How to Tie a Double Ring Belt

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How to Tie a Belt with Two Rings

Double ring belts are a form of belt that is attached using a pair of two metal rings instead of a buckle. They are generally made of a more casual material like canvas. It’s easy to become confused while attempting to tighten a two ring belt for the first time if you’ve never worn one before. It is, however, as simple as attaching any other belt provided you master the method for threading the end of the belt through both rings properly. When you desire a highly customizable fit, double ring belts are a perfect accent to any casual summer attire or a functional daily belt.

Fastening a Double Ring Belt

1. Your belt should be threaded through the belt loops on your pants. Put on a pair of trousers that are buttoned and zipped up and stand up straight. Pull the double ring belt’s end through the front loop on your left side, then through all the remaining loops until it’s completely wrapped around your waist.

  • This is true for any kind of double ring belt. It makes no difference whether the rings are D-shaped, O-shaped, or square in form.
  • If you want, you may pass the belt through the loops in the other manner, beginning with the loop on your right side. However, the most common manner to wear a belt is from the left.
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2. Make sure the two rings on the belt are centred below your belly button. To move the rings, pull on the belt’s end or the rings themselves. Make sure they’re positioned on top of your trousers’ top button.

  • The rings are placed in the same location as a typical belt buckle.

3. Pass the belt’s end through both rings. Hold the rings with your left hand and slip the tip of the belt between the rings with your right hand, moving towards your left. Pull the belt as far as it will go.

  • Because you haven’t produced any tension yet, the belt will still be loose.

4. On top of the first ring, loop the belt back over itself and beneath the second ring. Pull the belt’s end back to your right, passing over the top of the first ring. Slide the belt’s tip under the second ring and pull it all the way through until the rings are flush on your front waist. Continue pushing on the belt’s end until it feels snug around your waist.

  • As you tighten the belt, you may need to re-center the rings by moving them to the left or right on your waist.

Tip: To make it easier to get the belt over the first ring and under the second ring, insert a fingertip in between them.

Securing the Loose End in Different Ways

1. For a traditional appearance, tuck the end of the belt into the closest belt loop. Slide the loose end of the belt’s tip through the first belt loop on your right side. Pull the slack all the way through until the belt is flat against itself.

  • Regular belts feature a “keeper loop,” or loop to hold the end of the belt, but double ring belts don’t, so you’ll have to tie the end in a different method.
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Tip: If there’s still a lot of slack belt hanging after you’ve passed it through the first belt loop, slide the tip through the next one as well.

2. If the loose end of the belt is too short to reach a loop, use a bobby pin to secure it. Hold the end of the belt against your waist, straight and flat. To clip it in place, insert a bobby pin over the loose end and the portion of belt right beneath it.

  • If you don’t have a bobby pin, a hair tie will suffice. Simply slip the hair tie over the belt before putting it on, then thread the belt’s loose end through the hair tie to secure it.

3. For a more casual style, pull the belt’s end behind itself and straight down. Between the belt and the waist of your jeans, slide the tip of the loose end of the belt under the portion of belt immediately to the right of the rings. Pull the tip of the belt straight down until the loose end is flush on the front of your thigh.

  • This is an excellent method to give the belt a relaxed, carefree appearance while yet keeping the loose end in place and preventing it from flapping about. Wearing a double ring belt, for example, may dress down a pair of khakis and a button-up blouse.
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4. For a braided effect, tuck the belt beneath itself and draw it straight. Pass the loose end of the belt over the first belt loop on your right side, then slide the tip between the belt and the waistband of your trousers, from the top edge of the belt downwards. Pull the tip of the belt out from the bottom edge, then straight to your right, twisting the loose end of the belt around the portion of belt on your hip.

  • This is a fun way to wear a double ring belt in a casual setting. For example, a canvas double ring belt might be worn with khaki shorts and a striped T-shirt to create a traditional summertime boat wear appearance.

5. If the belt is excessively long or short, use double-sided tape to secure the end. Apply a piece of double-stick tape to the rear of the loose end of the belt. To keep it in place, press it firmly on the part of belt right under it.

  • If your belt is either too short for the end to reach your first belt loop or too long for the end to hang after you put it through your belt loop, this approach may be a decent alternative.

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