly your vocal chords and lungs.
  • If you have a raspy voice that won’t go away, you should consult a doctor.

Part 3 : Controlling Your Breathing

1. Take a deep breath. Consider the quality of your breath for a minute. Take note of whether you are breathing in via your mouth or your nose. Don’t strive to adjust your breath for the time being. Simply observe how it feels and breathe normally.

2. Play around with your breathing. Try breathing in from your nose and down into your lower abdomen. Then, when you exhale, say, “hello.” Take note of your voice’s pitch and depth. To comparison, do the same exercise while breathing into your chest or neck. When you breathe into your neck, it should sound extremely high pitched, middle pitched when you breathe into your chest, and deep when you breathe into your lower diaphragm.
Step 3: Speak in a Deeper Voice

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3. Breathe through your diaphragm. Deeply inhale into your lower diaphragm. Say anything you wish to say as you exhale. If you breathe into your lower abdomen, your voice will sound deeper.
In order to talk properly, open your mouth naturally. Lips and cheeks should not be pursed, cupped, or shaped.

Can you make your voice deeper?

Try breathing deeply through your nose, bringing the air all the way in and as far down as possible, and then saying something slowly while exhaling slowly. As you talk, you should sense a vibration. This method, which is popular among singers and actors, may be able to assist you in controlling the pitch of your voice.

How do you talk louder with a deeper voice?

Simply standing there and bending your knees is an easy one to attempt. And try something like when you’re in shame with Fortune. And then try bending your knees even more deeply.

What does having a deeper voice mean?

According to Puts, males often have deep voices due to elevated testosterone levels. This hormone causes the voice cords to stretch and thicken, causing them to vibrate at a lower frequency.

Is a deeper voice more attractive?

According to studies, deep voices give males an impression of strength and sexual attraction. Men with low, resonant voices are viewed as more beautiful, manly, respected, and dominating.

Does a deep voice mean big balls?

“Deeper voices are supposed to imply a greater physical size, which might indicate a suitable match.” But the sexual trade-offs in howler monkeys don’t stop there. Male monkeys with bigger hyoids had smaller testicles and made lower-pitched cries.

How can I speak more masculine?

Instead of speaking through your nose, try speaking through your lips. A deep nasal voice is feasible, but speaking from your lips sounds more manly. You should strive to decrease your pitch to deepen your voice. To prevent stiffening your voice chords, relax your throat as much as possible.

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