How to Twerk

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Twerking is a terrific way to have fun while dancing to your favorite music or working out. Twerking is simple once you understand the fundamental motions.

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Method 1: Doing the Squat and Shake Twerk

1. Put yourself in a squat stance. You want to be low to the earth so you can stay grounded and balanced, but not too low. To prevent knee damage, keep your knees behind your toes. Stand with your legs wide apart and your feet turned out, lower to the ground. This will assist you in maintaining your equilibrium once you begin moving. This is the most frequent and least sexually suggestive style to twerk.
Choose a fun, quick rhythm and begin practicing! You may practice twerking slowly at first to get the fundamental technique down, then speed up if you’re comfortable.

2. Extend your booty outward. Get into a position that appears like you’re ready to sit in a chair—think “chair pose” in yoga—your booty should be the focal point. Maintain a bent knee and lay your hands on your hips. Keep your upper body erect and your gaze forward. Twerking does not need you to stare at the ground.
Lean forward roughly 45 degrees as you pop your bottom out, moving your weight to your toes. This is referred to as the “Miley Twerk.” If you want to appear less scandalous, you may maintain your chest erect and not lean forward as much.

3. Shake your bottom up and down. If you opt to twerk with your hands on your hips, press your thumbs into your butt bones to help push your hips forward; to move your booty back, use your other fingers to pull back on your hip bones to assist your booty travel backward. If you’re used to twerking without your hands, raise your arms straight out in front of you, close together and parallel to the ground, and gently swing them while you twerk.

  • To get the Miley Twerk, move your hips fast from right to left; for a conventional twerk, pop your booty up and down while arching and straightening your back. And don’t be concerned if you don’t have a large booty. Anyone can pull off this maneuver!
  • It all comes down to separating your bottom half. Try to maintain the top half of your body steady.
  • You may also experiment with your hands, keeping them up in front of you, out to the sides, or back on your hips.
  • You may also go even lower to the ground by putting your hands over your knees, with your fingers pointing toward each other and your wrists facing out, and shaking your booty with your hands, which will help you get the most bang for your buck.
  • Add a Miley face or hand gesture for good measure if you’re really going for it.
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Method 2: Doing the Wall Twerk

1. Place yourself approximately two feet away from a solid wall. Stand away from the wall but near enough that you can see it in your peripheral vision. This is the most visible kind of twerking. Make sure you don’t think this is a good idea after one too many drinks, otherwise you’ll end up falling. You should be rather confident in your twerking talents before attempting the wall twerk. This maneuver is not for the faint of heart.
To pull this off, you’ll need a lot of upper body strength and outstanding coordination.

2. Place your hands on the ground. This time, make sure you have a firm grasp on the floor since you will be walking your feet up the wall and don’t want to tumble. Your whole hand should be on the ground to provide the necessary balance. Increase the height of your bottom in the air to make it simpler to bring your legs up there. Hands should be approximately a foot forward of your feet, shoulder width apart. Shift your weight from your legs to your hands as you put both hands on the ground.
Your upper body and torso should be in a handstand posture. Your fingers should be facing outward.

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3. Walk your feet up the wall, bending your knees and shaking your booty. Place one leg on the wall, raise it until you feel secure, and then lift the other leg up to join it. Your feet should be roughly one foot apart and one foot distant from each hip. Place your toes firmly on the wall and practice arching and hallowing your back to create the fundamental twerk technique. As you rock out with your lower body (which will be above your upper body! ), keep your arms and upper body strong and solid. Consider this a variation on the “hands on the ground” twerk, however this time you’re on a wall.

  • You should try to stay up there for thirty seconds, a minute, or the duration of a short song, but keep in mind that your hands and shoulders will weary after a while.
  • This is also an excellent time to find a wall twerking partner to help you in showing off your abilities!
  • Make an effort to exit gracefully. Return your feet to the wall one at a time. You may either continue performing the “hands on the ground” twerk or take a break from twerking until you’re ready to unleash your inner-Miley again.

Method 3: Doing the Hands on the Ground Twerk

1. Keep your legs parallel and spaced. Make certain that your legs are straight and that your body is pointing forward. They should be broader than the width of your hips. It will be difficult to bend down and twerk efficiently if they are too close together.

2. Place your hands on the floor. Lean down and extend your toes. You can bend your legs slightly and make sure at least your fingers contact the ground. Nobody is keeping you from putting your full hands on the ground if you’re more flexible. This will assist you in maintaining your own equilibrium.

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3. Make a booty pop. Bend and straighten your legs swiftly, emphasizing the booty pop as you do so. Bend and straighten your legs in time with the music. Twerking also allows you to shake and wriggle your booty. Simply arch your back and then hallow it out, allowing your booty go up and down, up and down. Wiggle your hips from left to right swiftly for the Miley.

What does twerking mean?

Sexually provocative dance characterized by quick, repetitive hip thrusts and buttock shaking, particularly when crouching

How do you twerk?

Bend and straighten your legs in time with the music. Twerking also allows you to shake and wriggle your booty. Simply arch your back and then hallow it out, allowing your booty go up and down, up and down. Wiggle your hips from left to right swiftly for the Miley.

What does twerk mean in slang?

Twerking is defined as “sexually provocative dancing with thrusting motions of the bottom and hips while in a low, crouching position.” The word’s present form is said to have originated in the early 1990s New Orleans “bounce” music culture, although the precise origin of twerk is unknown.

Is twerking inappropriate?

Twerking, a kind of dance originating in the New Orleans bounce culture, has been scrutinized by individuals mostly outside of the black community since it ascended to popular notice. The dance has been described as hypersexual and vulgar, and it is not regarded a legitimate or acknowledged dance form.

What does it mean to twerk on a girl?

Twerking is defined as an act in which a person, generally a female, “dance[s] to popular music in a sexually suggestive style incorporating thrusting hip motions and a low, crouching position.”

Is twerking black culture?

Twerking has been a part of black culture for many decades, and variations of the dance can be seen in most areas with a large concentration of people of African heritage.

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