how to put on graduation hood

How to Wear an Academic Hood

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How to put on graduation hood

How to wear an academic hood – Academic hoods are often worn as part of the ceremonial regalia during commencement ceremonies and graduation festivities. Academic hoods, unlike other hoods, are designed to hang low on the back and around the neck. The most challenging element of the graduation ceremony might be properly donning these hoods. However, if you know how to fold your hood properly, it’s simple to make your total look match the significance of the event.

Putting On Your Own Hood

how to wear an academic hood
How to wear an academic hood

1. Find out what your university’s hood policies are. Whether you put on your hood yourself or have it placed on you by a professor during your ceremony will determine how you wear it. While you wait for your hood to be put over your neck during a hooding ceremony, you may need to drape it over your arm or shoulder. Inquire with your institution about the hooding process and timetable.

how to wear hood
How to wear hood

2. Your hood should be unfolded. Your hood will most likely be wrapped in a plastic bag or hung on a hanger when you get it. Shake the hood out to its greatest extent. Then, before you put it on or drape it over your arm or shoulder, set it on a level surface to check that it’s properly prepared.

how to wear academic hood
How to wear academic hood

3. Pull the velvet lining out of the way. A velvet lining will run the length of your hood, from the top to the point where you’ll rest your head. Your degree should be indicated by this brightly colored velvet, which should be facing out. You don’t want to conceal the colors that represent your achievements!

how to put on graduation hood
How to put on graduation hood

4. Remove the satin trim and set it aside. Most hoods will have a satin trim that matches the school colors about halfway down the velvet lining. Fold it out so that the velvet on the top half of the hood is visible and the trim is visible on the bottom half. A tiny button and rope are usually included with hoods, which you may tie horizontally across this midway point to keep the satin trim visible.

  • When the hood is pulled over your head, this fold should be just below your shoulder blades.

5. Cover your head with the hood. The purpose of an academic hood is for it to hang down your back. Make sure the hood’s little, pointed end, which is generally lined with velvet, is laying flat at the base of your neck.

  • When putting on your hood, take off your graduation cap or tam since you don’t want your hat to become twisted in it.
back in velvet shoulder drop bag
Back in velvet shoulder drop bag

6. Using the cable and a button or pin, secure the hood. A tiny string extends from the triangular end of most hoods and wraps around your neck. To secure the hood in place, loop this cord over a shirt button or a specially manufactured button inside your graduation gown. Close your robe after securing the hood to your garments or the inside of your academic gown.

  • If your gown does not come with a specifically crafted button and you are not wearing a blouse or dress with buttons, you may use a safety pin instead.
  • Make a handcrafted cord with a thick needle and robust yarn if your hood doesn’t come with one or if the one you have breaks. Use a color that won’t conflict with the hood, which is most likely black.
hoods & headgear
Hoods & headgear

7. Check the folding with a family member or a friend. When you put the hood over your head, the folds may jiggle. Because it’ll be out of reach after it’s down your back, you’ll want to have someone else nearby in case it needs to be fixed.

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Being Hooded At the Ceremony

velvet hang tags
Velvet hang tags

1. At the graduation ceremony, wear your academic hood. During the ceremony, your bosses, instructors, and school leaders will recognize your accomplishment by presenting you with your earned academic hood.

  • Some institutions do not need you to bring your hood with you. You’ll be required to drop off your hood ahead of time instead. Pay careful attention to your university’s graduation guidelines.
velvet yarn
Velvet yarn

2. Fold the hood and drape it over your arm or shoulder. Your hood should be folded in half and the turned-out velvet lining should be visible. The velvet strip should be facing outward at the front of your arm. The thin end, often known as the neck end, should be pointing outwards from your body

  • Make sure any buttons or cords on the hood, such as those for the satin lining, are undone. During the ceremony, your lecturer will secure them for you.
velvet hooded cloak
Velvet hooded cloak

