What it takes to get a minor at Berkeley

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How many credits do you need for a minor? It’s not something most people think about until they’re just about ready to graduate. But how many credits does it take for a minor?

Should I Get a College Minor (or Double Major)?
Should I Get a College Minor (or Double Major)?

Key Takeaways

1. You must apply to demand a course, to go up against different competitors, and to “demonstrate capability to meet the educational goals of the course.”

2. At Berkeley, most courses are open, the registration is first-come, first-served, and you can do everything via email (and phone).

3. Are you a graduating high schooler? You can still apply for “special permission to take courses.”

How many credits for a minor?

Credit hours may vary from school to school. The policies for earning credit vary widely from one university to the next. Generally, you need at least 15 to 17 per course. The average credit hour for an undergraduate course is 3.5.

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Many universities provide students with a list of courses that meet the requirements for the minor, as well as the requirements for the individual courses.

Some schools allow students to take as few as 12 credit hours of classes to count towards the minor as long as these classes are advanced. Check with an adviser to see if this is possible.

Requirements and Eligibility

Most colleges offer minors, which are sequences of courses that students can take in addition to their majors. It is usually possible to declare a minor at any point during your college career. However, there may be prerequisites that must be completed before you are eligible.

If you are interested in declaring a minor, it’s a good idea to talk to your college. They can advise you on which minors are suitable to your interests and experiences.

Transferring Credits and Course Equivalencies

It can be difficult to figure out if you have enough credits to transfer. In general, it’s safest to transfer as many credits as possible. Check the school you want to attend for their specific credit transfer guidelines.

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Keep in mind that some schools accept transfer credits from community colleges, while others only accept transfer credits from four-year schools.

It’s also important to remember that not all of these schools have the same requirements for transferring credit. For example, some schools may allow students to transfer in a certain number of credits from accredited institutions, while others may only allow students to transfer in a certain number of credits from a specific associate degree.

Another option is to take classes at a community or junior college that can also be used towards your bachelor’s degree.

Class Selection and Scheduling

Credit is awarded at the end of each term. Fall and winter semester (full- and part-time) hours are used to determine the number of credits earned.

Students receiving financial aid should refer to their award letter to determine the minimum number of credits they must register for to receive aid for the next session.

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Students must meet with their faculty adviser prior to registering for classes

The Application Process

To apply for a minor, log onto MySoCal. Under the Course Administration tab, choose Guide to Minor Forms. Select the desired minor from the dropdown. Under the header, click on the green Apply box. The minor form will appear. Once all information is entered, click submit. Once the minor has matriculated, students can print an unofficial transcript on MySoCal under the Academics tab.

What it takes to get a minor at Berkeley

To earn a minor, you must complete a minimum of 18 college credits. However, some departments may require more. Check with your department of interest for more information.

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