How to Trim a Yorkie’s Face

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If you own a Yorkshire terrier, getting its hair clipped is an essential component of providing it with the appropriate level of care. In example, if you don’t frequently cut the long hair on your dog’s face, it may be a source of irritation for your pet. The good news is that it is not too difficult for you to trim the face of your Yorkie by yourself. You will just need some scissors, clippers, a comb, and some spare time to do this task. Your Yorkie will have finely trimmed fur that will show off its attractive face if you use the appropriate method and style while grooming it.

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Positioning Your Yorkie and Combing it Out

1. Put your Yorkie in a relaxed state of mind. You should spend some time with your dog before the grooming appointment so that you can prepare it ready to remain still for a short period of time. To wear it out a little bit, either engage it in the kind of fun activity it really enjoys or take it on a stroll. Then you should go and purchase some tasty snacks that it adores, and you should utilize those sweets to persuade it to obey your directions.

  • When a Yorkie is properly trained, the groomer will have an easier time trimming the dog’s coat. Do not try to clip the hair on your dog’s face if it does not listen to your orders. This will prevent you from accidently hurting your dog.

2. Position your Yorkie so that it is at waist or chest level on a surface that won’t slide. It will be much simpler for you to cut the facial hair of your Yorkie if you elevate it off the ground. This will bring you face-to-face with it, allowing you to view the face in all of its detail. It will be easier on your body if you have the dog on an elevated platform rather than having to hunch over the whole time you are cutting the dog’s nails.

  • In order to keep your Yorkie safe while it is receiving its cut, use a non-slip pad on the area if it is slick. This will protect your Yorkie from falling while getting its cut. Bath mats are an excellent choice for this purpose due to the fact that they are manufactured to be non-slip and are also simple to clean.
  • Maintain a firm grip on your pet when it is perched on anything elevated to prevent it from falling and injuring itself. Never, ever leave your dog alone atop a table, since the pet runs the risk of falling and suffering serious injuries.
  • Put your Yorkie on a table and sit in a chair in front of it if you do not have a tall surface that you can stand in front of as you trim. This will allow you to better see what you are doing. Your dog will be at the ideal height once you accomplish this.

3. Remove the fur from around the face of your Yorkie with a comb. This includes the fur on the top of the head as well as the fur on the neck if they are going to be trimmed. You may get rid of any trash and tangles in your Yorkie’s coat by using a dog comb with fine teeth and working gently through the hair. To begin, start by combing out just the tips of the fur and working out any large knots that you find. After that, using the comb, start at the top of the fur and work your way down, checking to make sure there are no knots left.

  • When you are combing and trimming the fur on a Yorkie that has long hair, the fur on the top of its head will need to be pulled out of the way so that you can access it. Putting it in a ponytail on the top of the dog’s head is the method that is going to be the least difficult. If you want to avoid causing harm to its hair, you should use a scrunchie or a coated hair band instead of an elastic band.
  • As you work your way through your Yorkie’s coat, you should be on the lookout for regions that have hair that is too long or unkempt. Make a note in your head of the places that need to be improved in order to give the cut a more endearing appearance.
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4. Keep your dog’s head from moving around. When you are cutting the fur on your Yorkie, you need to make sure that the dog is motionless so that you do not inadvertently cut the dog. You can successfully hold it by enlisting the assistance of another person, keeping it tethered to you with a leash, immobilizing it by pinning its fur under its chin, or using any combination of these techniques.

  • The dog is often restrained by a leash, and the groomer may hold the animal by the chin so that it cannot turn its head at any point throughout the process. Other techniques of holding it still do not guarantee that the head will remain still throughout that time.

Trimming Around the Eyes and the Ears

1. With your straight or thinning dog-grooming scissors, trim the hair from between the eyes of your pet. When you get to this point in the cut, you need to use extreme caution so that you do not accidentally stab your dog with the scissors. Cut the fur that is located on both sides of the bridge of the nose by using the extremely pointy end of the scissors. It is important to keep the hair in that region trimmed short so that it does not get in the way of your dog’s vision.

  • In order to prevent injuries to the animal, grooming scissors for dogs often feature rounded tips. They may be straight, curved, or even thinning shears, which feature a blade that is shaped like a comb and are available in a broad range of sizes and forms. Although it is possible to use clippers designed for dog grooming in this region, doing so often causes dogs to become highly anxious because of the proximity of the clippers’ vibration and loudness to their eyes.
  • Beginning from the tip of the nose’s back, go forward until you reach the exact middle of the eye.

2. Trim and comb forward the hair that is located over the eyes. First, use the comb to move the fur forward, and then use your fingers to capture the line of fur that you just moved. Make a cut over the top of the skull, just at the line you drew with your fingertips, using the thinning shears.

  • Check often to ensure that you are removing sufficient fur to provide room for your Yorkie’s eyes as you work. After you have made the cut, pull the fur down in front of its eyes to ensure that the fur is no longer obstructing its vision.
  • There will be certain instances in which the fur on the top of the head will not be shaved. If you want your Yorkie to have a ponytail on the top of its head, draw that hair up into a ponytail to keep it out of the way. This will also keep the fur out of the way when you brush your Yorkie.

3. Trim the hair around each ear to a very short length in order to expose the tip of each ear. In this step, you should equip your clippers with a #10 guard. Remove debris from a region that is about half an inch (1.3 centimeters) broad and extends from the tip down each side and onto the front and rear of the ear. Because of this, the apex of the ear will stand out more prominently.