3. Bring your hooded cloak to the stage. To be sure you’re using the right arm, check your program’s regulations. Most will ask you to utilize your left arm, which is closest to the adorner and farthest from the audience. However, certain university ceremonies may require you to drape your hood over your right arm.

folding guinea pig run
Folding guinea pig run

4. Remove your headgear and turn away from your adorner. The hooding ritual may be hampered by your headgear. Remove it, then turn away from the adorner. This will enable your adorner to attach the hood to your robes with ease.

guinea pig leash
Guinea pig leash

5. Allow yourself to be hooded by your adornment. Your adorner will lay the hood on your shoulders after lifting it over your head. The cable will then be aligned with your neck. The velvet lining will be placed around your shoulders so the hood flows easily down your back, and the bottom part of the hood will be turned out so the satin lining can be seen. Finally, the adorner will secure the fold by fastening the rope across the centre of the hood.

Acquiring the Correct Hood

triangular guitar picks
Triangular guitar picks

1. Academic regalia may be purchased or rented. Academic regalia is usually available for purchase or rental at most institutions. Renting academic regalia is more cost efficient for most individuals. If you want to become a professor, however, you may be required to wear regalia as a faculty member at future ceremonies. In such situation, it could be more cost-effective to buy your own regalia.

satin hooded robe
Satin hooded robe

2. Consult your university’s regalia policies. Many institutions have a preferred supplier of academic regalia and will not allow you to buy regalia from anybody else. Other institutions will let you rent or purchase regalia from whichever vendor you like, or borrow regalia from an alumna. Always follow your school’s regalia standards to ensure that you may fully participate in graduation activities.

hood booty
Hood booty

3. Inform your regalia supplier of the degree you’ll be receiving. Academic hoods are required for several sorts of degrees. Inform your supplier whether you are pursuing an Associate’s degree, Bachelor’s degree, Master’s degree, or Doctoral degree to ensure you get the right sort of hood.

  • The hood of an Associate’s degree is often worn flat against the back, similar to a cloak or cowl. It’s worth noting that associate’s hoods aren’t as prevalent as graduate degree hoods, so you may not require one as part of your regalia.
  • The hood of a Bachelor’s degree is 3 feet long and does not have a sharp point at the end. It’s worth noting that bachelor’s hoods aren’t as prevalent as graduate degree hoods, so you may not require one as part of your regalia.
  • The hood of a Master’s degree is 3.5 feet long and ends in a point.
  • With a length of 4 feet, a doctoral hood is the longest. Of all the hoods, it has the sharpest tip and the greatest trim.
find a hood
Find a hood

4. Provide your institution’s name to your seller. If you’re not utilizing the university’s supplier, double-check that your regalia meets school requirements. Make sure your regalia supplier has all of the pertinent institutional information so you can match up with your fellow grads.

regalia supplier
Regalia supplier

5. Make your field known to your provider. Instead of only your degree, American colleges have a uniform set of colors that represent your subject of study. The color of the velvet trim on your hood is determined by these fields. Institutions in Europe are not standardized in the same way that universities in the United States are. Make sure you’re getting the right academic hood by checking with your school.

  • Law students, for example, wear purple-trimmed hoods, whereas all Ph.D. students wear royal blue-trimmed hoods.
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How to wear a Bachelor hood – RMIT University – How to wear an academic hood

How to wear a Bachelor hood – RMIT University – How to wear an academic hood

How to Correctly Wear the Master’s Hood – Texas State University Graduate College – How to wear an academic hood

How to Correctly Wear the Master’s Hood – Texas State University Graduate College – How to wear an academic hood

How to Attach a Graduation Hood – How to wear an academic hood

How to Attach a Graduation Hood – How to wear an academic hood

How To Wear Graduation Hood – How to wear an academic hood

How To Wear Graduation Hood – How to wear an academic hood

What do the colors on a graduation hood mean – how to put on an academic hood

You use the hood and color that represents your highest ranking degree (with Doctoral as highest, Masters as second highest, Bachelors as third highest, and Associate as the lowest). If you have two different degrees at the same highest ranking degree, you generally use the most recently awarded degree as your hood.

