The best use of your Amazon digital credits

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Amazon’s digital credits program allows you to get things like apps, games, and e-books at a discount. But what if you don’t know what to buy? We’ll give you some ideas.

Earn Amazon No Rush Rewards to Get Movies \u0026 TV Shows
Earn Amazon No Rush Rewards to Get Movies \u0026 TV Shows

Key Takeaways

1. Amazon eGift cards are among the best gifts, as they have nearly universal acceptance.

2. Artists, authors, and indie filmmakers love selling their digital content through Amazon.

3. A lot of gamers prefer to buy digital games through Amazon instead of Steam or other distribution platforms.

4. Many nonprofits also sell fundraising items through Amazon (such as cookies).

5. Amazon’s lack of a maximum order size gives savvy marketers the ability to have their direct response mail (also referred to as “DM”) sent out for literally pennies per piece. That is, if the customer orders one of those products, the advertiser gets paid.

What digital goods are available on Amazon

Amazon is one of the biggest online marketplaces. You can buy basically anything on Amazon – from electronics and office supplies to toys and apparel. But did you know that you can also use your Amazon credit to buy digital goods online?

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Many of these digital goods can be really useful – especially during the holidays. For example, you can buy gift cards, movies, and music on Amazon. But you can also use your credit for computer games, apps, and ebooks.

One of the main benefits of buying digital goods from Amazon is convenience. You don’t need to worry about finding promo codes or actually visiting the store. Instead, just buy your product and use your Amazon credit for payment.

How to use your amazon digital credit

You don’t have to feel guilty about spending your Amazon digital credit. You can use it for anything you like. Here are just a few ideas:

*You can even buy a cup of coffee or a fancy pastry with your Amazon credit.

*You can buy some new clothes and shoes.

*You can use your credit to buy birthday presents for your loved ones.

*You can pay off some of your credit card debt or make a car payment.

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*You can buy a nice dinner for your family.

*You can use it for gas for your car or bus fare.

*You can purchase some school supplies for your children.

*You can buy some gifts.

*You can use it to buy some household essentials.

*Use it to pay your internet bill.

*You can buy software like Microsoft Office.

*You can use it to get streaming videos.

*You can use your credit to donate to a charity of your choice.

*You can use your credit to help an organization, cause, or campaign.

*You can buy yourself a present.

*You can go shopping for groceries.

*You can save it for a future purchase.

*You can then go to, and get money for each book that you recycle.

*You can even use it to purchase a gift for someone else.

*You can pay for your tuition if you have a college tuition fund.

*You can use your credit to get textbooks.

*You can get digital downloads of music and movies.

*You can play online games with your credit.

*You can even buy a Kindle or Echo with your credit.

*You can use it for anything

What you can buy with an Amazon digital credit

What is a digital credit?

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An Amazon digital credit is money that you can order in certain countries. You can use it to purchase items on or in the Kindle store. You cannot use an Amazon digital credit to purchase gift cards.

What can I buy with an Amazon digital credit?

In the United States, you can purchase items totaling up to $20.00. In the UK, you can purchase items totaling up to £15.00. In Germany, Austria, and Switzerland, you can purchase items totaling up to 10,00 Euros.

The best use of your Amazon digital credits

Amazon rewards credit never looked so good. With over a million items eligible for digital credit, you can shop millions of the things you want without spending your hard earned cash. Now you can browse through thousands of e-books, movies, songs, and apps, all using your rewards credit.Amazon rewards credit allows you to get what you want, when you want, while saving you money at the same time.

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