  • By drawing attention to this spot, you will be better able to form a line along which to groom down the ears.
  • It is recommended that you begin with a #10 guard. If the fur continues to grow excessively long as a result of this, you may simply try again with a shorter guard.
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4. Make a line for cutting by carefully folding each ear in half lengthwise. Make sure that the sides of the dog’s ear are aligned with each other by folding it over with the hand that is not your dominant one. You will begin by folding the tip of the ear in half, and then you will draw the top of the ear down until the top line of it lines up with the bottom line of it. This results in the formation of a line that begins at the highest point of the ear and continues down the contour of the chin.

  • One hand should be used to hold the ear in this position while the other hand should be used to cut.
  • Your dog will not experience any discomfort as a result of this. You are just bending the sections of its ears that are very flexible at this point.

5. Make a cut in the fur so that it runs parallel to the folded border of the side of the ear. Take extreme caution to avoid severing the ears. As soon as you release your grip on the ear, you will see that the lines on the top and side of the ear are flawless.

  • Make this line more subtle and feathery by cutting it with thinning shears. You should hold the thinning shears so that they are perpendicular to the fur and at the desired depth into the fur. After that, make a series of cuts parallel to the line in order to remove the surplus fur that is creating a ridge on the coat.
  • Be careful to keep glancing back at the first ear while you cut the second one so that the curves on both ears line up as closely as possible.

Trimming Under the Chin and Cleaning Up Your Work

1. As you cut beneath the chin, follow the line of the ears as you go downward. To maintain a smooth line as you work your way down the line you made on the ears, use your thinning shears and comb to work your way down the line. You are going to begin at the highest point of the ear, work your way down the folded sides of the ear, and then cut down the jawline all the way down to the chin. The objective is to create a single, uninterrupted visual line that extends from the furthest point of the ear to the chin.

  • Be careful to check that the newly trimmed line on the second side of the dog’s head matches the one you drew on the first side of the head before moving on to the next side.

2. Remove any excess hair from the sides and underneath of the nose. Make use of your thinning shears to remove some of the unnecessary length in this region. To remove superfluous fur, run them across the lengthy portions while making numerous cuts with the scissors. After that, cut your way in with your clippers. You should start trimming the length of the fur between the eyes and work your way toward the greater length on the sides of the nose. As you slide the clippers over the snout, begin by trimming the hair near to the skin at the top of the nose. As you travel down the muzzle, gradually move the clippers farther away from the skin.

  • Additionally, use the clippers to cut the hair underneath the snout of the animal.
  • It is common practice to maintain the length of the fur on the sides of the nose at the same length as the hair on the chin. However, in order to prevent the dog’s hair from getting into its mouth, the fur right behind the nose is trimmed shorter.
  • It is essential to remove a sufficient amount of fur from behind the snout of your Yorkie so that it does not end up in its mouth. Long hair in this region may be bothersome to the dog and can result in a mess being made on the coat when the dog eats.
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3. Give your Yorkie a good brushing to double-check your work and remove any superfluous hair. Brush the whole head to make sure that the cut looks cohesive across the entirety of the hair. Check that the cut looks good from all of the many angles where the hair on the dog’s face, ears, chin, and neck join together. This will guarantee that the cut is successful.

  • If you see a problem location, you should go back and adjust it while your Yorkie is still in the correct posture.

Should I cut the hair around my Yorkies eyes?

It is important to use considerable care while clipping the hairs around the eyes of Yorkies because of their heightened sensitivity in that area. The goal is to eliminate any hairs that could curl back and hurt the dog’s eyes by trimming away just enough extra hair to clear the dog’s field of vision and to remove any hairs that would otherwise curl back. The ears of Yorkies, much like human ears, need to be kept clean.

Can you cut a Yorkies whiskers?

Is it okay if I trim the dog’s whiskers? Unless otherwise directed by a qualified veterinarian, we would never suggest that a dog’s owner lop off their pet’s whiskers. The vibrissae of some dogs are clipped off by their groomers for the sake of aesthetics, which is not a good idea.

Can I cut my Yorkie hair myself?

Is It Possible to Do It Yourself When Trimming the Hair on a Yorkie? You may attempt trimming the hair on your Yorkie all by yourself if you want to save the time and money that you would have spent taking him to a professional dog groomer. First things first, you are going to need to buy some clippers and raise the half-inch guard. Before putting on the clippers, make sure you show them to your dog and give them some time to become accustomed to them.

What is the best haircut for a Yorkie?

The Yorkie Show Cut exudes sophistication with its long, lavish hair and distinctive top knot. It is because the breed often exhibits this particular style in dog shows that are sanctioned by the American Kennel Club that the Yorkie cut has come to be recognized as the definitive cut for the Yorkie.

How do you groom a Yorkies head?

First, use the comb to move the fur forward, and then use your fingers to capture the line of fur that you just moved. Make a cut over the top of the skull, just at the line you drew with your fingertips, using the thinning shears. Check often to ensure that you are removing sufficient fur to provide room for your Yorkie’s eyes as you work.

Are Yorkies intelligent?

Canine psychologist Stanley Coren describes Yorkies as being “above average clever” in comparison to other breeds of dogs. In point of fact, out of a total of 138 eligible breeds, they are regarded as the 34th smartest dog breed. In spite of this, the real intelligence of a Yorkie lies in its capacity to comprehend the feelings and thoughts of humans and to communicate successfully.

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