Do masters graduates wear honor cords – how to put on academic hood

While any graduate can choose to wear a graduation stole — and most do — an honor cord is granted by the university. A graduation cord is typically a silk rope that has tassels on either end.

Do you wear a hood for a bachelor degree – academic hood how to wear

Bachelor’s degree candidates do not wear hood.

How do you iron academic regalia – how to put a graduation hood on

Since most graduation gowns are made of polyester, ironing directly on it can melt the fabric. Turn the gown inside out and place a white towel over the fabric and iron over the towel on the warm setting. Try not to hold the iron in one spot for too long to prevent scorching.

Do masters students wear hoods – how to put on masters hood

The master’s degree recipient typically wears a hood in the color that represents their school or college. The robe has an oddly shaped sleeve. The doctoral degree recipient can be indentified by the blue hood, velvet facing down the front of the robe and a gold tassel on the cap.

Who hoods you at graduation – how to put on a graduation hood

The Hooding Ceremony is a special recognition ceremony for masters or doctoral degree candidates. During the ceremony, a faculty member places the doctoral hood over the head of the graduate, signifying their success in completing the graduate program.

What color is masters of education hood – how to pin a graduation cap

light blue
As outlined in the chart below, the trim color should indicate which degree subject a student is receiving. To be clear, a student receiving a Master of Science in Education should wear a hood trimmed with light blue as this color represents education, not yellow (which represents science).

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Why do masters graduates wear hoods – how to wear a graduate hood

Historically, hoods were worn over the head to keep warm, but they remained as an important decorative piece of the academic costume. The lining of the hood represents your school colors. So all Penn graduates wear hoods lined with crimson and decorated with a blue chevron.

Does stole go over or under hood – pecs tumblr

When wearing both, the hood should be worn first while the stole should be placed over it. Wearing the two garments, one will be able to tell that a graduate has finished a particular degree and also received recognition through the hood and stole worn respectively.

Do cords go under the hood – triangular graduation

Honor cords should be worn around your neck, over your gown, and underneath your hood.

What is the purpose of an academic hood – yorkshire terrier robe

The academic hood is a visual representation of your level of academic achievement and the scholastic degree being conferred. This hood has been designed within the guidelines established by the Intercollegiate Bureau Of Academic Costume.

Why do some bachelors degrees wear hoods – craft regalia

Many schools choose to use this system to differentiate their graduates from one another. The color code can often be seen in the graduate’s regalia hood, which is worn around the neck and drapes over the shoulders to cover the back.

Do all college graduates get a hood – hooded robe cloak

All candidates for graduation are required to wear the exact academic regalia for their degree (gown, cap, hood, and tassel).

Can I steam my graduation gown – satin lined head wraps

Yes, you can steam 100% polyester fabric, such as a graduation gown. The simplest, easiest, and safest way is to use your shower. Place your item on a hanger and hang it from your shower rod. Turn on your hot water and shut the door to the room to allow the steam to build up.

Can you wash graduation gowns – booty gigle

Hang the gown in a bathroom and run the shower as the steam should help release wrinkles. Make sure you don’t wash or dry clean the gown.

Can you iron a graduation stole – how to make regalia

Graduation stoles are made from delicate materials so you should always use medium to low heat in ironing. When ironing the stole be careful to not stretch the fabric while applying heat as you may damage the fabric. The stole should lay flat in its normal shape while applying heat.

How do you wear graduation cords – how to wear graduation hoods

Graduation cords are put on the same way as a sash or stole. Place it around the back of your neck so it’s hanging off your shoulders in the front of your body. If you are wearing multiple cords, see if you can layer them on top of one another so they do not get tangled up.

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