How to Write a Return Address

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If you send a letter or package and the mail service is unable to deliver it, they can return it to you so that it does not become lost in the mail forever. To accomplish this, the return address must be clearly written and contain the necessary information so that the mail knows where to send it. The return address is usually placed on the top left of the envelope. It can save you from losing packages and letters if you don’t have the correct postage or if you send them to the wrong address.

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Formatting the Address

1. On the top line, write your first and last name. The recipient will know who sent the mail if the return address includes your name. This is especially important if you’re sending mail from work or an apartment complex with multiple senders.

  • For instance, the first line of the return address should read:
  • Sullivan, Jerry

2. If you’re sending a business letter, include your company name. On the second line, include the name of your company. This will assist mail employees in returning the letter to the correct location.

  • Jerry Sullivan AWS Industries would be printed on your envelope.
  • You do not need to include a business name in a personal letter or package.

3. On the following line, include the street address. The street address is the second thing that the mail sorting machine reads. Include all of the numbers in the address and double-check the spelling.
Jerry Sullivan AWSIndustries 123 Apple Street is an example of a return address:

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4. On the bottom line, include your city, state, and zip code. Include this information near the bottom of the page. There is no need for punctuation between any of the information, and the state can be abbreviated with its official two-letter abbreviation.

  • Jerry Sullivan AWS Industries 123 Apple Street Philadelphia PA 19147 should be the completed return address.
  • When writing an address, a comma should be placed between the city and state. The US Postal Service, on the other hand, advises you to leave out all punctuation on letters and packages because it may interfere with their letter reading hardware.

5. If you’re sending an international letter, include your country’s name. If you include the country, the post office will know whether the package or letter is international or domestic. If you send the letter or package to a different country but do not include this information, they will look for an address within the country you are currently in.

  • An international letter or package should have the following return address:
  • AWS Industries, 123 Apple Street, Philadelphia, PA 19147, USA, Jerry Sullivan

Placing the Address on the Envelope or Package

1. Place the return address in the upper left corner of the envelopes. On the first line of the top left corner of the envelope, print your name in large legible letters. Placing it in a different location on the envelope may cause the post office to become confused.

2. If you’re sending a package, write the return address on the top left of the label. The address label is usually found on the package’s front or back. Some labels will have “From:” written in the upper left corner. This is where you’ll put your return address.
On the “To:” line of the label, you write the recipient’s address.

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3. For formal invitations, write the return address on the back flap. Letters or invitations for formal gatherings such as a wedding or graduation are traditionally centered on the back flap of the letter. This makes the letter’s front less cluttered and more professional or formal.
Although common, the USPS now discourages this practice due to the way letters are typically scanned.

Using Best Practices

1. If you’re writing the letter by hand, use large, capital letters. If you’re writing the return address by hand, use print rather than cursive. Using all capital letters prevents the mail service from misinterpreting the address and returning the package or letter to the incorrect location. Cursive may perplex some postal workers, causing them to return the letter to the incorrect location.

2. If you’re typing the return address, use a simple, size 10 font. If you’re using a label or printing the return address, make sure the font is at least size 10. Make the address as large as possible if it will fit on the label or envelope.
When writing the return address, avoid using a difficult-to-read font.

3. When sending something via priority mail, include a return address. A return address is required for priority mail. Priority mail has its own advantages, such as the ability to track the package.

How do you write a return address on an envelope?

In the top left corner, write the return address. Then, on the bottom half of the envelope, write the recipient’s address slightly centered. Finally, place the stamp in the upper right corner.

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How do you write a return address UK?

In the United Kingdom, the return address is written on the back of the envelope (the flap side) in the center, with the text aligned to the left. You must include all of the same elements as the front address, with the exception that the first line here should read “Return Address,” followed by all of the other lines.

What is included in the return address?

A return address is an explicit inclusion of the address of the person sending the message in postal mail. It allows the recipient to decide how to respond to the message’s sender if necessary. The return address does not need to include the sender’s name, but it should include the address or P.O.

How do you write a return address in Australia?

Fill in your recipient’s name, address, suburb, state, and postal code in the middle of the envelope. In the upper left corner of the envelope, include your return address.

Do you have to put name on return address?

Who should be listed on the return address? On the back flap of the invitation envelope, only the physical address (no names) is listed. You may, however, include names if you so desire. I’ve seen clients do it in a variety of ways, but no names here if you want to keep it traditional.

Do I need to write a return address?

On postal mail, the return address is not required. However, the lack of a return address prevents the postal service from returning the item if it proves undeliverable due to damage, insufficient postage, or an invalid destination. Otherwise, such mail may become dead letter mail.

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