Is there a post-credits scene after the end of the movie Halloween Kills?

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Halloween Kills is the seventh movie in the Halloween film series. Released direct-to-video in 2009, it never received a wide theatrical release in the United States. We’ll be doing a spoiler-filled review of everything in the movie.

Halloween Kills Alternate Ending
Halloween Kills Alternate Ending

Key Takeaways

1. Some writers, directors, and film lovers love the post-credits scene, where a movie’s end credits are intermingled with an additional scene.

2. Many movies, including Halloween , have a post-credits scene, sometimes referred to as an “outro.”

3. The credits of Halloween Kills play out as usual, but viewers are treated to a brief clip.

4. Viewers see the characters played by Jamie Lee Curtis and Nick Castle looking somewhat disheveled, and Curtis asks Castle, “So, what do you think?”

5. Halloween Kills was released direct-to-DVD, so it is unlikely there will be any sequels.

ow many halloween movies are there

Halloween is such a fun time of year, and there are so many great horror movies to watch. If you’re planning on having a Halloween party this year, this list of scary movies will give you some great options to choose from.

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But first, you may be wondering, why is there no actual Halloween movie on this list? There are actually lots of movies that have been made about Halloween, but many of the films simply take place on Halloween night. Because of this, I’ve left them out.

For this list, I’ve included only horror movies that are made exclusively about the holiday, not movies that simply feature the holiday in a supporting role.

So how many of these Halloween movies are there? There are 64 movies on my list so far, and not all of them are 100% terrifying. But if you’re looking for some scary movies to watch on October 31st, here’s a good place to start.

hat is the post on credit scene

What is the post credit scene or after credits scene in Halloween kill?

The horror movie has quite an interesting twist. This supernatural movie genre has become so popular. The plot of Halloween season 2018 revolves around the Michael Myers.

Are there post credit scenes in Halloween Kill?

The movie directed by David Gordon Green continues the theme of the previous movies. The film uses as its fictional small towns and the moonlit nights.

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Post credit scene in Halloween Kill

The ending of the movie is quite surprising. Things don’t end the way they always did. In previous films in the series, Myers killed all the main characters. However, in this film, he manages to escape from prison.

However, the new film has an interesting twist, which may see in a sequel. It follows the story of Laurie Strode, who fights against the evil.

Laurie Strode has a daughter. The daughter lives with her Grandpa. The young girl is the target of Myers. Soon it becomes clear that this is not the first time he tries to kill her.

Grandpa Strode is Myers’ next victim. But, luckily, he is able to protect his granddaughter.

Myers decides to kill Strode. He returns after the death of Satan may have even died, again.

Nevertheless, a piece of his soul survives, and he needs to find something or someone to take

ho is in it

Its a horror movie, that trivia is in the title, just search it.

Is there a post-credits scene after the end of the movie Halloween Kills?

Halloween Kills climaxes with a bloody chase that puts Jamie and Tina on a collision course with the Leatherface clan. After enacting an incredibly tense and suspenseful counterattack, Jamie and Tina finally escape the maze and head toward the police trailer with the surviving teenage campers in tow. Once there, they find themselves trapped in the backseat of the squad car and the car doors gradually grind together.This last scene of the movie is deliberately ambiguous. Some viewers believe that a chainsaw-wielding Leatherface shows up and slashes the teens to ribbons, while attaing Jamie and Tina watch helplessly from the back seat. Others, usually viewing this as a happy ending, feel that Jamie and Tina just manage to escape by the skin of their teeth and, in this scene, are rescued by the police.Unfortunately, neither theory can be proved or disproved, as no post-credit scene is included at the end of the film.

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